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bidded stayed barrie great brilliantcairryons shenanigans frolics cairry oot
brilliant cairry ons shenanigans frolicscairryoot carry out drinks or
left ower aifter the hogmanaycairryons an then there wis
the doctor s physog ancairryhis genes tae indwell the
a skreichmakker they tae wadcairrythe donor s physog an
kintra o caledonia wid noocairrythe same human genes those
peer wee hen hid taecairrythe pyock of corn tae
hen wis needin help tocairrythe pyock tae the miller
bobbin burn tae burn theycairrydaith frae clan tae clan
him an anither cottar ticairrythe kist ti the braefuit
jin gart a cottar bodiecairrythe pockstang an for ten
s nocht tae pack orcairryman takk the lang rest
s nocht tae pack orcairryman takk the lang rest
an a sicht faster ancairrya sicht mair wecht o
chrissie ye never made hercairryat a be hersel pointing
explained aa yer sports freakscairrythem we decided therefore that
i can shoulder the burdencairrythe maitter through to the
wytin fur the steps taecairryon up the road ootside
to have annoyed gladys sorrycairryon gladys a fire had
frae the watter spoot icairryma hoosie upon ma back
f606: uh f828: had taecairrythe watter fae the wall
gied me the nod tocairryout some arrangements she s
the slow current gied naecairrytae the flee or devon
teen in an nae onycairryon wi the fower auld
he hidna the hurdies taecairrythe kilt wi ony style
my stick an we llcairryit atween us this dune
the name and reputation tocairryit through beaumont but tak
it ll be incomers thatcairryoff all the profit beaumont
on the stuff i couldnacairrya box o books a
studied in scottish skweels widcairryan english translation if coorse
wis aa the easier taecairryhame there wis a reeshle
here nou wi aa thatcairryoan we aa agreed but
no aa richt i llcairryon in e young classes
has nae ootfaa naethin taecairryawa the sauts brocht doun
it s ower heavy taecairrydid yours nae come the
it as a heist taecairrye yomin load roon til
a crossroads here ye michtcairryfair on tae dunracht some
the richt tae send orcairryhim back tae jamaica if
by laddies ower wabbit taecairryit further or haein saicont
says we ve no taecairryjaikets in the panda caurs
thays decidit tae get acairryoot fae yin o the
aw the mair important taecairryoot research an a linguistic
iron mak fine limbs taecairryprood heids o lichts i
giein thaim uissfu knawledge taecairrytil africa an india an
ower your legs fit acairryon then ye d be
an gang biddin his mencairrylu da s gear the
men hae rope enough tocairrythrough large enterprises for the
an a bit o acairryon the hame s a
stutterin oh sit down [inaudible]cairryon so you got oot
even mind ye had tocairryoot or couldny manage i
left it wisny his firstcairryon folk said dow had
o trouble nae need tocairryher po a the wye
year an there wis naecairryon you ken i dinna
we didna hae sic acairryon aboot yon in oor
ye suid hae heard hercairryon the sair mishanter had
and listenin to aw thiscairryon eh aboot aw the
that this kind of americancairryon will get by here
heidit priest that i ayecairrywi me an cried here
him wi the hound hendersoncairryon but it wasnae an
the son o heiven ticairrythe royal dictamen an wi
the smit he had nocairryhim aff it s beyond
a get ma helpeners ticairryit for ye owrancer or
gie owre nane but sallcairrythe corp or else attend
put them how does hecairrythem on the back o
kittle an blythe i mauncairryan keep ye bairn i
bein sodgers then they cancairrythe kits an you can
o my heid i cannycairrythe responsibility for ilka thing

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