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6 auld brolach kao shihca700 7 a temple veisit
the chinese of kao shihca700 auld brolach the war
the chinese of kao shihca700 autumn days the mantil
22 autumn days kao shihca700 northwords 5 1994 23
47 tint chu shu chenca1200 48 ma mornin do
30 dule chu shu chenca1200 derk dule the sun
chinese of chu shu chenca1200 dule the pale muin
chinese of chu shu chenca1200 ma mornin ah ryse
chinese of chu shu chenca1200 tint lest year at
later when i arrived atcana gaia alice had been
tonight if you like seecana gaia as a place
group galatzo seemed to challengecana gaia from the opposite
slim black red spined bookcana gaia had been featured
who had been at thecana gaia meditation stepped out
was her town house whichcana gaia s expenses were
collected sea weed to fertilisecana gaia s garden packing
were covered with strange symbolscana gaia s valley had
come and use mine atcana gaia soon we wandered
that i had left atcana gaia straight away waiting
day two days before atcana gaia the home of
day of january i leftcana gaia to walk the
count then changed the subiectcana gaia what does it
work the farm next tocana maria elena s strange
offer of the use ofcana maria for a month
of the country lanes towardscana maria for lunch and
it s time to leavecana maria from the terrace
towns though were new territorycana maria had a forlorn
needed the traditional well atcana maria is fully operational
of the metal gates ofcana maria s almond orchard
s almond harvest to getcana maria s almonds there
shaggy growth thrown back bycana maria s bathroom mirror
the solar system which suppliescana maria s electric power
i told myself briskly sweepingcana maria s main rooms
from sineu mary s housecana maria stands on a
to come for tea atcana maria the next day
north in the town nearcana maria there are no
from the town back tocana maria to give them
t you feel the coldcana maria was an abandoned
in the almond orchards nearcana maria where citrus trees
mairrit from the chinese kennawhaca4th century the littil leddie
12 a sair fikkil kennawhaca600 13 ye gaed awa
261 303 3 nichtfaw kennawhaca600 4 the waesum fish
ye from the chinese kennawhaca600 a sair fikkil oor
from the chinese of kennawhaca600 nichtfaw at nichtfaw he
from the chinese of kennawhaca600 the waesum fish the
from the chinese of kennawhaca600 whit ails me ah
ti the pub wang chica700 14 hieland gloamin wang
the chinese of wang chica700 gaun ti the pub
the chinese of wang chica700 tell me nou tell
chinese of chang chi hoca750 a warld apairt the
said that we ought tocacannie and think things through
halo roon his lanely thochtcacannie aroon the dreich lirks
asleep fin smeethin the blanketcacannie gin his lug cocks
bluid sae ye d bestcacannie he d hae yer
voice doon wife ye mauncacannie mother exactly folk gan
secret bit ye ll taecacannie noo minnie an bide
scottish year nettle rules okcacannie stranger l m a
derk dule ode of confuciusca500 bc 2 sanctuary lu
luiv poem feng meng lungca1590 1646 from the chinese
chinese of feng meng lungca1590 1646 luiv poem nou
the chinese of yuan chiehca719 772 ceivilization ti the
chinese of ts ao sungca830 910 plaint agin generals
the chinese of li huaca850 the auld battil grund
son galceran can calo andcana matgina 33 hectares of
mind eh oo used taecai used tae ken an
and rain there and oocait a liddesdale drow m1010:
oo speak aboot them oocathem leitle m1013: that s
oo speak aboot them oocathem trummell m1013: trummell f1054:
breid thick relatively soft oatcakescacanny be careful caa oot
yer fere s john barleycorncacanny fur he ll nirl
in well he has tocacanny if i was sure
there was no conspicuous consumptioncacanny wi the butter wir
min onything georgie it scaed aul age jim naething
loon to audience he scaed dod efter me i
born an registered me himselcaed efter auntie evelyn ma
