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turned round before the ballcameback f963: ah birled roond
of biscuits then the bakercamef637: a round scone [laugh]
it again so before hecamehome i went round the
a set delivery round andcamein all weathers carrying mainly
fast the time before hecamein from work looked round
the outside doors when hecamein he looked round the
was riding round and hecameoff at a roundabout somewhere
up this long avenue andcameround a dog leg to
a scull before the diggercameround again the best thing
fae the oil rigs shecameround and sat beside him
once from the van whichcameround and saying i shall
happened was this as hecameround and the wheel went
tablets in the afternoon jocameround and we expected marguerite
the moscow suburbs so [censored: forename]cameround and we popped onto
the evening teresa and jocameround and we set off
in them lots of vanscameround as not many people
on burns for nick whocameround at 10 30 to
laurencekirk clark butcher bob clarkcameround before and after the
needles in the 1940s hecameround every two or three
january in the evening jocameround for a short while
this morning though when shecameround for breakfast f1049: it
[censored: forename] nick and teresa alsocameround for egg salad and
at benholm mill who alsocameround in a cart grain
the other end and alsocameround in a van at
had we had a girlcameround oh what day was
the area telegraph boys theycameround on bikes to deliver
a dramatic russian ex actresscameround on wednesday evening to
remembered well a wifie whocameround the doors in the
discharged when the festal seasoncameround then the crowds streamed
will fall into place emmacameround to belyaevo this evening
course for students one igorcameround to fix her plumbing
of dinnet draper this vancameround twice a year after
two americans joy and lisacameround we fed them vegetable
that the inspectors when theycameround were keen on that
freezing cold wandered round andcameupon a huge church two
bookshop on the arbat wecameacross a beautiful illustrated book
them ata jonsar eck thencameacross a big muckle spanner
r g i t icameacross a book on colour
all the standards [audience member says 'go on'] icameacross a came across a
eggs was lovely finally wecameacross a collection of clothes
to a trolleybus but icameacross a metro station and
[audience member says 'go on'] i came across acameacross a primary five class
a housing professional i oftencameacross a problem for elderly
willie mathieson s notebooks icameacross a very interesting notebook
trekking through a desert andcameacross a wee burn i
quarrying amongst some papers icameacross an old diary it
i know was not glaswegiancameacross and she says are
were doin the flittin wecameacross her eh one and
a genuine difficulty my colleaguecameacross plausibly and what he
facility of choice i recentlycameacross some examples of authorities
shortages was an issue thatcameacross strongly the convener we
ve nivver i d nivvercameacross that f831: no m842:
kill hare if a constablecameacross that situation where one
that f831: no m842: nivvercameacross that up north f831:
i know very little icameacross the word folding defined
to school where the roadmencameacross them and moved them
no hm f1067: you nevercameacross them and obviously without
think about this interview icameacross what i thought was
beached whale a hockey puckcamebouncing across the floor and
the farm of brownhill bothcamefrom cyarlins across the hill
across it but the rectorcamein one day to change
oh for goodness sake f965: cameand went and came and
f965: came and went andcameand went and it was
that came from f965: youcameback from school with expressions
he came back with hecameback with a bit of
m815: but he di- hecameback with he came back
bath cause y- the watercamecame splashing over the s-
flip is that something thatcamecame through your father s
from before m642: well wecamefae aye f643: we came
came fae aye f643: wecamefae kennaway m642: this is
catholic church as well mccabecamefirst then came the five
i think they actually bothcamefro- well one came from
don t know where thatcamefrom f965: you came back
came from staffin and onecamefrom kilmaluag but we had
both came fro- well onecamefrom staffin and one came
think five of us thatcamehere together we all came
husband and s- your cousincamein f639: came in right
your cousin came in f639: camein right f640: and i
came the bogeyman the bogeymancamein that was the next
now wait a minute icameintae the mills i came
to your beddie oh itcameoff again it came off
it came off again itcameoff i ll tell my
came on that bit hasnacameon and this bit came
came on and this bitcameon just that bit f1103:
came on that bit hasnacameon that bit hasna came
the [inaudible] that bit hasnacameon that bit hasna came
i- she came over theycameover from ireland f718: so
but it was i- shecameover they came over from
cause y- the water camecamesplashing over the s- the
f965: polly ran out incamethe bogeyman the bogeyman came
well mccabe came first thencamethe five to 14 guidelines
is that something that camecamethrough your father s line
came here together we allcameto glasgow straight from school
was funny m842: mind iaincameup an iain came up
iain came up an iaincameup an says come on
mills i came up thecameup that road o yours
came intae the mills icameup the came up that
at the door fin shecameback intae the kitchen she
intae the net hardie tacklecameback tae earth wi a
wisnae lang afore the flooerscameintae bloom tae say the
heid an a wistful lookcameintae her een she reached
the opposite sex that nevercameintae it aye f1054: yeah
was the first one thatcameintae my head m1014: well
begod ere wis a ladcameintae sicht in eez park
that the first bus thatcameintae stranraer and he p-
the heaviest cabbage ae ladcameintae the hall wi a
oot tae him jonsar eckcameintae the hoose ten meenits
ago there was a mancameintae the mill and he
mind his face when ahcameintae the room a couple
laser on as the doctorcameintae the surgery he said
tatties neest time the fermercameintae the yard for sawdust
langside f606: mmhm f1039: collegecameintae what we call the
making it curl as itcameye didna mak it intae
the chiel an fin hecameback tae the bar he
on tv fin a knockcamefae the door fin jonsar
in teenie a muffled souncamefae throo the hoose fin
fit happened wis fin hecamehame fae the school ae
adminster the doses fin hecamehame fin jonsar eck drove
wi that a sma vancamein aboot an fin the
fin the wee wifie finallycameoot o the hoose she
he hid escaped fin hecameoot o the hospital bit
the nippies fin jonsar eckcameoot o the hospital he
timmer tam fin the weekendcameroon timmer tam gaed doon
thick wi stue fin itcametae a mattress o the
same room fin the refcametae een o the opposin
