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ye can fur it sbuybuy buy in the consumer
his one delight is tobuybuy buy julian petrocles proctor
can fur it s buybuybuy in the consumer clan
one delight is to buybuybuy julian petrocles proctor jones
things that you [?]could go up[/?] andbuyf965: oh you could buy
fur it s buy buybuyin the consumer clan ye
delight is to buy buybuyjulian petrocles proctor jones has
it said buy the bestbuylatvian butter eggs bacon lard
stores to buy tobacco andbuynewspapers and other products therefore
on the front it saidbuythe best buy latvian butter
buy f965: oh you couldbuythe records oh you could
people come into stores tobuytobacco and buy newspapers and
set them straight he couldbuyand sell one of them
authority could have powers tobuyand sell petrol to try
sell it cheaper because theybuyhuge quantities gladys aye so
extremely important on farms tobuyor sell stock you went
you wish to sell andbuysomething else it usually means
shear the sheep sell anbuysow an reap hack the
onie mercat son wad yebuythaim ti sell thaim again
tenants about the right tobuyannually the bill introduces an
in the modernised right tobuyis that tenants must receive
tenants under the right tobuyor to other housing associations
have schemes where tenants canbuypart of the house and
keep the existing right tobuyprovisions for existing tenants other
relation to the right tobuytenants accrue eligibility for the
to the issue when tenantsbuythey take on responsibilities we
shoppin first stop wis taebuya pair o beets en
to the draper shop andbuya pair of stockings but
stockings but of course tobuya pair of stockings you
before my parents let mebuya pair of them f1023:
was like yeah you arebuyme a pair of f1154:
pair o jeans i llbuythis pair he said tae
too m1055: when did youbuyyour first pair of sandshoes
offies off licences shop tobuyalcohol in on the rassle
into a sports shop tobuyfootball shirts for her nephews
tool that you can tbuyin a shop and in
the record shop you couldbuyit but you heard it
into the chip shop tobuym608: chip shop aye m1163:
into your local shop andbuysome scones f1107: aye [laugh]
you local m1108: shop andbuysome scones f1107: ha ha
pipe but you can tbuythem in a shop you
going to the shop tobuythem we might ask for
them you know how tobuywhat to shop how to
through exercising the right tobuyand adequate arrangements for paying
eligibility for the right tobuyand associated discounts in taking
under the a right tobuyand b rent to mortgage
information about the right tobuyand how it might be
take up the right tobuyand how we help owners
the money from right tobuyand large scale voluntary transfer
to exercise their right tobuyand that such pressure would
further on the right tobuyand the amendments to the
of the new right tobuyand the implementation of an
to exercise the right tobuyand their obligations as joint
about whether the right tobuyapplies to the property one
systems of the right tobuyare proposed the existing one
information on the right tobuyas cathie craigie said current
are exercising their right tobuyas the problem is much
section 91 insert right tobuycommon grazings 1 the right
extension of the right tobuycould add to the existing
disenfranchised them the right tobuydid not really protect the
reservations about the right tobuydo you have a view
a tenant s right tobuydoes anyone have any comments
something that money couldn tbuyf1018: that s right m1022:
1980 under the right tobuyhad subsequently been resold on
clear that the right tobuyhas had damaging effects most
the pre emptive right tobuyhas undermined them notes that
the pre emptive right tobuyhas undermined them notes that
have exercised the right tobuyhave told me that they
316 the housing right tobuyhouses liable to demolition scotland
justice the housing right tobuyhouses liable to demolition scotland
justice the housing right tobuyhouses liable to demolition scotland
justice the housing right tobuyhouses liable to demolition scotland
intervention on the right tobuyi do not like the
evidence and the right tobuyin at least the first
touched on the right tobuyin pressured areas without expressing
consequences of the right tobuyis a distortion in the
problem with the right tobuyis not the right in
of the new right tobuyis that we should not
older people from right tobuylegislation s1o 444 business bulletin
to reform the right tobuymaking it more strategic and
