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till eez neck hait orcaale niver wore onything different
till em fither it wiscaalir hait ir fither things
cheeky monkey it s affacaali wish i cud get
cheeky monkey it s affacaali wish i cud get
when neep is a turnipcaalis cold haun is hand
lik frost on a neepcaalnae relish lik a deid
f1095: it s chilly youcaalm1096: uh huh [snort] f1095:
wash eez hans in ecaalrinnin watter o an ootside
o coorse wither as thecaalkalends o mairch be at
seein i m on abootcaalwither i micht mention that
record o buchan words fincaalnichts is comin ye maybe
aboot e hard northeast ecaalshooder o buchan an sic
bit itherwise es wis acaalbare kinna nyeuk an we
in e hoose on acaalwinter s day bit es
a start at bits feelscaalan ye dinna jist like
re prood an coorse ancaalbit in seclusion fine a
a heich set fairmie geycaalin e winter an ye
mullie ere was some geycaalwinter jobs fyles haein tae
cellar it wisna aa atcaaleen o yon nicht storage
fireside so that it wisnacaalin the mornin nae saat
caa oot to drive outcaalcold caap wooden bowl caddled
fierce tween is a twincaalis cold or unfeeling bogle
she wis washin t wicaalwatter oot o e plastic
e time o turra showcaalir warm e table wis
it up wi a tickiecaaltae mak it loo warm
em e curlew s bubblincaali canna think o ony
niver fine gaan intill acaalhoose mair sae comin oot
the brig i fell dooncaaldeid an nae ae thing
from a wallie fine ancaalacross the road the meal
me richt in e facecaalkin i says aye did
ay ere an aifter ecaalo e gab o mey
better haad awa fae ecaalonywye i haivt up e
richt seen till let ecaalrain an snaa come we
min gin e air becaalye couldna bit think on
tae side an a sharpcaalstare fae eir een ay
bit fin it wis richtcaalor frosty they were jist
geed graan shelter on acaalan winny nicht fae ilky
an seen forgot aboot thecaalas the dandy dons rattl
things files it wis acaalday bit it turnt oot
october wins blaw snell ancaalas bennachie shakks oot her
ate egg or cheese orcaalchucken or various kins o
bane dry wi haet ancaalan lack a maet perfectly
to see if they recaalm1128: aye f1127: are they
equivalent was usually given ascaalthe following figure iii 1

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