cup o tay fin itcametae half past twal jonsar
bleed awye fin a couplecametae his rescue ey took
on the left fin jonsarcametae the door he knocked
tae aberdour fin the wifiecametae the door jonsar says
the tv fin a knockcametae the front door jonsar
said the judge fin theycametae the local section there
fer bemused fin jonsar eckcametae the shop door he
sic like fin the tapecametae the thrashin mull jonsar
affa time fin in abootcametwa lads fae pitsliga tae
the licht stuff fin shecameupon her bag jonsar say
clock fin a young ladcamewakin alang the road jonsar
always brought something when shecamea poke of tea a
too f638: [laugh] f637: wecamea- when we were doin
different and the radio ideacameabout er when five six
remember him when he firstcameabout the town delving gardens
and that s when hecameand and john met him
when the the fabric peoplecameand i would eh supervise
same terrace when barry jonescameand sat down beside me
the last when the darkcameand that s what i
yet another pee when shecameback bethia and adrian were
for it tomorrow when jimmycameback fae his nightshift at
be a neighbour when hecameback from his travels alice
much a walrus when joancameback from the office there
that lilian but when youcameback here and saw how
but ehm though when icameback i f- forgot how
cleanest actually when her dresscameback it was f631: [laugh]
to the doctor when wecameback she was carrying the
few but then when hecameback they were wiped clean
mother with her when shecameback to glenlomas jenny played
hagemann of germersheim when shecameback to me with further
up and sh- when shecameback to prestwick she was
and charles murray when hecameback to scotland eh ye
to spend money when shecameback to scotland she said
community torry is when icameback to torry twenty years
saying that when the barmancameback with a bill of
notebook and then when youcameback you had to like
when she was tiny shecamecar- carryin this trout f1023:
aulder folk when mrs mcharriecamedoon the stair tae oor
weekend the monday mornin hecamedown and he when he
i see him when hecamedown from his perch shaking
centre but i mean shecamedown here married father when
remember when the steam boilercamedown through the town being
the lincolnshire poacher when icamedown to sidmouth town it
we tormented peter when hecamedown to the town to
of significance when the romanscamefor it means very royal
expect the minister when hecamefor tea and when i
a certain amount of entertainmentcamefrom wanderin aboot fowk when
couldnae believe it when icamehame an you wurnae there
would do when this timecamehe had worked it out
shelter when rab s buscamehe leapt aboard tellt the
broonhill when the hunters firstcamehere a man called willie
very highland accent when icamehere at first but not
you remember when you firstcamehere carolanne i couldn t
startin tae build when wecamehere f643: mmhm m642: that
yes yes i when icamehere first i really missed
i was aware when icamehere first that the folk
was never documented when theycamehere m608: mm m078: er
wait a minute when wecamehere there was only one
whin when shö she camcamehidmost last browt brought aa
the children around when hecamehome at night greg found
kept warm for when theycamehome from school where they
the war and when hecamehome from the war he
vancouver and japan when hecamehome he brought a japanese
the far east when icamehome i was using er
at young women the pointcamehome to us when we
wh- when a visiting teachercamei but i blotted it
when the thaw at lastcamei was constantly outside sniffing
big blazing fire when theycamein because [laugh] i could
did scottish lit when icamein er m605: i mean
occupy me sadie when yecamein here you wur a
coming outside deana when icamein i could see by
day and when my fathercamein on a friday he
london when the literary revivalcamein scots it developed in
was nice and when shecamein she was like f1154:
was when the flat bottomscamein so the pitowerlie marks
6 o clock when theycamein they got the same
process however when the applicationscamein to be approved at
it that when my grancamein to visit my sister
in the hoose when yecamein ye know my mother
a big riddie when shecamein you know f963: mm
was announced when the packagecameinto force and when the
boyhood the wool spinning millcameinto prominence i remember when
small in number when theycameinto the organisations they stood
on his face when susancameinto the room to jolt
bittie better was when someonecamelooking for lodgings mabel remembered
somethin surely but when itcameoff he he sanded he
glimpse of the wider worldcameon a friday when the
with my mother when shecameon a visit to edinburgh
enough when songs of praisecameon he d fling the
explained and surprise when lenincameon screen they seemed to
till a racketty music programmecameon then when they wouldn
eliot yet again if itcameon us suddenly when the
interested a baker s vancameonce a week when bread
certainly never stayed over visitorscameonly when invited when a
when the hula hoop firstcameout f718: mm f1077: i
night [note: photo: 'wedding photograph from around 1900. the bride is jane morrison and the groom is donald jeans.] when the couplecameout from the wedding ceremony
here he said when shecameout he sounded more hopeful
folk spoke gaelic when theycameout of the chapel on
with a towel when youcameout of what sounded like
shop at night when icameout the school f640: tell
at play time when wecameout to play i just
when the when the denimscameout ye used tae put
it and when the voicecamesee if her lips moved
ahead m830: horrified when icametae aberdeen to discover that
booted aff davie when hecametae bellahouston park well in
we made up when wecametae these auld gates wae
in the same families thencamethe depression when the farmers
mmhm f637: so when itcamethe dividend we used to
meat man but when hecamethe raw faced knacker with
when the time for questionscamethere was the usual stony
to wander when the cousinscamethey got more freedom to
time when the boys turncamethey had to perform with
up instead and when wecamethrough to the kitchen the
suit me f640: when itcameto a certain age you
that arose when steven beechcameto aberdeen visitscotland meetings 10
you find it when youcameto aiberdeen cause i ken
of life when the dancecameto an end a little
so when the days sportcameto an end we were
confusion and difficulty when itcameto balancing the books librarian
a bit wet when itcameto dealing with with anything
problems for schools when theycameto decide whether they should
ancestors spoke when they firstcameto ehm when they first
next morning when the maidcameto empty the contents of
to a blossoming romance whichcameto fruition when i sailed
better than believes when itcameto granting authorisations the committee