place is the right tobuymaking the situation in multi
section confers the right tobuyon the tenant and sets
considering exercising the right tobuyone leaflet will be about
housing and the right tobuyoperated against ordinary working class
on the modernised right tobuyover time as houses are
committed to the right tobuypolicy but as ever their
take up the right tobuyreceives clear information on their
had exercised their right tobuyrtb that they were swamped
the receipts from right tobuysales by scottish homes were
not just the right tobuyscheme but common repairs factoring
conservatives introduced the right tobuyscheme in 1980 no policy
conservatives introduced the right tobuyscheme no policy introduced since
property under the right tobuyscheme or through the normal
not trigger the right tobuysection 26 6 allows the
to which the right tobuyshould be extended before a
changes to the right tobuyshould the bill contain an
mummy s gonnae hae taebuysome tinsel i think right
m819: so yuppies would actuallybuystuff in the area right
considering exercising their right tobuythat they have responsibilities as
community body s right tobuythe land is on the
court for the right tobuythe land that is the
is exercising its right tobuythe land there were substituted
is on the right tobuythe section confers the right
right all the old womenbuythem and you d expect
the sign o don tbuythis chicken so f631: right
questions on the right tobuytwo separate systems of the
to exercise the right tobuyunder part 2 of this
issues around the right tobuywas that it made logical
the how the right tobuywas the most wonderful thing
proposals for the right tobuywe are concerned with conferring
administration of the right tobuywelcome some of the changes
and to the right tobuywhere there are arguments from
provision for the right tobuywhich has been widely discussed
relation to the right tobuywhich was that the families
for the modernised right tobuywith new discounts and qualifying
annually of the right tobuywould it be fair to
about what the right tobuywould mean for them cathie
du borrowed da money tabuyaa yon hellery du didna
du borrowed da money tabuyaa yun hellery this is
take my pocket money andbuybubble gum and then i
enough money to go andbuythat ye got an auld
until they raised money tobuytheir own the hire charge
most expensive solicitor money couldbuyvalue didn t come cheap
of scotland what we willbuywith the money that we
money but ye d taebuyyer own eh well it
should because i didn tbuyi was in the other
but then i didn tbuyit and then i had
supper you just didn tbuyit by the glass we
you co- she didn tbuyit either [laugh] we were
m734: but i didn tbuymy first album till about
you know i didn tbuythe nieces and nephews and
you didn t have tobuytools you know the mother
art books but didn tbuywe did purchase another transport
norman bobby are trying tobuya little house in a
tea wyfe s house tobuya thimbleful of tea for
health authorities get together tobuybinny house and take it
in the house can ibuythat f1089: well would you
logical sense for people tobuytheir council house because rents
that someone who happened tobuytheir council house was too
families of elderly people wouldbuytheir parents council house on
in the house but theybuythese you know these new
you could be able tobuya bottle of gin and
hot water later you couldbuya paraffin double burner cooker
the other haipny he couldbuya rubber to rub out
one where [laugh] you couldbuya very expensive [laugh] ball
were finished you could notbuyany more legally in july
markets in aberdeen you couldbuyconversation lozenges these were a
t think [inaudible] you couldbuyf637: yes and it was
impatient child could i pleathebuyit hortense offered the lady
we asked if we couldbuyit private off the railway
with string and you couldbuyloose rich tea biscuits there
for years after you couldbuypostcards of a fraserburgh street
lunch and s- you couldbuysomething and normally it would
the records oh you couldbuythe records f963: oh it
and i could pretend tobuythem would you like to
were made that one couldbuythree or more junior editors
tail e neeps ye couldbuyyer tapners fae e merchant
also give them credit tobuycheese coals oatmeal and so
thinks f1155: boots you canbuyme them [laugh] f1154: [laugh]
gie us a loan taebuythem an if we would
go on to ebay tobuythem but f958: mm m959:
nice you know you canbuythem f641: sure f639: but
