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that she micht breithe thecallerair an hear the burds
sae ye can breithe thecallerair til yeir hert s
the sea o galilee arecallerlochs for thai hae an
lochs o oor parable thecallerlochs took in but gied
the sea o galilee arecallerwattir lochs wi fish intil
speir hou twa lochs haecallerwattir tither saut we maun
wi nocht tae breathe butcallerair och froggie said oot
the flouers an breathe thecallerair pompitie mistress ah l
sun caller sky braid suncallerclouds waucht heich an cauld
sun caller sky braid suncallersky braid sun caller clouds
win wheep sky braid suncallersky braid sun caller sky
they say click beau gentlemancallerm1015: mm mmhm no boyfriend
the next hour the firstcallerwas a gentleman who wanted
and the following stanza fromcallerherrin gives an impression of
said that the language ofcallerherrin or corn rigs is
set hissel doun ablow thecallershade o the sauchtrees bi
the gress hou braw ancalleraye the gress returns whan
hir tyme ootby in thecallerair wi hir man lauchin
or out when the sixteenthcallera rude and obnoxious slav
an widd ern an collcallerair an clane wattir the
mither a sowp o thecallercauld wattir o the magiv
n carriage cairt n cartcallera fresh cam v came
pedlar caird n old mancallera fresh cam v came
caird card cairrie on behaviourcallerfresh cam came camshachil disordered
leesome is bright fine pleasantcalleris fresh caa d thegither
a seen ye takin thecallerair a didna daur breinge
auld banes oot inti thecallerair an sunlicht ah wad
himsell rinnin free in thecallerair but ilka tyme the
he says whit a brawcallerair but juist then he
nearhaund for a braith ocallerair wi hir wey o
air it s douce ancallerhere an lowns ma senses
shae walcummed wi apen airmscalleruncos o onie kinkeind wes
fuit on a braw daycalleran bricht he pit on
pyot frae the spaik acallersouch steirs the chirkers inti
belyve soun racordins thai criedcallerwark wi no furin frae
fu o the smell ocallerfish alang wi the guff
yellow poppies closing simmer summercallerbroun trout skirlin for brakefast
street an coft a picklecallerfish a pullet some pottit
maun hae been still geycalleraiblins it hid fawn aff
luikit sae bonnie in hircallerblue mornin goun wi hir
angus beif wull saumon labstercallerfrae the tyde an siclik
cawin m he hed acallerpynt o yill afoir m
or thay ir fou acallersaur cuils the heat o
nicht the sabbath meen raissecalleran eildritch glimmerin like the
and urdu so if acallerfor example say an elderly
someone comes along then thecallermay take some finding by

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