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time yet for lookin acannaebe bothered the noo bit
it the morn dear acannaebe bothered the noo hae
tae gie it up acannaebe bothered the noo here
no ring yoursel dear acannaebe bothered the noo here
me beyond aw endurance acannaebe bothered the noo it
for a joke dear acannaebe bothered the noo oh
whitever ye re sayin acannaebe bothered the noo the
mean i i cannae icannaeactually explain it f643: no
is three front teeth hecannaebite he cannae chew aw
honest ken fine that theycannaecannae teach whit they cannae
teeth he cannae bite hecannaechew aw he eats is
um yit dimps aboot thatcannaedae it cannae tell um
i cannae do that icannaedo that f1125: [inaudible] now
you go f1126: i icannaedo that i cannae do
she cannae move f637: yecannaef638: i m attached [referring to microphone lead]
place where they cannae restcannaefind peace the punishment for
tak it again della wecannaegee the famely siller cannae
cannae gee the famely sillercannaegee um that krista krista
i i mean i icannaei cannae actually explain it
cannae sit oan thum fairiescannaemak thur rings roon thum
kettle on f640: well shecannaemove f637: ye cannae f638:
you just cannae you justcannaemove you don t know
we cannae remember anyway icannaepicture matt black comin back
gavin hutchison bugger that wecannaeremember anyway i cannae picture
yin place place where theycannaerest cannae find peace the
red toadies imps an goblinscannaesit oan thum fairies cannae
cannae cannae teach whit theycannaespeak f785: okay ehm authors
ken fine that they cannaecannaeteach whit they cannae speak
aboot that cannae dae itcannaetell um stew he d
that true madge m1010: icannaethink o i cannae think
i cannae think o icannaethink o onything else m1013:
re rubber legged you justcannaeyou just cannae move you
mind a shake bit acannaebe perfec aw the time
nicht it s jist acannaeget a minnit bit mind
shop was awright f940: icannaemind a gift shop m942:
would just ca them toolscannaemind athing s individual yer
special occasions oh me icannaemind aye certainly visitors eh
i might have been icannaemind but ehm you know
leisure an eh development icannaemind eh d d r
usually the answer is icannaemind f1001: [laugh] you re
yin somewhere else but icannaemind faur that wis erm
don t they eh icannaemind fit ehm oh lynn
s erm [tut] oh icannaemind her name it s
mermaid m1092: who that f1091: cannaemind her name m1092: who
onie bother at aw acannaemind hou monie times a
ur spilin ma knittin ahcannaemind if i m purl
tae yours jimmy an acannaemind o haein onie bother
were meant tae hit icannaemind th- that game mind
noo ehm f1142: mm f1141: cannaemind the name i know
the name for somebody youcannaemind the name of m1042:
tae be a postman ancannaemind them that s bad
git nae peace at awcannaemind when a last hid
mind s gone blank icannaethink o any f1054: no
shower curses oan us wecannaego against tradition krista pause
oan guy s ih wicannaekeep thum tied up cammy
s ootae place an icannaepit ma finger oan it
folk oan the road whacannaesort oot their ain lives
flooers gaunnie get up icannaestaun seein a wummin oan
pit oan yer skates acannaewait a m bilin het
s talking stew noh edcannaebe ed dimps stew man
frog stew steve dimps stevecannaebe frog greens to visible
mi5 dimps fuck sake wicannaejist letoany body in cammy
here dimps need ti boxcannaethink need ti box dimps
shut the fuck up dimpscannaethink need ti iron he
ed stew s in denialcannaedisclose his fear so we
pause you an fuckin societycannaeface reality stew wi need
coming noo listen dad acannaegang through aw that pain
the glorious stuff bit acannaeget oot o here noo
huv shut up by noocannaego oot fur five meenutes
mah bairny thur awa noocannaeherm yi oany mair enter
fair it isnae richt acannaenoo gie bairns a fricht
noo listen haunies now youcannaereach frae there can you
somethin sair the noo acannaetak it in that ye
flesh pot bert the butchercannaebe beat fur the wey
a singular invariable form ancannaebe modified in ony wey
t go sadie distressed icannaedae it his wey beth
wan ablow yon umbarelly hecannaesee whit wey tae go
bit whit s adae acannaesee whit wey the fowk
wrang the same wey yecannaesort your problems by passin
in years so so icannaereally speak from recent experience