my life he couldna becaed efter his feyther cos
hadna een so he wascaed efter me to dod
twa names freya an magnuscaed her smootie nicol an
in their heids micht havecaed him a sweetie wife
laddie was born an theycaed him jackie jackeson a
to mysel because the ministercaed him posh voice adam
efter oor mither died folkcaed morrison moved into that
wipers at s fit wecaed them pen wipers they
fan ye were wee wecaed you angelica because your
cast dug cassie steen cobblestonecathrowe drive energy chaamer outside
feet if he has naecathrowe it might be said
es early tho a quickcathrowe ma beuks o reference
i hae been haein acathrowe ma gran collection o
but if ye hid naecathrowe you might be aye
m999: cattle what d yecacattle m1000: a cattle nowt
f1053: tired m1000: deen orcadeen f1001: scunnered dependin on
bairns in the village stillcaher that yet m1000: [inaudible]
used tae aye used taecahis socks his hose m1000:
or a fit dae yecait aye m1000: aye somethin
the efternuin whit would yecathat m1000: oh a bad
[inaudible] m1015: some places theycait maither that but it
this time m1015: clothes wecathem claes c l a
cords cords m1017: corduroys icathem corduroys m1015: well you
jumpers an what did yecathem m1015: guernseys well that
behind ca ra reading agecachronological age in the case
2 years or more behindcara reading age ca chronological
fae buckie fit do theycathem again they ca them
they ca them again theycathem eh oh gee i
talk at lang last jackiecad them noona an dumpa
wee son an i llcahim jackie jackeson but whit
wee laddie an i llcahim jackie jackeson i ll
would be whit i wouldcaa lane m999: aye in
m999: aye m1002: rather thancait a baby m999: aye
that was a i wouldcait a dees m999: a
s a whit dae yecait m999: aye f1001: a
eh m999: fit did youcait that room fit did
it wis whit ane cuidcaae byproduct o the growthe
turnt intil whit ee cuidcaae simmer retreat bi mrs
whan paul wis whit thaycad ae glaur student it
mrs wulson hed ae callantcad bertie gif ma mynd
hill grund stands ae hoosecad blawearie nou than gin
ae mynd richt ae mancad cawmill wis the keeper
convertit intil anither dwallin hoosecad eildrig marcie whit ae
ablo hawick an ae faimliecad geddes frae the ancrum
the foonds o ae placecad girnwudsheil ir clairlie tae
ae hoose an ae byrecad hoscote sheil a wis
tyme hei traivelt ae stallioncad johnson victor roond perthshire
an georgina welsh ae faimliecad mcwhir bade i yin
thum wis at ae faimliecad ripeth bade in ane
thar s ae sheep stellcad the pot syke roond
it s see yon birkiecad a lord isn t
forstaund at the roman scad at camp afrika maislee
mae hooses the place iscad branxholm wudend ay wullie
daphne an the laddies wurcad chairlie geofrey teddy an
neist ferm doon the waitercad eilrig wheech mairched wi
bade yonder the bairns wurcad geordie bobbie an margaret
richt haund stands a hoosecad harden glen cottage whan
aye wore a gravat theycad im mains o gravats
new cheese as mabel smithcad it she hid a
where ogston was miller ayecad jist ogston o fintry
the mairch wi borthauch fermcad kinnelcuttie yid hawkins an
1950 s yon wudden bungalowcad kirkwud wis biggit fur
uses packeties o some sosscad oatso simple an ye
the line and the numbercad oot well it just
and her name it iscad pretty peggy o now
poems bi elsie s raecad private john macpherson and
herd it craik hope wiscad reid bi naem ay
bi rob sargent o dorescad robbie over the waves
is nar eneuch tae beicad square an thar s
wis an still is euphemisticallycad the beef tub whilk
wis seetiatit i whit weicad the hoscote ludge wud
thit is bairns thay hedcad the schuil scamper doon
is the mulsintoun ootbye hirselcad whaupshaw an the herd
on then ye d becain the wringer and rinnin
dinnae ken whit ye dcait but they were f1054:
well i mean i dcathis a sark and [inaudible]
they dinnae if selkirk folkcaa [?]yokatolly[/?] a [?]ticky[/?] for
