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your cable please f1118: ic-come on cable i said
count to m1110: i ic-i count furry animals f1109:
pollution more m818: [laugh] m819: c-rates o car accidents you
m818: hm m819: it sc-so spread out it s
m818: ridiculous [inhale] but youc-you m819: [inaudible] wanna go
it s it s ac-sort of complete involvement and
was usin a com- ac-yeah a complete vocabulary almost
o clock and then ac-a quarter past eight m608:
up to take forward thec-curriculum review then established eight
steady go [humming] like myc-winnie the pooh clock mum
f1118: yes f1117: and thec-the paper cups f1118: it
ye know her name m1110: c-it s rabbits do you
blasphemy must must still existc-in presbyterian m741: uh huh
hear wha much in thec-the centre of glasgow m741:
was good i mean ic-i had settled down and
at all i mean gonnaec-i mean how can how
thing i mean i mc-if i m speakin just
ye see so i meanc-that s a word you
now m605: i mean youc-you could take that far
uses i mean a [inaudible]c-you just you know it
there look f1136: mum ic-can- f1135: put this on
s like oh mum mumc-they re not home all
know they [laugh] f809: ic-i could get a job
but oh skiing is ic-i could have i could
m1013: oh maybe no itc-it could it could be
mm m078: yes yes thatc-that that could well be
have a towel f1122: ohc-we could go doon i
should [inaudible] shells f1122: mummyc-we could we could go
neil neil came in andc-you know came in on
huh m194: and then ofc-[coughs] through too also too
won f943: uh huh ofc-[laugh] of course [censored: forename] m944:
f1155: yeah some place inc-uh huh see in dumfries
called it appleringie f718: yeahc-uh huh uh huh f1077:
board something made just forc-across europe or m865,: uh
m1055: did you have youc-come across that f1009: yes
[laugh] [laugh] m1012: but theyc-the- they just came frae
w [?]blance[/?] an he wasc-just called dodie wullie well
models were also available forc-exploitation [inhale] translations from french
do it f1126: [exhale] ic-f1125: you need piglet though
is though you you youc-you can do that with
feet honestly an it wasc-al- always freezing and he
think because he was ac-comrade and it always seems
wanted to m608: mmhm m1174: c-call in obviously not knowing
of irish gaelic so m608: c-can you tell me a
eh off one boat wouldc-would come the [?]chassis[/?] m608:
mi ga chladhach tha ec-far am b àbhaist an
it s supposed to havec-come from the old norn
f1054: mmhm m1021: you justc-carried that and you got
some songs and have somec-dancing just to have a
one way or another ermc-caroline for whom glasgow eh
there s a stepmother inc-erm erm cinderella as well
and you know ma- thec-communist manifesto s sayin about
yeah m954: er he himselfc-has you know polish grandfather
to you f950: well ic-i don t know i
f1104: and you made ac-and that ain f1103: four
and it s like youc-i wouldn t really i
side of a bank i-c-you can see how this
suppose where y- whaur youc-you re meant to like
and then they start toc-fall out themselves the baby
hair then no one hisc-[laugh] f1113: right here s
right away they did ac-this eh caesarean f606: mmhm
put it in the milkc-in the cakes f1125: in
a tuffet f1089: eating herc-curds and whey mmhm m1090:
mmhm f643: so that thec-the light shines through and
i live on what sc-become known as writers block
m804: [blows lips] m805: so ic-connected a back bomb a
is an interesting debate ic-i certainly don t think
got a wee rock ic-i managed to f- i
and visit australia the onlyc-the continent that s got
because it s the thec-net which joins up the
they loved the babies andc-cruella de vil stormed in
t seana mhonaidh thall fadac-coltach nach robh aidh f982:
that it s the lastc-cross country f833: it s
fitt ye daein aa yec-seem to dae is pot

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