we speak at hame icannaesee oniethin wrang wi that
on the boys playground icannaespeak for the girls but
it tae hell beth icannaespeak fur ye no this
scots an f785: mmhm m055: cannaespeak it theirsels i dinnae
one eh fu or ehmcannaejust think of any at
haud yer wheesht agnes yecannaeout think truth ye kin
tae make arrangements but hecannaereally i don t think
have gien that i justcannaethink f1041: i just ye
for that f1005: sleep icannaethink go to yer kip
can t even just icannaethink just now what they
chuck as well quite borincannaethink m1014: trust me tae
well cammy need ti ironcannaethink need ti iron cammy
toolbox just m999: aye icannaethink no m1000: mmhm f1053:
baby s different but icannaethink o a name for
that s ehm aye icannaethink o a richt ane
fed up annoyed s ehcannaethink o a word for
i mean even if yecannaethink o a word for
tae night but i stillcannaethink o a word just
a good yin m1004: [laugh]cannaethink o any more f1054:
sulk takin a sulk ercannaethink o any others but
well used word though icannaethink o any others except
the word stotter you knowcannaethink o anythin else f1054:
okay m1004: i i reallycannaethink o anythin for that
i couldnae actually i icannaethink o anythin off hand
either be baby or bairncannaethink o anything else i
what about attractive m1004: icannaethink o anything except a
play a game m1004: icannaethink o anything for playin
it m1010: ah i icannaethink o m1012: i ve
duffies ehm ehm shithoose icannaethink o many others m1017:
for r-r- rich actually icannaethink o ony north east
aye f1054: and if youcannaethink o something that s
go to sleep aye icannaethink of another one for
or the same george m1004: cannaethink offhand eh no if
playing that flute agnes ahcannaethink straight agnes if you
maist humble ancient race yecannaethink tae act sae meanly
a fuil gype but icannaecome wi a word that
the one time an youcannaeget a word in edgeways
be like aye sir icannaeunderstand a word o what
cause he ll need mecannaedae athoot mi ed grabs
boat now see you m1132: cannaedae it f1131: nae such
them open wide f1100: icannaedae it i canna f1099:
muckle wunner aye ken yecannaedae it ken you ve
times an aw when hecannaedae ocht aboot it an
a sup o sugar icannaedae that an i said
oot o fairy land tesscannaedae that mithir ah m
then staggers around tess hecannaedae that send us fi
name fir the feelin icannaegreet fir the workin class
ither name m1017: oh ayecannaesay an it s no
moved from there so icannaereally remember much about it
three in dunbar anyway icannaeremember anybody wi earrings f1054:
eh died earlier but icannaeremember eh ne- nen or
f643: you got again icannaeremember what they all are
that a cuckoo ah hearcannaebe a cuckoo said bethia
strang or saft s yecannaehear it deil a haet
it doon a bit ahcannaehear wha s oot there
wis a coward jilly stillcannaehear yi lee lee said
because he wis weak jillycannaehear yi lee lee whispers
ye dinnae hear now m1017: cannaehelp that [laugh] m1016: [laugh]
kin hear mi bit yicannaesee mi ok cammy yur
sea wi a mannie thatcannaerow f1054: brilliant can i
cause i just thought yecannaesay pissed [laugh] f1054: [laugh]
you re already written f1054: cannaesee it m1016: no f1054:
yi jilly your needin helpcannaeeven talk ti a lassie
awa wi ye if yecannaehelp an wha says neb
love did survive an ahcannaehelp but wonder why ah
thinkin aboot thae things yecannaehelp it i wis at
m1020: i ju- well icannaehelp it just i mean
na na neigh neigh icannaehelp you the day i
we aw huv thaim wecannaeaw gang out an stalk
people s children agnes itcannaebe far he does aw
an aw opine man yecannaebeat yer grannie at the
day an aw nicht acannaegit nae peace at aw
mornin oot ma purse yecannaehave spent it aw we
gie ye that bit yecannaecomplain jist look at ma
night laughs steve a bairncannaefrighten oanybody kin yis jist
he turned to billy wecannaejist stand here like spare
jist like his faither hecannaekeep his hands tae himsel
markin a doot the craitercannaeread jist look at whaur
ye re greetin fir itcannaebe aa that different frae
worth it after all ahcannaebelieve they make ye pay
a guid man but yecannaecarry ma burden for me
better watch out f643: yecannaeclaim m642: eh oh well
