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widdaes and they d bebumbazedat his appearin och but
go blithe is happy contentbumbazedis perplexed stupified douce is
bene begunkit as thai stuidbumbazedthe man begoud ti wauk
sweels in wi the tidebumbazedtae hae puffed its hinmaist
yid himsel wis gey sairbumbazednaethin mae wis sayed oo
wis sookin sookin quo minniebumbazedisie rolled ower onno her
ellis h 1965 307 308bumbazedwe hear anither famous man
for a meinit a kinnabumbazedleuk cam ower the faces
yin haes got me fairbumbazeda widnae lik tae try
force like magic that fairbumbazedher deep deep doon in

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