to bleach and when itcameto hanging things on the
when the judges entered hecameto his feet swiftly and
proudest moments was when lomécameto inverness and we agreed
the european parliament when itcameto lobbying the relationship between
a false identity when hecameto mallorca what happened to
nothing made sense when icameto my shoulder was jammed
i must admit when icameto perth i didn t
than they were when labourcameto power and there are
97 when the labour governmentcameto power as disclosed in
than there were when labourcameto power george lyon made
i passed out when icameto properly after being half
and swapped translations when hecameto read at the edinburgh
is that when that moneycameto scotland we were given
when puff the magic dragoncameto see them in vietnam
so when you come tocameto study french at school
ms white when the petitioncameto the committee if we
achieved when the matter firstcameto the committee there was
the record when the petitioncameto the committee we took
years ago when i firstcameto the island i was
teacher i remember when icameto the school he was
remind them that when itcameto the serious situation that
the circle and when itcameto the word dropped they
to ehm when they firstcameto this island right m741:
do when the stame mullcameto thresh the rucks in
f1151: and when i firstcameto uni here back in
where peter lived when hecameto view the original swampy
morgan then when the leopardcameunder charlie allan i broadened
but they f963: mm f965: cameup and sh- when she
i know f1025: when youcameup at night an then
divide people when if theycameup from the south to
lot of it when shecameup here for uni erm
age they were when youcameup here i suppose yeah
mmhm f965: and when shecameup here she was so
because now when the armcameup it always fell away
dark day and when icameup to near the prefab
strength returned but a daycamewhen heavy mist shrouded the
death the birth of deathcamewhen the waters broke nothing
many a time when hecamewith coals to mr smith
bitter kinna feelin when yecameyer body exploded oot o
s thumb when the buttercameyou just washed your hands
remember when we when theycameyou know for years well
of course when the oilcameyou know there s the
had pushed him back thencamea further soaping and cleaning
but no that dark icameawake i pushed back her
m608: right m642: and thencameback a year later and
to pull them up icameback an [laugh] didn t
one of the fellas thatcameback and seen the house
and that and the lassiecameback and thanked us hersel
me goin down so hecameback and the two of
hm f643: and eh shecameback and told us what
then the clemson university tigerscameback and took the orange
clock in the morning andcameback around 3 o clock
sweeties were you here youcameback aye f010: yes i
i wasna deid but yecameback aye how could i
i said well i justcameback because i ve been
now i see why youcameback but he ll want
hoors ago an she nevercameback chrissie ye never made
last the junkie relented andcameback down the bus to
died but the time icameback fae aunt- i d
and my dad my dadcameback from costa rica he
a job i because icameback from glasgow because the
it in before the mencameback from the coal mines
december 1991 dear joan wecameback from the funeral on
steak pie for dinner wecameback home quite early because
might no hae happened icameback i got the job
the teacher was like shecameback in oh don t
hundred and fifty mile runcameback into keswick outskirts of
poisoning yi pat if yicameback jilly things wid be
pause if yid jist stoppedcameback looked through the windae
wednesdays m608: [laugh] m642: andcameback on thursday mornin f643:
aye was that why youcameback or was it for
to see nick again f1149: cameback or yeah [laugh] mmhm
was fine for practising wecameback refreshed to catch up
mmhm m830: an then wecameback tae aberdeen so mainly
an slowly his body itcameback tae life his sair
on chaper frames bit ayecameback tae the frames he
had oot the bank icameback tae the guest hoose
contemporary reputation and the answercameback that it had sometimes
a minute anen the fishcameback the line startit runnin
letter stated that if icameback then i d get
doin this run well wecameback through very rainy weather
going to hillside crescent wecameback to 129 dalsalloch m608:
[laugh] f643: so once icameback to ayr ehm i
mm m642: and i onlycameback to it really after
sleeve then certain things theycameback to me aboot whit
which i looked up latercameback to me as i
the genesis of these outpouringscameback to me it had
table ah yes it allcameback to me this was
of a fabulous holiday icameback to subzero temperatures and
port ellen in islay butcameback to tiree to erm
my tuition fees before icameback to uni cause obviously
uh huh m1163: then hecameback to yeovil and then
caught the ball before itcameback to you f963: mmhm
friday and then went homecameback up on sunday so
bit the damn doo ayecameback weel jonsar eck wis
car in a flash ancameback wi a auld pair
the ferny hill a gowkcameback wi feint a word
disappeared for a wee fylecameback wi half a dizzen
they had vouchers and shecameback with like little red
stuffed it back where itcamefrom and lit a fag
f963: mm f965: and theycamehome back to our school
worked i worked there icamei moved back down to
they were cleared back visitorscamein into the kitchen er
of that for the wedderburnscamein what happened next back
in what happened next backcamejoseph to ballindean without apology
right noo the revenue inspectorscamemarching straight back down the
inside your trousers it justcameoff it just goes back
the most magical too itcameon the back of a
a gey hill at backcamethe answer oh aye it
press door by mistake backcamethe report to his wife
the back of the chaircamethe voice again jean jean
this first back street andcameto a crossroads and our
out at the back hecameto arbuthnott for 10 years
printed her ticket the gargoylecameclip clopping down the bus
to be erected last yearcamecrashing down on 7th january
interested the unb string quartetcamedown and played in the
my face and my mothercamedown and she says what
on a mission [laugh] shecamedown and she shouts to
one o them could havecamedown and sort o played
the real price of cigarettescamedown and that had an
what happened was a guycamedown and there s a
well it was her thatcamedown and told me and
did you know she alwayscamedown as though she was
pe student adel the egyptiancamedown for a cup of
the evening a french lektorcamedown for a glass of
this is the reason hecamedown from heaven above to
ideas man ever since onecamedown from oxford but these
s 27th birthday yesterday helencamedown from shediac today so
now so the wee chapcamedown he obeyed his lords
for eighteen years then icamedown here f947: mmhm m1161:
