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sonsie skirl hie heidit thecailleachsee brankit sae brawlie wi
or la fillette puella caileagcailleachwad be even better yet
gingie flouer souple bends thecailleachay the speirit s upon
kwerious ti sei whedder thecailleachhed a blak baudrons an
see reingin aa roun thecailleachs fair a ferlie ay
iain goaved at the auldcailleachforenent him she wes fair
extraordinary byuss special caddie messengercailleachold woman caird card cairrie
shaddas fur ma bed acailleachlair wi its reets fur
describes winter as an oldcailleachwho returned to die on
he coudna credit whit thecailleachhaed juist telt him his
whan ye r an auldcailleachlyke masell moula you r
but she would be thecailleachyou know f1009: yes m1055:

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