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whether the ranking of thecandidatesinterviewed for appointment as a
1 july 1999 how manycandidateswere interviewed personally by the
1 july 1999 how manycandidateswere interviewed personally by the
back final examination scripts tocandidatessaying if you do this
the planned introduction of returningcandidatesscripts you made those points
return of scripts to thosecandidateswho are dissatisfied with their
come down to about 400candidatesare you aware of that
results for about 1 400candidatesthat proved to be wrong
been reduced to about 400candidateswere you at any stage
tuck the figure of 400candidateswould relate to only one
relates to the consideration ofcandidatesfor a post of adviser
the committee will consider potentialcandidatesfor appointment as adviser to
item 9 is consideration ofcandidatesfor the post of adviser
committee s consideration of potentialcandidatesfor the post of adviser
justice the committee will considercandidatesfor the post of adviser
fowk in scotland vote forcandidatesan the candidates that wins
related only to national qualificationscandidatesand not to candidates for
people in scotland vote forcandidatesand the candidates who win
qualifications candidates and not tocandidatesfor the other awards which
vote for candidates an thecandidatesthat wins become msps there
vote for candidates and thecandidateswho win become msps there
sqa qualifications issue certificates tocandidatesthe qualifications they accredit include
appointment from a shortlist ofcandidateswhich has been drawn up
results do not represent thecandidatespotential fairly this year most
july 1999 and how manycandidateswere offered for consideration to
july 1999 and how manycandidateswere offered to the health
the burden of assessment oncandidatesand teachers could be sufficiently
in the work load oncandidatesand teachers i am determined
point at which teachers andcandidatescannot cope with the assessment
marking of papers readable forcandidatesparents class teachers and lawyers
steel will each of thecandidatesin order please stand up
young will each of thecandidatesplease stand to identify themselves
so far include exemplars ofcandidateswork marker guidelines for seven
full breakdown of where ourcandidatesor our teaching went wrong
of scottish self respect somecandidatesqualify under all of these
applied in respect of thosecandidatesrecommended by the board to
but not exclusively looking forcandidateswho have experience in criminal
example we have found goodcandidateswith other court experience although
justice would be done tocandidatesalthough we have not received
votes received by all othercandidatesand since more than 25
august the day on whichcandidatesshould have received their certificates
load and undue pressure oncandidatesreduced although there were different
missing data affected 1 500candidatesi found out about the
dates for the registration ofcandidatesfor example were slipping even
improvement if i did manycandidatescome to mind for a
fife health board how manycandidatesdeclared a political affiliation or
of the standards expected ofcandidatesin each of the writing
not have forgotten it alreadycandidatesshould each nominate a scrutineer
we are now the higherscandidatesdread thought there has been
the grades that they thoughtcandidateswere generally capable of attaining
vacancies and we have goodcandidatesfor those posts ms macdonald
to the schools of thosecandidateswho still have concerns about
consultation paper suggested as furthercandidatesfor national park status these
2 resulted in far morecandidatestaking national exams which required
asked to suggest other possiblecandidates10 a o b the
specification b had 13 040candidatesfor its as english language
by centres to provide theircandidateswith formative feedback on how
that the order says thatcandidatescan spend only 250 on
the order of preference ofcandidatesthe meeting closed at 12
getting things right for thecandidatesheads were up in that
either that their expectations forcandidateswere not met in the
recognised in the preparation ofcandidateswhose aptitude and motivation were
awards and give feedback tocandidatesabout their progress in the
is now closed the twocandidatesand their scrutineers should now
that our recommendation was thatcandidatesshould try to get their
get about three or fourcandidatesbut it creates a knock
transparency and the return ofcandidatespapers the reviews must address
with the current crop ofcandidateswe must recognise that we
procedures for the registration ofcandidatesand notification of entries for
are a large number ofcandidatesfor advertised vacancies in the
or standard grades to presentcandidatesfor cathy jamieson the flexibility
of linguistics there are severalcandidatesfor this position the one
is also a video ofcandidatesattempting the new format of
of scottish literature are obviouscandidatesbut one could also imagine
whether its response referred tocandidatesacknowledged political affiliations as a
into the next generation ofcandidatesand that the problem is
the counting of votes willcandidatesensure that the name of
applause the following members arecandidatesin the first round of
in the decision to allowcandidatesthe use of a foreign
whole departments have stressed thatcandidateswhom they had expected to
to enable us to registercandidatesas that was the first
and mr george reid ascandidatesthere will be a short
be helpful and fair tocandidatesmr macintosh do you accept
ago we all wish thecandidatesevery success over the past
and to be fair tocandidateswe decided to review that
key stakeholders schools colleges andcandidatesand has listened and acted

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