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keep smootie whit sall wecaahim aksed freya magnus s
is dey wir wint tacaasmootie fur days dey aksed
e howe mixin wi ecaacaa o an antrin craa
howe mixin wi e caacaao an antrin craa an
caa me naomi quo shecaame mara for a wersh
said isna yon naomi dinnacaame naomi quo she caa
hame toom fou dae yecaame naomi the lord has
lord wha on his rudecaad oot ma god ma
an x shapit rude wecaathe day the rude o
birl tree birl they baithcaaoot the tree birls like
son quo they we sallcaahim obed he was the
a son and they sallcaahis name emmanuel whilk be
a son and ye sallcaahis name jesus for he
hae a son and sallcaahis name jesus he sall
in new sheen this wiscaad frostin e sheen so
as slaw as the cuddycaayon a cuddy muttered da
flanny a grain o swallcaacanny 2 land based drooshy
hae a wee luik juistcaacanny an try no tae
for goad s sake tamcaacanny wi that knife dinna
oatcakes ca canny be carefulcaaoot to drive out caal
readie for them whan acaathe clappie at the mains
jin lissent an stertit ticaathe clappies at the mains
a young lassie cad pranithacaaher pranny quo kieran it
names he speired we sudcaait the quarry quine quo
kens there s rowth atcaatae keep hell fou nae
an whan he stertit ticaathe clappies his fowk wirna
cross what is it deycaadat the bill that s
he wis whit ye michtcaaan auld farrant poacher juist
wis jist fit ye michtcaadeid grun fit wis a
trig an braw this michtcaafur a press campaign or
reply we micht as weelcaait a day doun here
ye nae think we michtcaaon a bittie faister girned
cooncil offices some fowk michtcaathis interferin bit nae mr
a cog hole could becaad a frost hole as
burn tae this cairnies eycaae fite steens bit na
mark tee on fit eycaae standard language for ere
dog fit wye wid yecaaa cat a dog bit
carvin o fit e antiquarianscaae crescent an v rod
jock wisna fit ye dcaasupersteetious ir onything like at
oot an aboot fit theycaathe conceptual thinking ahint this
police box at some fowkcaae tardus aside e gates
nevoy jed bappy as fowkcaahim fyles the auld wummin
oot there wis a mancaad john aden his wife
him in his richtfu placecaathese troots the wife decries
wi haill voce for sainincaaand owre the dung doun
gied him another clour atcaad him doun in front
that s your heaviest ammunitioncaat if ye like juist
were left in whit yecaaa radio black spot no
sheila black affrontit socht taecaat a day oot nummert
watter divinin me faider widcaait a kind o a
and hert and flesh outcaao leevin god for ye
ll aye need somebody taecaaoot time gentlemen please at
oot an cannily speirt whitcaathey you ye muckle lump
seen an an ingine taecaat fin e wis gettin
the plumbers an designers hollycaathe hard hats aff ilkie
ding simmer s breeze ancaathe leaves frae aff the
or mair afore they durstcaait a day may 8th
afore the scottish reformation taecaait lallans wald be fause
fine pleasant caller is freshcaad thegither is mixed or
far we jinket and rancaad wirsels deen sprauchlin lik
s span ye d hardlycaait human that s oor
guffs sae unca fine ancaao pret petit dejeuner come
the waste bin i jistcaaher clytie he said she
the lot o ye ancaafor him she shows anger
laucht at ither men whasecaati airms wis ti the
it wis a far awacaaye cd get a langer
an the stank eneuch taecaaye ower she faulded her
tae gang and we suldcaait in our ain day
ae wish a place taecaama ain ony kinno cubbyhole
irises iris is what youcaait f1073: and we hae
frae ma mither aince theycaaher ghaist the green lady
gyan wi nae ingin ticaat an lack o a
door swung open at hiscaaan three wee deils cluit
their textin wi a deefenincaafae his orra mawe which
diverse wys o writin icaadis idea creative criticism ur
mattha 4 18 25 thecaao andro peter james and
beguiles there s some wadcaait weemin s wiles an
curlers drawn by winter scaaforgether on the ice there

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