of medicines by contrast norwaycamedown in favour of the
the f643: [inaudible] m642: bikecamedown off it and got
in all fairness the solicitorcamedown on our side and
god and for such godcamedown on them in judgement
know the the windows actuallycamedown quite low so that
down who was it thatcamedown see that anne woman
this point a normal passengercamedown the bus a middle
avenue speccy and mr frizzcamedown the bus to get
cathkin roundabout where the junkiecamedown the bus to get
beside stonehaven a german planecamedown the locals picked up
cars and the tram carscamedown the main street because
end out the window andcamedown the stairs to get
the real price of cigarettescamedown there the ban there
on the first mornin hecamedown they d been putting
stayed in kilmarnock and shecamedown to be probably a
a guy from newton mearnscamedown to look at it
was zebo a top barcamedown to set a pot
f1049: mm m1048: then somebodycamedown who was it that
their time to die theycamefloating down gently one fine
down the list of prioritiescamehaving the well being and
door opened and more trowscamein billy lifted down the
lie down and eh icameinto the world and my
said the young team andcamemarching down the bus the
a study in devout mediocritycamenun like down the tiled
on him at anniesland beardocamestomping down the bus again
to touch the cup downcamethe bowl and the mouse
up and down and wecameto the conclusion that it
her hair down man everyonecameto the party even the
enclosed list and the wallscametumbling down as planned on
to somebody just before youcameand he was saying i
in the context of whatcamebefore it alasdair gray john
last time that mr mcmillancamebefore the committee he said
afore before dey they camcamebi by penga money i
a few years before icamef606: yeah m830: yeah two
the duffies i- where itcamefrom i probably generation before
north of scotland before gaeliccamefrom ireland most place names
revved up before the ambulancecamegraham stood on the front
askin the kids before icamehere an they i said
george sand and frederic chopincamehere before him but didn
probably more than before icamehere but f902: i [throat]
theory of course before icamehere but it s not
a christmas pudding before youcamehere f963: [laugh] m964: no
this at home before icamehere m944: sh- i was
were comin home before wecamehome we were on a
is honolulu before the jetscamein everyboady is very nice
the french constitution before itcameinto effect this is done
was committed before the ordercameinto force obviously scottish ministers
sale granted before the billcameinto force to continue with
this was before wellington bootscameon the scene in the
f1077: and then before wecameonce we d applied for
in lady cosgrove s reportcameout shortly before the consultation
his toys before bedtime outcamethe yowes the coos the
[note: photo: 'an advert for furniture, taken from the original arbuthnott book in 1908.'] lighting electric lighting onlycameto arbuthnott in 1954 before
told my father so itcameto pass six days before
tony gallagher even before icameto the committee today i
is quite disappointing before icameto the parliament this morning
a hundred years before urquhartcameto translate them [tut] [inhale]
at home before before icameto uni but then f1149:
i read burroughs before icameto university but i only
life before i before icameto university i ve done
said that actually that confluencecametogether before to some extent
presented to them so samcameup the night before the
the day before the instructorcamewe went out for practice
that one year mrs reidcamefirst in home nursing arbuthnott
south uist originally and icamefrom a gaelic speaking home
i f606: uh huh f828: camehome and accidentally said tatties
to her and then michaelcamehome and said oh ehm
concerning mining and then hecamehome and the postman followed
f634: and eh and thencamehome and was showin off
drive the car and icamehome as fast as i
departure for her and icamehome at about 10 20
the day because the mencamehome at mid day to
f643: and every night hecamehome fae his work that
soon as possible i onlycamehome for lilian s sake
e hens the dist alsocamehome for the hens this
m608: oh right f643: icamehome from the incident and
says [laugh] you should havecamehome [inaudible] plan okay [laugh]
cousin john the merchant hecamehome on a ship from
lilian maybe but then bettycamehome pretty and rich and
idea that he sort ofcamehome smelling of it as
of the school holidays johncamehome to an empty house
every day that horse f643: camehome to me m642: nae
one anyone from home evercameup with was erm one
door in the finish hecamebut he didny see me
the door opened and shecamein if she slipped oot
and the door that yecamein was actually where these
wis aye the banker thatcametae the door efter that
the door an a manniecametae the door he spoke
he s the one thatcamethrough the door to [censored: forename]
on the door no onecameto the door but i
know the first person whocameto the door had to
the number of vans thatcameto the door originally they
the insurance man or whoevercameto the door who seemed
feet a great deal andcameto the door with their
to play f1144: well peoplecameto your door and said
members have said the eucameabout from the aftermath of
auntie [censored: forename] and uncle [censored: forename]cameall the way up from
they the builder from [?]valleyfield[/?]cameand did the the buildin
of a prize and wecameaway from willies shop disheartened
tak tent big man thiscamecheap from yon taiwan fizzy
than it would if itcamedirectly from the public petitions
ask for licensing the proposalcameforward from the registrar general
and vegetables these provisions allcamefresh from their own kinsmen
the birds aye incidentally noelcamefrom a better class of
interesting period piece and itcamefrom a grocer s shop
by my mother at pitglassiecamefrom a house in torrie
know 1997 69 another responsecamefrom a local girl who
beard the words we sangcamefrom a navy blue hardbound
men andy whoever he wascamefrom a separate place called
mad or both the storycamefrom a strathaven man an
strategy for scotland consultation responsescamefrom a wide range of
height and a disproportionate numbercamefrom aberdeen and its hinterland
the arbuthnott name or connectionscamefrom all over the world
and you see where itcamefrom and how it s
the parthenon or wherever theycamefrom and i bet they
and they forget where theycamefrom and the like hyacinth
eh wh-wh- where that poemcamefrom and this is er
twenty or so entrants whocamefrom as far afield as
butcher and game dealer hecamefrom auchenblae and bought rabbits
horse and cart edwards coalcamefrom auchenblae roberts coal also
george lamb 1798 1866 whocamefrom ayr scotland on the
the young man s familycamefrom ayrshire and he said
