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published in 1993 macleod andcairns1993 this dictionary is unusual
edinburgh canongate macleod i andcairnsp eds 1993 the concise
glasgow snp attended witnesses patcairnsheadteachers association of scotland david
position to reassure pupils patcairnsheadteachers association of scotland we
or gibson f640: cairns f638: cairnsan his father had i
it wilson or gibson f640: cairnsf638: cairns an his father
toward the final exam patcairnsthe exam is a separate
toward the final grade patcairnsthe final grade is decided
time constrained i thank patcairnsand alex easton for their
happy with it either patcairnsi think that teachers are
is a personal opinion patcairnsin my view a failure
than we had anticipated patcairnsit is important to note
function of internal assessments patcairnsit should be acknowledged that
start of the holidays patcairnsit should be remembered that
students got their results patcairnsno the students and the
get their results either patcairnson the day that the
being asked of it patcairnsprobably there were three changes
sqa s political masters patcairnsthere was pressure on schools
assessments after completing units patcairnsyou will appreciate that the
chief executive and councillor robertcairnschairman east of scotland water
scotland water authority councillor robertcairnschairman east of scotland water
along the way humean empiricismcairnscraig has argued generates a
letters to his kinsfolk 1819cairnscraig has shown in out
msp eleanor scott msp paulinecairnsfiona campbell dougal carnegie ronnie
sayin ma name s paulinecairnsi come f606: mmhm f209:
wis tae happen nixt paulinecairnswis fair pleased tae tell
welsh munro called carneddau meaningcairnsplausible because it fits very
takes like four hours tocairnsso f807: yeah [laugh] f806:
remain underground or in rockcairnswhere they can be difficult
same with er townsville andcairnsthey look so close but
wid lie heavy unner wattercairnsspreid oot like the misery
chamber i will continue marycairnsand frances howatson who are
wark o davie currie johnnycairnsan h burgoyne lives ever

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