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that is that the girlsca-caravan m1110: no f1109: i
m642: caravan see the bigca-they big sheets o prefab
avenue that s what weca-furcoat avenue f1024: [laugh] f1023:
let me think m1004: ica-i ca- i sometimes refer
think m1004: i ca- ica-i sometimes refer to her
m1132: i don t knowca-can i will i give
but we can modify itca-surely no m1132: aye mmhm
flowers in the muck m1110: ca-can y- yes f1109: ah
my flowers f1109: flowers m1110: ca-can you see the [inaudible]
and jake is painting aca-f1113: painting a a ladybird
careful f1089: you ll beca-careful m1090: mmhm f1089: right
were a wee bit erca-more careful you see because
m1004: i ve heard itca-i ve heard it called
ehm dinna ken it sca-f1095: orange m1096: orange clouds
sweeties f1129: and you hadca-f1130: cake f1129: and you
there mum what a beautifulca-candle f1105: [yawn] m1106: that
come on noo m1106: mumca-mum f1105: no you re
s is granny we justca-always called her granny nothing
tommy tommy puss f1104: ica-i can hear tommy tommy
the road we should veca-cause i recognised it on
f1095: no m1096: [child noise] dogsca-f1095: a straight edge mind
next f1095: [inaudible] m1096: ayeca-f1095: this here no that
f1127: was it caul m1128: ca-no hot f1127: hot like
mmhm f965: there was nothingca-nothing casual there was f963:
f1023: a main room ica-well if the tv s
red don t you f1118: ca-i can t this is
f1118: there was a bouncyca-there was a b- [inaudible]
pen the noo f1140: mumca-can i mummy i m
yeah f1103: [laugh] f1104: mumca-f1103: you re like a
her pal and but weca-so we called her aunt
t you f1104: mmhm andca-after that can i make
oh [censored: forename] [censored: surname] eh f1122: ca-can you can you open
mmhm i think eh ica-i can t think o
them have go to beca-i mean i can understand
throu the anonymous gloam thatca-that can conn- reconnect him
my bath what can ica-what can you do first
right m1002: ehm but yeca-ye can get kye as
can t i mean youca-you can t even watch
came to say f1112: youca-f1111: hello and welcome to
in case you cut yourca-up you come f1112: i
liftin mair sections o thatca-that prefabs m642: it wis
know i m sorry ica-my mind s gone blank
f606: [cough] f823: sure oca-car parks or where they
you imagine that [laugh] [laugh]ca-[laugh] i mean no [inaudible]
it s a it sca-ehm it s a bingo
an up oor stair soca-[?]capagush[/?] f1011: [inaudible] should read
bedroom f1141: oh f1142: [inaudible]ca-cause if he s bigger
young person [inaudible] m1016: ica-i cannae say i i
cheeky but you know ica-i don t want to
oh no f1126: aye ica-f1125: oh deary me i
but the man wi theca-horse and cart oh the
or f1067: and the connectionca-after the political link er
pig [?]cut that out again[/?] i pick theca-these i ve got cats
mm m824: but if yeca-they ll hae tae put
what was that game youca-when you put the thing
on this catrama- catramara- f834: ca-cataraman i went on that
a bag for you youca-i suppose it was sort
metropolises metropoli whatever they reca-[laugh] me- metropolitan no that
that was ganseys that weca-but it was aye gansey
the stuff was just inca-wooden cases m608: so what

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