ian you said your parentscamefrom banchory area did you
with uniforms maley thinks theycamefrom belgium but their russian
be charged regularly a vancamefrom bervie to collect the
so that s where thatcamefrom but it s quite
don t know where itcamefrom but that s what
be a witch after theycamefrom carluke to edinburgh and
grocers clothing and boots hecamefrom catterline find was also
roon both of these itemscamefrom cyarlincraig then another important
with erm robbie shepherd whocamefrom dunecht which was just
don t know where itcamefrom either my parents used
know that ehm where wecamefrom ethnically we don t
foot and mouth disease outbreakcamefrom existing stocks held in
ve no idea where itcamefrom f1023: no f1025: do
speech from all the partiescamefrom george reid i will
an iron heidit rake thatcamefrom gideon s roup and
where 29 of the inhabitantscamefrom glasgow or the west
from the fish man whocamefrom gourdon herring and tatties
fishman started in 1946 andcamefrom gourdon his son still
the source of phosphate nitrogencamefrom guano imported from chile
table the origins of whichcamefrom in the time of
lewis grassic gibbon his fathercamefrom insch and for a
punters going yah yah grandmothercamefrom inverurie yaahh but once
not know where the figurecamefrom it is just enormous
but all the subsequent problemscamefrom it it is a
a lot of my storiescamefrom jmmy hunter at brownhill
he collected rabbit skins hecamefrom laurencekirk and used to
[note: photo: 'mrs doreen black.'] our teacher miss allancamefrom laurencekirk and we were
the people all the nedscamefrom like the the dance
66 responses 27 of whichcamefrom local authorities many of
tailor at miltonmuir mr rainbirdcamefrom london to work in
the the the parents originallycamefrom m608: okay m1163: and
glass topped display box thatcamefrom my father s old
and bred but where itcamefrom no idea f1025: mmhm
f1027: and all because shecamefrom northumberland they never had
can t remember where hecamefrom now but anyhow he
m1007: interesting where that wordcamefrom now the seise would
parent askin which island icamefrom once he thought i
5 against 4 of whichcamefrom one family one elder
no question of where youcamefrom or why do you
s confusion as the familycamefrom our own country in
really are who they reallycamefrom pause not sol not
bit of bullying because hecamefrom peterhead and was a
showed the way the producecamefrom riga by way of
candle i think the presentscamefrom selfridges in london the
in spain all these languagescamefrom shared roots but evolved
t know where they vecamefrom so f631: yeah it
on his face as itcamefrom someone else mr robson
had moved house or theycamefrom somewhere else and yeah
voice sounded as if itcamefrom somewhere else you and
me does because my mothercamefrom that eh eh presbyterian
in stranraer most of themcamefrom that town with a
find out that the titlecamefrom the burns poem to
did not know whether itcamefrom the committee or another
prose was quite different itcamefrom the continent [inhale] we
knitted goods many of whichcamefrom the countryside around if
and even the local producecamefrom the county you know
west port oh m1022: youcamefrom the cowgate we used
the plaintive sound of mewingcamefrom the deep gully at
wee wifie who pretended shecamefrom the fairy world touch
body the convener the invitationscamefrom the fishery boards are
hill to the school theycamefrom the laes cluseburn bloomfield
not know where that figurecamefrom the level was then
s cot on rockers thatcamefrom the neighbouring farm of
and even though the noisecamefrom the opposite end of
lewis grassic gibbon tradition hecamefrom the parish of auchterless
and building work started 113camefrom the rankine fund it
the convener petition pe187 whichcamefrom the scottish gamekeepers association
movements at that time definitelycamefrom the south f963: mm
you think that the instructioncamefrom the sqa in response
was not bad but itcamefrom their landlords not from
in admirality street where icamefrom they d have said
area where all my auntscamefrom they would refer to
admits to knowing where itcamefrom though father laughing in
fortrie smiddy the tramp pickcamefrom tollo croft where jimmy
watch all these boats theycamefrom unst and other parts
she called him scottie hecamefrom up i think the
because coming from where wecamefrom we d our own
with it a foul stenchcamefrom weir s mouth his
did it come from itcamefrom west africa you know
what was acquired at roupscamefrom within a 10 or
the writing in the 1980scamefrom women gathering together in
mabel smith the bag itcamein from france apparently french
printing up the stairs ermcamein from the authors who
dairy outlet my grandmother lizziecamein from the country to
i said erm well hecamein from the office and
cool for the horsemen whocamein from the stables someone
who s from dumfries ehmcameinto our new house in
said that because the rulescamenot from primary legislation but
understand the gaelic but thesecameoriginally from the upper part
out food sort of chefcameout from the hotel and
m608: [laugh] m1163: my wifecameover from italy as an
from ireland f718: so theycameover to scotland from ireland
it around a woman protagonistcamepartly from his own wife
from england flanders and pariscamesouth by montpelier or perpignan
straight from school f1151: icamestraight from school f1150: yeah
of my friends and icamestraight from school we were
up from the ground andcameswooping towards me it circled
the dominie from dundee whocameto give joseph lessons and
the worship of isis peoplecameto philae from all over
were from the country youcameto the cowgate m1019: i
lady from a cottage nearbycameto the farmer s assistance
from committee rooms and itcameto the point at which
and concerns seven primary schoolscameto the scottish parliament from
member from 1979 until icameto the scottish parliament i
evacuees 28 school age childrencameto this area mainly from
f1150: right f1151: erm icameto uni straight from school
number of distinguished visitors whocameto visit us from overseas
example from the moment hecameunder fanny sitwell s spell
from last day from [censored: forename]cameup f1095: a firework m1096:
at the roup the hunterscameup from balthangie mains in
up from the factory theycameup from the factory tae
many years ago my cousincameup from west lothian and
from the kids so hecameup with a great big
social background from which icamewe often used f606: mm
gweed tuck in if youcameawa fae this table hungry
o fife innit aye wecamef643: mmhm m642: fae the
it was because the fishermencamefae arbroath on a friday
don t ask f637: hecamefae maybole and his name
name f638: me f637: hecamefae maybole his name was
oot a mile his accentcamefae orkney f606: aye yeah
