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s burnt ma photigraphs isburntaw ma letters even the
fedotik fedotik dancing about burntburntawthing aw burnt ti shunders
naething left ma guitar sburntma photigraphs is burnt aw
about burnt burnt awthing awburntti shunders all laugh irena
mystical theatrical sea terrace ofburntsienna earth which commands a
face a crumpled tissue ofburntsienna on a café s
hall on a floor ofburntsienna tiles i sit and
enter fedotik fedotik dancing aboutburntburnt awthing aw burnt ti
maitter haes awthing really beenburntfedotik laughs awthing awthegither ah
mingin wi the guff oburntairn efter a while the
gliff thair haill houss nearlyburntdoun awthegither they l hae
jet black een that anceburntbricht neath wheaten theikit pow
did messenger ye reived anburnthallfred at thorvalla thorfinn ay
ti gie ye haes beenburntenter soliony irena na na
to a tin plate andburntwith a hot poker sore
haill toun wad hae beenburntdoun an it haedna been
earth even efter he wasburnta couple o weeks efter
say mebbe he s gottenburntin the fire whitten an
ve never enjoyit seein fowkburntmebbe she wes never a
just lovely f1112: i nearlyburntmy toe f1111: well you
juist the yae block gotburntdoun but ti begin wi
verra guid mistress moscow wesburntdoun in echteen twal the
o kisanovsky street s beenburntdoun tak this an this
thare gunnar na it wesburntdoun ti the grund gunlöd
git too near yull gitburntpause lee brushin mah hair
middle and often the stickburntand your tattie fell off
rod until ae day iburntthat flee frae its fell
watch as ilka pailin wisburntthrou wi a muckle shooer
sucked dry pause yased upburntoot pause ah swear it
s that they couldnae getburntoff the sun or anythin
an besides ma airms areburntraw red wi the sun
s nothing worse than aburntout pop star with egg
brukken v broken brunt vburntbuith n booth bumfil v
taking them away to beburntnow i sit in the
look what i found thisburntout car and it s
m1048: w- we the theburntout car and the f1049:
her eftir her brither wasburnti gaed back tae the
them georgie nae since chrissieburntthe kilted sodgers last christmas
in butter margarine an lardburntcustard juist aboot became a
saved him he d haeburntin ony case at least
nae coort case sae weburntthe net an fair enjoyed
kens he deserrs ti beburntmoula no me it s
tryit an condemned ti beburntti daith on a stane
purgatory stuck between the angelburntoak false legs left on
frae their pals they hidburntberry broun frae heid tae
to the table he wasburntof course nae that i
them in vietnam they wereburntalive wi napalm a gift
is redd up the incenseburntah steik the shutters afore
a design or picture wasburntinto wood for decoration fret
thoughtfully when it is quiteburntshe bursts into tears again
the shade and i gotburntso much so f807: [laugh]
was like we were allburntand f814: that d be
they are translucent and notburntdissolve the oxo cubes in
he wasna deid when theyburnthim mitchel shook his head
tae tell the man wasburntfor his crimes seiven year
and his body to beburntto ashes and his sister
and scrubbed pupils initials wereburnton the wooden frame for
i take catherine on ferryburntgranton she doesn t like
of the stereo and sheburntthe carpet my daddy s
skin was a peculiar mottledburntorange like an upturned crate

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