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ejaculated in a public gallerycaainthis seed bed an performance
wi ruif o the lilliescaaintwa draigons but ay and
trees he can clim noocaainfor birdies nests john aye
ye that nae tempin naecaainawa by the pooers o
crack an kickit back nearcaainma shooder oot o its
experienced brulziement quarrel byous exceptionalcaaincalling cark an canglin collogue
slaw ridin pure braith seecaainyin an yang a ll
wee tablie in e porchcaainin e twa kye tae
prophet wis leal til hiscaainan wei read i verse
the slack da i wiscaainsticks wi the cuddy an
place faar he d beencaainoot muck een o e
skellich is a shrill crycaaint mine is calling to
lads d got weet feetcaainin if ye hid a
ay an day grows brichtcaainma draigon cairtie see the
the loon i shid stopcaainhim at he s noo
a lot o drovers ancaainem doon tae the station
ay gleg ti beglamour mecaainthe reid panthers see follain
cam by here he cryitcaainhim by name come and

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