them but pat used tobuythem f718: i don t
got hundreds f814: i neverbuythem f813: i did as
f958: for so nobody willbuythem for me an then
liked remember i was gonnabuythem last week but they
an fishies far dae yebuythem ma etc fa sells
an ribbons far dae yebuythem ma etc mr ted
minty sweeties far dae yebuythem ma fa sells ye
vitamins and such tend tobuythem regularly although people with
usually you know if youbuythem sort of fr- from
back to that page youbuythem two watches f1139: that
is fat the things youbuycost a few pesos to
not got much things tobuyin your shoppie f1122: but
that come in and theybuylike stupid cans o things
things go and they canbuytheir own place john has
used to be able tobuythings f965: m- might i
and speak to each otherbuythings from a little corner
[inaudible] well actually you canbuythings like that or you
half price some signs saidbuyone an get one free
stare some fowk cam taebuyor peddle pots an pans
a it was an impulsebuypauline had some found cash
some silver teeth f1107: youbuysilver teeth if you get
back way after dinner andbuysome bars of chocolate are
letters popped into town tobuysome cards and political posters
leapt at the opportunity tobuysome green bananas 2 kilos
out f1107: aye m1108: andbuysome mor- some silver teeth
a parcel for her maybebuysome nice flowers or something
way to persuade you tobuysome oddments of material though
me via the arbat tobuysome propaganda posters for chris
the merchant got im taebuysome reid herrins he said
went to the shops tobuysome rolls because my mum
fire ronald said i llbuysome sticks fae jonsar eck
i need tae gae anbuysome stuff fur supper ye
re going to go andbuysome tulips f1112: uh huh
tae the calf sale taebuya calfie m999: [laugh] m1000:
m1000: aye aye m1002: taebuya calfie m999: that s
it ye no wantin taebuya caravan aye eh f643:
till aiberdeen wi im taebuya hivvy overcoat till then
siller tae ye nou taebuya passage get me tae
croaked wid onybody like taebuya pie december 1998 temp
bit it dis bide fairbuya pie fit tae heck
pie wid onybody like taebuya pie there wis ferrly
him wid onybody like taebuya pie wid onybody like
hed f960: no f961: taebuydem dey wid a been
d aw yer books taebuyf638: did ye f637: uh
a fat stock sale taebuyfat nowt m1000: mm m999:
gave her ten pound taebuyflowers for the bairn a
the next they d taebuyfresh every day f638: but
fleet o cairts tounsfowk michtbuygweed kintra cream tae poor
tae speir at ye taebuyit afore they wha are
and he couldnae afford taebuyit m642: mm he was
biddin and we had taebuyit m642: oh aye i
f643: and we had taebuyit we had tae keep
in tae the shoppie taebuyjuice bi noo i wis
no i ll need taebuymair f1142: huh mum f1141:
intent he only went taebuymair fishin graith for fisher
tae us an sellt taebuymair torches for the byllies
door in the toon taebuymilk frae his faither s
corporation o atlanta georgia taebuyoor factory lulu lingerie wis
siller in their pooches taebuyten harley davidsons tell him
priggit wi the planter taebuythe jewels fur naethin wad
the shops at lunchtime taebuythe pens it wis a
aa the wye there taebuythree little planties bit well
naebody seemed tae want taebuyyon monster o a buildin
tickets ah m942: i didbuysomething but done it by
cook fish but they canbuysomething f1038: yeah f1037: from
it a on hoose keepinbuysomething for yoursel idea a
[laugh] cause [laugh] ye couldnaebuya carpet if you were
you were only allowed tobuya certain amount of food
i urge you go andbuya felt marker preferably an
watson s stout you wouldbuya packet of dry ingredients
stockings you had to alsobuya suspender belt f631: mmhm
f813: totally f812: and youbuyan album and you i
the animal section you canbuyanything from a goat to
the same way that youbuycorned beef and that and
mphil she d managed tobuyfish you get no less
f606: so what would youbuyif you had a big
supposed to be able tobuyif you have rent arrears
the kind of thing youbuyin designs and erm yeah
saw it you couldn tbuyit any other time f963:
woolworth s you used tobuyit loose like by the
book i hope when youbuyit you enjoy reading it
you know how when youbuyjelly these days to make
bottles for like you canbuylike litre bottles o it
means you can t evenbuylike the breasts because you
that you go out andbuymore vegetables today persuasive texts
and dutch lovely jubbly youbuymy calendars aiming for the
na you ll need tobuyone yourself or you ll