my wife s eh familycamefae the borders an she
loud explosion oh surely nocamefae the crowd peer auld
while as troosers because itcamefae the galluses you wore
stoapped it aff ma hoosekeepincamehame fae coort an kicked
bare legs warm ready mencamethe command fae big rab
into that hellish pall therecamebursts of firecrackers alternating with
be spinning into eternity peggycameby two or three times
the spring by chance icameinto a glen i d
the free church of scotlandcameinto being smith s father
beat i think that everythingcameinto being solely that you
out of all folks theycameinto contact with but not
of view if this billcameinto effect assistant chief constable
the european employment strategy itcameinto effect immediately at the
houses in multiple occupation whichcameinto effect only in june
government s anti smoking lawscameinto effect proved to be
the date that the schemecameinto effect that would cut
community action programme 2002 2006cameinto effect with an overall
and wheel verse form whichcameinto eighteenth century use via
for the same time itcameinto existence only in april
of the bill if itcameinto force and determine whether
instrument that we are discussingcameinto force at the beginning
the crofters scotland act 1993cameinto force either directly or
march 2000 and the treatycameinto force in july 2001
interception of communications act 1985cameinto force in that time
the treaty of nice whichcameinto force on 1 february
of ssi 2001 407 whichcameinto force on 1st december
on 3 april 2001 andcameinto force on 6 april
research institutes since these regulationscameinto force s1w 1099 donald
framework decision 2002 584 jhacameinto force s1w 32298 fiona
each year since the actcameinto force s1w 33699 mr
he d left her mothercameinto her room and observed
pals sing at a partycameinto his mind the jazz
good for me because icameinto it kind of f963:
contemporary of sapir s butcameinto linguistics as a mature
make of the boy whocameinto my father s shop
going on the analogy thatcameinto my head was poaching
of strange thoughts an ideacameinto my mind it might
word as english freight butcameinto older scots around the
each quarter since the prisoncameinto operation s1w 33538 michael
teacher trainers training teachers thatcameinto our place ended up
another important piece of equipmentcameinto play this was the
that point a new ministercameinto post who would receive
backshift at the call centrecameinto ralph s head aa
ship of that name whichcameinto service in june 1939
rolling programme through which paperscameinto the board and went
system for the paper thatcameinto the building david elliot
on the land they vecameinto the city in hordes
with dumbbells if the headmastercameinto the classroom in the
one point and then wecameinto the eh glasgow green
m608: mm m642: but wecameinto the final shoot and
leave me standing however youcameinto the house and stood
hunter at brownhill in auchterlesscameinto the kitchen with the
time went on certain thingscameinto the programme much later
his present common law wifecameinto the pub and tore
jesus as your saviour whocameinto this world to save
that was the thing icameinto uni like oh my
couple of months ago hecameinto work and i was
the people were of- oftencameover here illiterate into a
fight and the teacher actuallycameand got me out my
drowned out a robin yulecameand went bland as a
performance where all the peoplecamecatapulting out of the sky
asked one crept out recentlycamehis reply as if it
cold aunt mary s sweatercameout and i christened my
and all that the postmancameout and said yer bus
matters at board meetings itcameout at our previous meeting
wis wirkin and the corncameout at the bottom graded
highers in scotland sir itcameout automatically ah mm highers
again defending jesus and hecameout bright with joseph of
couple o days after itcameout but i had to
for the bill s principlescameout clearly in the consultation
the last volume the indexcameout early in 1889 23
the time the paper hadcameout everyone knew that she
ten or so his dictionarycameout f606: yeah f829: yeah
disappeared by the time icameout he arrived at the
eh he right away hecameout he says oh anybody
executive oil people the executivescameout here i was getting
s photos developed and mostcameout i can t get
the army for six yearcameout in about a couple
holib- a holiday book thatcameout in eh nineteen fifty
translator yeah i think itcameout in nineteen eighty seven
that night for even elizabethcameout in sympathy as together
current recent wave of feminismcameout in the mid sixties
year second year the magazinecameout [inhale] and there were
reflectors sun helps and itcameout just then propitiously so
intercollegiate guidelines network guideline thatcameout last year makes it
skies and then the suncameout leaves of the cherry
it s great it onlycameout like three weeks ago
the consultation process the messagecameout loud and clear that
in glasgow and who perhapscameout of a gaelic background
out face this special facecameout of a small plastic
bills the household expenses allcameout of her salary you
using a separator the milkcameout of one side and
know erm but after youcameout of primary three that
shouted at me as theycameout of school are any
sort of key points thatcameout of that big consultation
on education the information thatcameout of that debate is
so what sort of thingscameout of that did that
hear it so some goodcameout of that old carry
of the crucial points thatcameout of that study was
were the main issues thatcameout of the consultation process
read pauline mcneill perhaps itcameout of the copier that
some of the things thatcameout of the discussion that
forward because the recommendations thatcameout of the joint review
mabel hildebrand the original ideacameout of the lisbon european
of the major issues thatcameout of the local audit
whole review of the curriculumcameout of the national debate
one side and the creamcameout of the other the
did not notice until icameout of the prison that
of those young men whocameout of the sky and
if our pub- newspaper ercameout on the first of
naturally if i did whatevercameout on to the paper
sore tummy and eventually itcameout that i d been
of words which she justcameout the top of her
field an she said shecameout to me an said
do it [laugh] all thatcameout was admirality street and
stand very long then lunnycameout wi is favourite cry
stamp mmhm f638: so yecameout wi seventeen and thruppence
difficult to draw out [censored: forename]cameover to the institute at
f965: [laugh] and and outcamethe wee book you know
worked out [?]counted[/?] how itcameto be called that but
all the small world clichéscametumbling out emma fortunately has
scots in ony form thencamea dialect o english but
