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tennis balls ponk ponk belowcafeterraces set in a sub
3860 mr andrew welsh arbroathcafeproject for text of motion
alex johnstone s1m 3860 arbroathcafeproject lodged on 5 february
searched in vain for acafeuntil coming on a western
monastery and searched out acafewhere we could eat lunch
we escaped into a smallcafenear her institute run by
chicken salad in a terracecafefor lunch and a crepe
in a pleasant little upstairscafein sagorsk ordering tea and
opening a weekly drop incafeand advice centre for residents
met at another more nativecafeso we talked to them
we re socialised by authoritariancafeproprietors in britain so there
and some russians at lunacafeto have ice cream before
we meet up in offshorecafeat 6 00pm and decide
shift i was glowing thatcafecould run seven days a
she went to a browncafeelaine thomson so did she
can tell me which browncafeis the best one to
you can go into acafeorder a cup of tea
also came upon a smallcafegrill which was in the
volunteering was in the lunchtimecafeat the morven house day
house up there remember thecafef640: mmhm f638: up there
we were gonna start acafefirst m642: aye f643: and
will be in off shorecafeon monday 10th of january
would be nice for acafehere and we asked f-
reason took place in acafein gretna fifty eu personnel
you know the the victoriacafeeh was always where the
of his favourite glasgow hauntscafegandolfi the deacon blue founder
re open as a upmarketcaferestaurant the premises have been
sangria and smoking in acafeby a beach in the
granny outings huddle in thecafeskin hanging like fruit from

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