pairty an you ve tobuypresents f606: [laugh] yes m824:
makes it more desirable tobuyprovided you are getting the
vendors immediately urge you tobuysouvenirs and you find yourself
greedy said jonsar i coodnaebuysticks fae you your ower
of havin extra places tobuystuff if you know you
i mean now you canbuystuff made or you can
cause you still have tobuystuff you do not have
world far you can ayebuytangerines wrapped in tissue paper
lot really f958: if youbuythat in advance and then
think well why would youbuythat you know you ve
why don t you justbuythe bottle i suppose yeah
and you would have tobuythe box o tools m1022:
you expect me to deebuythe jaicket an walk aboot
do you do you justbuythese as they are or
that rollmops you used tobuythose in m1078: mm yes
what you wanted me tobuyto you [inaudible] any o
and teach boys how tobuyvegetables peel vegetables you know
claes f1127: but we llbuyye you get spiderman stuff
f1101: did ye did grannybuyyou ain fae davy [censored: surname]
school couldnae go out andbuyyou know two hundred pairs
you think people s gonnabuyyour biscuits you ve made
by their eyebrows and youbuyyour own ticket as there
it s coming up youbuyyour tickets then you ve
it s like go andbuya can of coke f813:
they can t go andbuya cut of meat they
people can t afford tobuyhere any more f606: here
art fair where they canbuyinto the work of a
year s time they canbuyit f606: mmhm f890: well
can f963: mmhm mmhm f965: buyit frozen and keep it
f809: what books can webuynow f810: [laugh] bet they
which visually impaired people canbuyonline without a problem but
literally on the rigs canbuysupplies and services from the
that please please can ibuythat f1089: mm see if
locals can t afford tobuythey are building a shopping
yeir groat sae ye canbuyyeirsell a guid denner ye
might be whaur ye wouldbuyit m999: well that s
might not be a goodbuymainly it was all what
north sea might need tobuyor rent drill bits the
cost inflation and might notbuypatient improvement that question is
i m gonna need tobuybooks in september so for
need to be able tobuygoods the e commerce debate
tighter i ll need tobuyone of those bib and
need to know how tobuywholesome inexpensive food and prepare
unfortunately so i ll probablybuya cheap one here till
i ll stay here andbuya cottage with a decent
ll take an advance tobuya new hi fi when
f1111: we ll have tobuya parcel for her maybe
and i says i llbuyit aff ye m608: oh
ll er we ll erbuyone of these for the
i ll probably have tobuyshorts soon the people are
wi insulating tape i llbuythis for her christmas i
mither eence said i llbuyye a bonnie dallie quine
help people who tend tobuyat the limits of what
people running fish farms tobuyinto the scientific evidential basis
the conservatives encouraged people tobuyirresponsibly they did not point
disabled people who wish tobuyit or to use the
is that people go andbuythe books once they ve
fact that most people todaybuytheir sugar in cuboids instead
people have different rights tobuythose differences apply by reference
me ups the people whobuyvitamins and such tend to
these it was agreed tobuy30 cups and saucers not
store and we managed tobuy2 bottles of wine in
took it in turns tobuya bottle of rum to
tools i ve got tobuya box o tools for
a trip to aberdeen tobuya new coat when she
spend anyway he decides tobuya poke of toffee at
down to the market tobuya textile wall hanging showing
those who have neglected tobuyand punch a ticket are
personal choice when going tobuybooks printed in a simpler
well they should manage tobuybut the service charges will
round the hotels trying tobuyclothes and foreign currency which
to pay bills on timebuydecent clothes for the children
stand in a queue tobuyeven if the price is
a woman comes out tobuyfish from the van which
we would seek not tobuyfrom the developing world there
services it will seek tobuyfrom the post office under
in cusco we wanted tobuygifts and so much of
which allows for customers tobuygroceries and conduct post office
in the trade got tobuyhis tools i ve got
not much one wanted tobuyi was with an american
and then i had tobuyit later on anyway f810:
that guys are meant tobuyit s like a wee
have a hundred pounds tobuyit so they have to
for sale i want tobuyit son morroig was not
someone to be desperate andbuyit then there s five
f1077: mmhm we used tobuylemonade powder in woolworth s
in to the qm andbuylike a sandwich erm a
it was also possible tobuylong bunches of threads from