taken with the soup thencamea pudding of some kind
aboot in wee bunches thencamea voice that the bear
days and then the puffiescamealong and all the bankins
slave and then the bairncameand it was half joseph
ma feet then her mothercameand stuck her finger in
pressure to study peer derisioncameas no surprise then a
easter sunday would fall firstcamecandlemas then the new meen
we did and then wecamehame and opened aa that
huh m815: and then icamehere at the like the
an then ehm the radiocamei we re we re
then the cat the catcamein and a horse give
then that editor chiel hamiltoncamein and congratulated me loudly
but then th- her soncamein and he i poor
m1048: and then the copscamein and they were like
left them and then hecamein at the the six
then and this eh couplecamein the gate screamin and
by the time the bandagescameoff an then i just
of it but then thiscameon and even as a
perfume then one day progresscamerollin along an the roarin
and their offspring as firstcamesurvival and then much further
and teaching scotland and thencamethe circular the churches were
is his own account thencamethe words the thoughts all
tae her and then icamethrough here and cleaned aw
says tae [censored: forename] the kidscamethrough then ye see cause
then he and the headmastercamethrough to the little eyn
everyone had an then icameto aberdeen and the tenements
to grasp it then icameto traumatized i raised my
snows judas and then theycametoo late to stop the
m1048: [laugh] f1049: then derekcameup and went you got
and any wild fruits theycameupon then there s the
then anither anither anither ordercamewe had tae cut the
at er school and theycameand gave us a big
an i so in hecamein his school uniform but
everybody knew him and hecamein to the school and
most school children however changecameslowly british pupils at the
[laugh] m608: [laugh] f638: shecametae school on a motorbike
at [censored: placename] f638: oh shecameto a the school on
the lochaber music school whichcameto me for help with
one girl in particular whocameto school every day with
school primary and this childcameup to me and was
staff and the teachers whocamewith the children primary school
bit wetter dinner time itcamean it went along wi
of people that kind ofcameand went as well in
combatants the flock of sheepcameand went munching the lush
his feet again and hecameeh he went to the
quite like to after hecameehm he went to copenhagen
in the [inaudible] there thatcamein eh went tae geoff
till between the wars theycameon foot and they went
in ma fingers an ideacametae me ah went to
their embassy f746: mmhm f978: cameup and we all went
f641: mmhm f643: and theycameup and we went away
off ebay but they nevercamem959: oh that was ellen
the very first milk thatcameoff after calving it was
no no no f1113: itcameoff again come on you
very gently and er hecameoff and he s now
was it this bit thatcameoff f1104: yeah that bit
to roll it the handlecameoff f632: uh huh f646:
that s good f1130: itcameoff itself hey is that
[inaudible] mum my thingie scameoff my thingies keep comin
was removed the feathers alsocameoff my younger cousin and
in on the plate itcameoff right away f1049: the
keep up as the strawcameoff the roaring mill nose
many were hospitalised other europeanscameoff the rock the colour
off the prefab and wecamethrough that hole well that
happened with me was icameup off my bike because
of an age where learningcamemostly through making mistakes on
carob trees and the windcamesoughing through the almond orchards
m608: okay m1163: so icamethrough all those stages working
t go daft my risecamethrough and i received 230
the same firm and peoplecamethrough apprenticeships apprentices would start
one time a mail gigcamethrough arbuthnott it took passengers
aye certainly fan i firstcamethrough ehm it was it
must be everything inside himcamethrough her breasts she s
right i can remember icamethrough here i used to
an opinion i hope whichcamethrough in the interview but
m642: kill him and hecamethrough that and managed to
next thing was the policemancamethrough the big pend and
this produced a tail whichcamethrough the hole in the
clean and clear a sunbeamcamethrough the windae and ah
directions the children through discussioncameto realise that these instructions
vehicle like an enormous tricyclecamewhirling through the smoke its
up my doctor and hecamealong and the police and
a lot taller so theycamehalfway up his legs an
cleaning boots and originally itcamein cakes made up like
plutarch describes her arrival shecamesailing up the river cydnus
walked up a burn thatcametae a wee gorge the
told how the first ritualcameto be set up originally
come up too mmhm everybodycameto say f1112: you ca-
up to this this lassiecametowards us and split us
i fell asleep and itcametrue i woke up and
an official language hugh macdiarmidcameup against that problem and
conveyancing solicitor colleagues of minecameup against the issue time
on the bus a chapcameup and asked if i
i wasn t well derekcameup and he was like
not spoke to her shecameup and she kind of
were called [censored: surname] erm theycameup and they brought these
in their thirties or somethingcameup and they re all
and the job a jobcameup at a factory working
the consultation exercise costs alsocameup but we emphasised in
corbett yes the point thatcameup earlier was that we
sister minutes flew past stepscameup eh stairs david you
states jonsar eck yon kirkcameup for sale aboot seven
o m642: aye f643: groundcameup for sale john and
passed the car his birsecameup he dug his feet
was the scottish women thatcameup here tae fillet the
so but the reason theycameup here was cause the
it to me because icameup in a hoose wi
points on water rates reliefcameup in the debate and
further helen eadie the issuecameup in the public petitions
waitit until a good yincameup in the snips in
for convenience tackety boots thatcameup past the ankle were
raised his hand his forefingercameup probed towards the finger
the question of the infrastructurecameup repeatedly duncan mcneil and
control and the word organisedcameup repeatedly in your evidence
nail up and up wecameup the road m608: mm
was a wee bit aggressivecameup the stairs grabbed the
mesh of small bucolic veinscameup to ask where the
i would stay here andcameup to edinburgh and and
the french exchange and shecameup to me and goes
the horse s mouth hecameup to the zebra crossing
to the left as wecameup to this this lassie
rural scots and whenever wecameup to visit my grandmother
that a set of issuescameup we were able to
f1026: sexy gorgeous [laugh] hecameup wi all these not
there anything else anybody elsecameup wi that s no
o other good things ehcameup wi the drug reha-
are difficult to quantify andcameup with a figure in
hard with a vengeance evencameup with a title that
