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in yonder an we recanniean gentie nae dout we
men s wyfes thorfinn houcanniean gentie she wes orm
year nettle rules ok cacanniestranger l m a nettle
onie mair ah m ascanniean freinlie as a spaniel
guid leatherin ah mukkil freinliecanniecraitur it wes moula ye
the sneck on the doorcanniecannie cannie sae as it
sneck on the door canniecanniecannie sae as it widna
score ti settil malcolm cawcannielad mynd ah wes sair
the best o tymes cawcannienou freins said cormac we
to spill the tea cawcannienou that s nane o
mukkil at first juist cawcanniethat s the thing queen
frae bairnheid ye maun cawcannietho he mey ken the
hecht hiz guidwyfe ti cawcannietho thai veisitit the kirkyaird
bryde shae annuncit bot cawcanniewi r fur shae is
cokkils o his hert cawcanniewul ye pompitie ah hear
aw moula juist you cawcannieye maunna owerdae it malcolm
a swick morag mither cawcannieye war juist ti tak
on the door cannie canniecanniesae as it widna skreich
anaw an it a mukkilcanniebeiss breinger uised ti lick
horss at is a maistcanniebeiss weill kent ti the
i the sharn an thecanniebeiss wes keikin roun at
an clair duin bi acannieauld drauchtisman sae the yokin
that we ought to cacannieand think things through the
roon his lanely thocht cacanniearoon the dreich lirks o
fin smeethin the blanket cacanniegin his lug cocks for
sae ye d best cacanniehe d hae yer haun
doon wife ye maun cacanniemother exactly folk gan in
bit ye ll tae cacannienoo minnie an bide awa
ye know [laugh] kick thecanniea lovely game f1043: [laugh]
tae play m1042: kick thecanniean an things like that
m1042: that s kick thecanniewell you ve got a
it him be in acanniean weill mainnert lad but
s e wis a geycannielad niver hurriet e took
the sang see linkin thegithercanniethe canntaireachd ay weill cordit
sang in scots tae acanniewee tune usually tae suit
passage at first oot geycanniean in quick ilky day
ye ve tae steer geycanniean ye ve tae see
up fer messages then geycannieon the return in afore
ma ain puddok prince herecannieon less o the puddok
onie dug in aw scotlandcannieaunsert the draiglin hogney tak
ye wul cum ti mecannieas a dou seekin beild
watch ma fuit wul yecanniewul you watch whit ye
neil neil duguid wis acanniechiel an accoontant aathin maun
she dresses hirsell is nocannieit s no juist that
thaim again it s nocannieay said snawface it maks
takk tent an ay becanniethings brakk if they should
deerhound an he wes thatcanniethat hir dreams war never
maistres stein wes fur cawincanniewhitwey can ye wun ower
an true an aye saecanniewi his pouers the re
birl better fin helped bicanniemen there s nae a
bi the traiveller s kincanniethon hauns that cupped it
thay war wud an thecannieorraman hoocht an daunst in
hear tell that ye ircanniean kynd til aw the
clespit haunds frae aferr oorcanniehorses nicher til ither in
go noo that s itcanniean teet in the keekin
miscawed an laucht at thecannieauld butler that haed aye
an leaves gang tapsalteerie owercannieyon s the witchin hour
sands rin doon in acanniebrae tae the sea bed
workin she says that acanniea m no sure whit
if a could bit acanniea m needit at hame
bit a m afraid acannieaye there are some limits
newt luvs mo bit hecanniespit it oot the street
an swack slee an sleekitcannieane o ma thochts is
ooto his neb slaw ancanniehis slit een watchin her
aye haen a douce ancannienaitur wad ever dae sic
keep me cumpanie eilidh herecannieon ah spin whyles an
hid gaithered a stramash naecannieset in an they aa
learn him there wis acanniehaunit craftsman a bade come
maxter o tungs meld becanniedinna lose whan awthin micht
gairdens wi dancin flouers acanniesouch beirs the soun o
at wisna possible liftin itcannielike in case the teuchat
auncient staunin stane sclimmin itcanniea smaa kailworm ancient standing

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