follows sadie whoa no yecannaecome behind me wi that
an answer or somethin yecannaecome up wi that s
arm another twist aargh yecannaedeny gasp that ye re
then my mother says yecannaego cause i huvnae got
tell ye ll swear acannaehae it richt a ll
ever cums seekin ye ahcannaehae ye left on ma
m tellin ye wullie monktonhacannaehaud a caunle tae this
tae heid it but yecannaeheid a gowf ba sae
a years ago an yecannaehuv nae bakers withoot flooer
oot an blackie hens yecannaejudge a singer by his
pipe band music which yecannaejust walk intae a music
wi love for ye ancannaelee ma pen dry any
forget aboot the taste yecannaelet it gang tae waste
ah ll settle if yecannaepay the fine fur a
ve just got stanes yecannaepey for it stony broke
the back green stuff yecannaeplay in the streets now
f889: they re here yecannaeput them back that s
well i mean if yecannaereally put it on f831:
look in the mirror youcannaesay bonny ye ken m1017:
come in here but wecannaetak chances he said ye
movement and ye ye justcannaetell whit s happenin in
the size ay scoatland ahcannaetell ye how hard that
sae close sae dear acannaetell ye wir pure gold
it gets sae hackit yecannaethole even tae look at
waas an fancy rules yecannaethrow that baa an chlorinated
randy andy that sexy yecannaewait for it so ye
no no m1042: oh yecannaewash fish ower much just
ye re sayin oh yecannaewear that ye look like
hidden away oot o sightcannaebe seen in a true
wasted ma heid but icannaefigure oot how it s
the road so that icannaeget oot m1098: no f1097:
prescription f1102: uh huh icannaeget oot uh f1101: come
no exactly the south pacificcannaesee many folk lyin oot
oot ma kitchen sink ahcannaestaun the smell an the
got three pots so youcannaetake a pot oot with
shut yur gub ya wankercannaetake it then git oot
tae aa thing things theycannaework oot is tae rax
through way f1144: well youcannaeget a deader end than
[laugh] f689: [laugh] i knowcannaeget enough of ma celtic
get him f1091: and toffeecannaeget him so then toffee
primary school an the kidscannaeget intae the playpark [laugh]
says it s i justcannaeget it it s against
in the back this timecannaeget mum how are you
scrotes like you an maselfcannaeget near the fuckin thing
a con trick an icannaeget tae the bottom o
like being scared m1132: [child noises]cannaeget that ain he s
that s nae f1125: mummycannaeget the tray out oops
push in f1141: eh f1142: cannaeget them to push in
push them in f1142: icannaeget them to push in
on your back why icannaeget this in cause it
to rub harder f1122: icannaeget this off [squeal] oh
you [noise from shop] f1102: mum icannaeget up on this horse
the baddies m1092: the baddiescannaeget up there f1091: mmhm
on me even now ahcannaebring the light intae ma
ma legs is sair ahcannaeeven climb the stair ah
coming out with you youcannaeeven lift the blooming thing
what was it called icannaeeven reme- er it wisnae
try readin shetland [laugh] icannaeeven understand it [laugh] cause
whit s that doc thatcannaebe richt sic havers is
passion whit angry but icannaechange it or beth s
neeps an whisky nips itcannaebeat ma fish an chips
ll catch ma daith acannaerin tae shelter as a
leave yeese tae it thencannaesettle tae ma night s
that s somebody that justcannaefind their way back [laugh]
never stops sadie but wecannaejust give up dinnae gie
know where you are youcannaestand you just lie there
train with youse but icannaetrain with youse just now
f1127: eh m1128: mam youcannaecolour in it s f1127:
bitching never changed anything youcannaefight fire with fire eh
possible m055: i [sigh] icannaesee into their heids eh
was right enough an hecannaebe on this bus cause
year in first but icannaemake it this year cause
[laugh] m999: aye god m1000: cannaeuse fat nowadays cause that
i need the big aincannaedo it f1113: wait a
beer we need but wecannaelive on beer son na
s mah brother bj ahcannaeabandon um bj an what
the r ae thing ahcannaebyde it is for ti
in the dark then ahcannaesee me cammy you still
work but i mean theycannaestop well they say they
it s a deal icannaeshak hans sae i ll
claes tae see that itcannaelast aye we laugh oor
to wear glasses m1128: theycannaesee f1127: they canna see
but he s awa runnincannaesee him fur stoor a
in the sky reek acannaesee nae reek juist you