a great one that katrinacameup with as well erm
were changed the american presscameup with more corny jokes
and ask if if theycameup with mrs ower and
and made changes and wecameup with something which i
it s just like whocameup with that idea right
and this was what shecameup with the children were
do m1008: yes f1009: somebodycameup with the expression one
of staff did that personcameup with the idea that
to a scottish town shecameup with the slogan come
this is the man whocameup with the three minute
was more my mother thatcameup with the who d
memory these days and icameup with thingummy thingummyjug jig
that any relevant matters thatcameup would be discussed with
f965: where the yorkie thingcamef963: i don t know
assault where the miscreants hecamefor tried to fight their
the community and so theycamein and they said where
[long period of silence] that bit s justcameon where s your ironing
on the bank till icameto a point where the
he deein here georgie hecameby wi some nylons but
holm i would a teachercamehere an he he d
engineer or whatever and hecamehere and he and he
bj see unlike you ahcamehere inti this gym this
mrs boyter long afore youcamehere mr rowland anyway it
a travelling theatre company thatcamehere mrs boyter oh they
the next day i leftcamehere sadie so what did
hate mi lee ah vecamehere the night ti hear
lilian james you say wecamehere to destroy you well
m- my erm great grandfathercameover here probably in about
m1163: right my wife ermcameover here the day england
stroke of lightning the ideacameto me that here was
to be here until icameto university f1038: yeah f1037:
short supply here jo [censored: surname]cameupon people opening lektors mail
by bill innes but itcamein low over leys of
there and erm a gentlemancameover and he grabbed three
stealin that barrae and theycameover and searched the house
[laugh] f826: and her laughcameover as making more decibels
having a drink and [censored: forename]cameover cause he was in
f- my father s sidecameover in the early nineteen
know the layers of skincameover it disappeared but my
and my mother says yecameover me there and she
the settlers f1067: yes f606: cameover or f1067: and the
aye m1163: so anyway shecameover to a family in
this self absorption alice knightcameover to deià to see
the viceroy of sardinia whocameover to mallorca seven centuries
that accident daniel rose andcameover to my bed the
on tues eve and wecameover to pei on wed
m1163: well my grandparents yeahcameover well my my f-
january and after that firstcamecandlemas and syne e new
last week joseph the youngestcamefirst in 2 races and
cross but if a buscamefirst well he turned to
just the first one thatcametae mind f1054: that s
shaped by successive invasions firstcamethe greeks followed by phoenicians
all the branches first buskincameto an end like other
first appear ironically both mencameto be pilloried cruelly in
around the first one shecameto facing entirely the wrong
was true since i firstcameto mallorca i had noticed
their first wet kiss everyonecameto the wedding poppy holding
i think the year icameto university first everyone was
herald reviewer that she firstcameupon lawrence s fiction and
bit fit looked lek hidcameaff wan o eh northern
we found every time shecamealong the street eh carryin
henderson s lorries eh daycamefan eh enchine arrived an
m1010: ke- kerihaundit eh thatcamefrae the kerrs at fernyhurst
they built eh the americanscamein and they built a
bed and eh the doctorcamein at night and he
a super language guy ehcameon an s- he gave
bin further roond eh headcameon eh scene he threw
as soon as eh slackcameon till eh cable he
a leather coat f638: shecameto her her eh the
and eh lots o peoplecameto lerwick to work in
do it and eh hecameto the house f641: mmhm
s in anderston and theycametogether for a a eh
city and eh this groupcametogether i think maybe two
like many american linguists whocameafter him he was primarily
cuidnae hae askit davie taecamealang wi him he hud
wis scared an lonely hecamean took mi cuddled mi
transported tae whence he lastcameand atone there for the
next thing this other guycameand he comes in like
blink blink blink the mechaniccameand he shook his head
the wid a second foxcameclose by him he could
caad lombardie ithers jalouse hecamefrae france a leech wha
caad lombardie ithers jalouse hecamefrae france a leech wha
father wouldn t he nevercamehe stayed f641: mmhm f640:
was based in peebles andcamehighly recommended i think he
in practices anyway the receptionistcamein and he definitely said
i was fucked puggelt icamein and he was staunin
of her flatmates a guycamein and s- he was
was doing to all hecamein contact with so learning
hours and er this guycamein he s irish so
front of jimmy as hecamein m608: [laugh] m642: right
you who insisted that icamemr scott she acidulated he
only link with sanity hecameon duty at ten o
results bit he decidit taecameon his ain in the
somewye or ither fanever itcameon the television he used
uh huh m952: oh hecameoot wi the shakespeare an
the hole as the thochtcameower him that he didnae
running in very windy daycamerunning in and he said
wouldn t mind if shecameshe d love it he
the minister if he evercamethere was the f1144: mmhm
he said that if itcameto explaining the three persons
friend s wee brothers likecameto me he was like
pursuer s circumstances since hecameto scotland with his master
broke his crown and jillcametumbling after m1090: and he
an lo an behold ootcametwo pair o specs he
loud tae himsel as hecamewanderin doon high street in
lamp lighter and ehm hecamewith a great big long
half of the game theycamealive watching them you d
big exhibition and they theycamealong to that and did
planes m608: mmhm m194: theycameaway wi planes or or
wh- or how that wordcamebut they were always on
truck full of teenage boyscamecruising along and they whistled
d these piles f637: theycamein a big f638: o
meal it didnae metter facamein aboot they wid be
was it the m194: theycamein by train m608: uh
loganair that is why theycamein later it was the
most of what they earnedcamein the form of tick
some of the boats toocamein they were old boats
well the kids are theycamem642: [inaudible] we flitted in
aye aye m1146: but theycameon a friday because it
knee ah wish ah hadnecamethey asked me tae come
about maastricht is that theycameto agreement at 3 o
hae a hoose so theycameto bide in the fairmhoose
you know erm th- theycameto england that was the
timon in exile they onlycameto offer him help and
they m608: oh right m194: cameto st- well they were
do not know how theycameto the figure of 18
some of them and theycameto the house some of
aye m1042: ah but theycamewi their habit their buckie

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