on tae what do youcafolk in your faimly ehm
er than yoursel the coopercain ye ma folk would
he thinks to himsel folkcaus grippy they dinna ken
fit are you gan tocathe bairns that was the
hen the wife even sometimescaher by her ri- right
f1054: what would your wifecayou m1017: i mean kenny
noo that s fit icaa waste i kent by
is this fit terry wogancas a senior moment i
the foundations fit div theycat the shock waves at
that room fit did youcathat room that was that
still mendin frae fit theycathe jet lag an the
hoose it whit wei noucaauld wolf whilk ligs oot
tae forstaund at whit fockcathe wee hall wis oreeginallie
thing harry aa used taecahe used tae aye used
as weel wha used taecain by the back door
m1042: my da used taecait the box awa an
denner as we used taecait was a plate o
they said they used taecaone another ye know by
m952: what we used taecathe the gutters m865: mmhm
left handit we used taecathem skellyjoukit m1010: or kerijoukit
like but we used taecathem teds teddy boys teds
in a beukie o versecaad deveron days bi mary
days o wark in acas office an the wikkly
there was less an lesscathese days for his watchmendin
auld battil grund li huaca850 19 a sair hert
toddler ye re no gonnaecahim the bairn f1054: yeah
in fact fact ye couldcait the bog f1054: i
f1054: an what did youcathat wool f1043: that was
t know why i dinnaecathem it the proper name
the day what would yecathem m1013: [laugh] seen yin
for that i would justcathem tools cannae mind athing
beds that s fitt yecabunk beds [censored: forename] one on
know ye ye ye cancaeh eh trousers eh jeans
ye want tae annoy hercaher maw m1146: yes f1145:
twenty you re no gonnaecahim the toddler ye re
an some blue ye couldcait kind o magentie ye
the tweed mills ye justcait ye workit in the
be tae greet ye theycame adam pleased tae meet
cannae be at beck ancaa hae ma ain life
fu o that thing theycagreed ma wee lucky duck
thumps aroon ma cranium icahim bugs migraine the question
early wee willie gray heycathro we re a noddin
tae my what do youcait the f643: the lawyer
on for aye and ayecatae prayer lat aa be
a ghost he had taecathe doctor in though waefu
sae haud me up orcame doon a ll hae
dat time shö wis jöstcaad puss shö wis boarn
gie ower bein lazy ayecame an unfeelin brute bit
through i hadna heard onybodycahim that since his mother
in revealing their problems thecai re project is a
hair in prison camp thecai re project is run
constant care and attention thecai re project is run
s greatest pleesure she llcathrou claes fur the weest
her smootie nicol an ingridcaad her mitten although smootie
and what is it youcaat f1074: [tut] weel the
straucht in at pharoah scaguid mornin pharoah says he
at n an the effeckwalcao gud i the preachin
at the inn of barnilscas frances in the calle
is now c an orcano is mallorcan for house
huh m830: an that wecathat a s- a skeevlo
colours i think we wullcathe shop fowk mr an
morison a reid reid rosecathe yowes an the lea
that s what i wouldcait horrible name deem uh
male partner what do youcayer f1144: oh i ve
silk ch en t aoca1100 43 the cadger o
cushie cushie the corbie wudcaas a wirricow s speirer
magnificent home of a countcas formiguera on the city
reflectively i suppose i shouldnacayou toots ava it s
do 18 ceivilisation yuan chiehca719 772 19 veisit til
mmhm mmhm m1002: i justcait a couch or a
mainly a couch i wouldnaecait a sofa settee we
close or a pend m1010: cait a lane or f1011:
author of a version ofcathe yowes to the knowes
insert after paragraph c insertcawhere a landlord which is
ever since addy wanted tocayou hitler mind because you
warld apairt chang chih hoca750 23 amang the speingies
months to 1 year behindcard2 children with more severe
oan postage stamps last orderscathe doctor ah m near
throuoot the yeir tho weicaum the young laird yid

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