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wis bawlin an sweirin asbyllieslaid intae poachers an intae
buy mair torches for thebylliestae catch mair poachers mcgintys
meet up wi the itherbyllieswe hadnae been lang at
a month o sundays bybylliespatrollin the banks for my
help trap poacher john thebylliesaa are workin lads daein
their heids cuid see thebylliescomin a mile aff an
soum across the watter thebylliesgether nets an claes wi
on the watter were thebylliesthemsels an that we suid
stert the warst bother thebyllieshad whan gairdin puils at
getherin thegither a team obylliesan at the hinner en
an a team o fivebyllieslinkit up wi fower o
hurtlin by chased by threebylliesan anither crashed intae the
s aa richt we rebylliesan managed tae stop them
there are times whan thebylliesdinnae ken whit wey tae
mair nor yince frae thebyllieswhan they wrigglt their wey
dedicated to all the doonbyllieswith whom i spent many
aboot lettin on tae thebyllieso a guid killin whan
big bare heuks if thebylliescam near they kent maist
juist drappt aff if thebylliescome alang wi that wee
curse an threiten when thebylliespit them aff whaur they
that s heukt we rebyllieswhaur s yer ticket an
in the flesh o thebylliesfor near on five year
run the gauntlet o butterfingertbylliesan wis awa the same
my ye re some bluidybyllieshe scoffed wi aa the
on monday there were naebylliesaboot an they were nae
tae brek free o thebylliescairryin the cyanide had stashd
neil ane o the newbylliespechin on the doorstep andra
aboot it but amang thebyllieswere twa or three frae
the furst ever involvin thebylliesan we were luikin forrit

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