shut your eyes so youcannaesee the subtitles it s
got back he says acannaeunderstaun some folk they see
ll forgie me bit icannaestop masel bletherin i feel
bit bi bit robby shecannaetak the chance last time
had lanes m999: oh icannaebe deein wi that there
saying oh mr robb icannaesay it provokin arousin oh
ninety again oh oh icannaestand it oh i m
snake f1113: [cough] oh mumcannaestop coughin the day [inaudible]
leave it alane agnes itcannaebe workin right carolanne look
and i look and icannaebut wonder what the two
me put it in icannaego right f1125: now look
ane i ken for hecannaehide his scent an sign
hiv tae chynge afore itcannaebe cried the same language
buchan s readers readers nouadayscannaebe expeckit tae haud wi
only gang tae waste hecannaepit it back again an
me everywhaur i gang icannaesay they re aa tae
jump agnes an if shecannaestaun up tae him wha
fir theirsels an if theycannaethey dinnae deserve tae keep
a place tae hide acannaeunnerstan thae men wha crivens
fact arguments that they theycannaereally erm ignore because you
only reached half way icannaebear it i ll have
an independent panel if itcannaecorrect illegal policy i suspect
no i do it icannaedo it you do it
i m saying and youcannaeestablish a low bdq then
sadie puts shoes down icannaefix hur feet stands nae
hivnae got yin so icannaehae an opinion aboot it
later he says granny icannaei can t read that
that one in a minutecannaemake a circl- will i
to tie it properly icannaeride a bike either laughter
[inaudible] m1016: i ca- icannaesay i i immediately thought
and she said no icannaetravel on a mini bus
i m up first icannaewalk intae a dark room
undialectical statement like that religioncannaehae existed fir thoosands o
m1128: mammy f1127: well wecannaehae nae mair or they
baker s loch an itcannaebe nae merr nur hauf
m608: uh huh m1163: theycannaego into pubs till this
m1092: uh huh f1091: shecannaeplay wi a bee can
sea wi a mannie thatcannaerow means you re stupid
sea wi a mannie thatcannaerow that s a conversation
they from grabs flowers hecannaeknow we re here in
speirt jimmy pipes naw acannaesay we hid onie noisy
buy two items and theycannaeadd it up m608: mmhm
which always provokes him theycannaehaud their pee at aa
aye aye m1002: left handedcannaework them naturally they ve
great day s here youcannaebeat your once t a
a conservative mp since hecannaebe thinkin o onythin else
might not make it hecannaedrive yit thi addition o
way o working beaumont wecannaeyaise that nooadays listen andy
mair f1104: tommy [laugh] tommycannaecome in the bed can
to inver nowhere but itcannaebe a fuckin oil rig
then he added but wecannaecry this ugsome thing a
sappy but och a rabbitcannaepurr an nor could mappie
me like a river acannaesleep a can but doze
mammy s goanie froon shecannaewash but dis she fash
th-th- the m818: aye youcannaebeat it m819: the justification
the maitter he replied acannaebe at beck an ca
he disnae show it hecannaerhyme his words is lang
s chynged that muckle itcannaebe cried pure english ony
hunder year syne that itcannaebe cried scots ony mair
be for me sadie itcannaebe for oney of us
is thi implication that itcannaebe yaised as a tool
malice bairns like we wurcannaecomprehend malice oor taught it
don t feel so patcannaehack it jill tried afore
through the room door youcannaebe other then thrilled to
yaised an thi future tensecannaebe markit bi thi addition
sing laughter an joy therecannaebe sorrow an care encompass
construct thi past tense alsocannaebe yaised an thi future
weel you know who whacannaesail mirrors for toaffee this
derogatory term for someone thatcannaewalk right or you know
the franklin s tale oucannaeeasily haud up onybody or
twa three auld yins thatcannaepair sowls an that s
daisies lift their heids acannaethole the snaw an sleet
s ate a clock andcannaepass the time rotary club
romance whatsoever for a girlcannaepush hersel in a chap
verb is a verb quhilkcannaestaun alane in a clause
the implication is that weimencannaeachieve sovereynetee binnae bi force
that true bj silence bjcannaetake this in how easy
dreich the day the crawscannaefash thirsels croupin dull today
thrills wham cliff nor corriecannaeplease at less than echty

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