f943: and that s tobuyme food and m944: that
f943: that s like tobuyme food and pay for
young man who wanted tobuymy jacket is it down
it makes sense to justbuyone in an obvious place
encourage him or her tobuyor at least to read
prices and increased willingness tobuyorganic goods more sells better
in relation to a communitybuyout for the island s1w
d kind of had tobuyreally from scratch erm sitting
proposals for commercial sponsors tobuyspecial privileges and enhanced cover
f1150: i really want tobuythat but it s only
bold as brass asked tobuythe hostal es port which
youth and heartache out tobuythe passport grinning on the
school but pupils had tobuytheir own slate pencils during
i wasn t going tobuythree tickets to find out
franco era zooming in tobuyup wonderful properties and terraces
quinie mysel a chance tobuywee motors instead o dolls
and they couldnae go andbuytheir food fae one week
an a m wantin tibuya drink gin ye re
fur leanne bit ye cannabuya dug s affection an
f834: no i f835: [laugh]buyan ice cream off ye
in krieglach at ye cdbuyem ere it wis a
and the farm folk wouldbuyhard dried fish hiv ye
needle back again ah michtbuyit back frae ye sum
the carpet factory let yebuyit cheap because an order
nooadays m608: aye f637: yebuytwo items and they cannae
couldn t go out andbuywhat they needed for f718:
they said if we wouldbuythe japanese machines aye us
the new hotel did notbuymuch except a scarf a
i nivver as much asbuya washin machine on tick
don t f826: so theybuybottled water all the time
is i just don tbuythat f1150: yeah [laugh] f1151:
i mean i really onlybuyan album for the one
your spices here asda pricesbuyone get one free come
so puir auld tawse didnabuythe coo he wanted one
in the off licence andbuydrink because everybody knew who
i havenae got i cannabuythis because i m skint
f638: hosiery i would maybebuyf640: [inaudible] f638: a pie
that fire masters would notbuyinto that standard fire masters
was and we we wouldbuylair in the same way
gauntlet of stares or exhortationsbuybasket lady take a goddess
fowk rolex gucci chanel theybuyaa fake bit names impress
sat there and nobody willbuycause they re all the
hats an reindeers lugs theybuyhot dogs an woolly rugs
och may as well nobuychicken then so i just
i [inaudible] m942: well thenbuytetley tea p g tips
o monkeys an wad ayebuya ticket for it was
five pound and he couldnaebuyit m642: aye m608: mm
machines aye us the workersbuythe machines or persuade the
kultury metro and helped mebuya travel pass i ve
pompitie wha wul gang anbuyfor me a guid thummilfu
pettie gimmit makk me gimmitbuyit canna gimmit or i
your note this morning f809: buylots of tesco value orange
all involved in this communitybuyout notes that this purchase
the scottish executive why thebuyout price for renewable energy
but the aince for tibuysum breid an a morsil
k s great come anbuyloads if it s still
either down that way andbuya poke of toffee or
lidl s or somewhere andbuym608: mmhm m1163: a dozen
toffee or straight on andbuythe note book his fingers
in small local authorities thatbuyin verification services from larger
make planned purchases and oftenbuythe same products from the
f1154: erm and study andbuymy mum a present so
a long slow process andbuya few postcards the only
of the paperback and willbuyit f606: mmhm m954: and
making ordinary working class folkbuyit i mean and it
i just rush oot andbuyready made flooers and stick
her plate f1142: will webuya barbie plate for him
awbodie wes gled for tibuyhir wark for thay kent
hae nae siller for tibuytea eftir peyin the wutch
queen street station passengers maybuytickets for the rail service
a haill groat ah coudbuytwa guid denners for that
dat s why we didnabuyan owld hoose actually cause
e that we were gonnabuyf1124: pink f1123: the barbie
ti the burgh toun tibuythrie bowts o grosgrane silk
that worried babs told herbuya bottle of gin with
a comic farr does grannybuya comic at oot the
l macduff mercie a coudbuymasell twantie men at onie
very poor f826: really m827: buybottled water which i find
wi airts that siller cudnabuybit tho he didnae stairve
room the brawest siller cudbuybrian duguid didna wint him
finest that ony siller cudbuybrian s here neil cried
that any interested citizen maybuyshares voices hurray long live
whether the community body shouldbuythe land the local authority

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