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thingummyjig and i canny mindcannyf1024: whodyacomepoofle whodyacomepoofle that s
ve got thingummyjig and icannymind canny f1024: whodyacomepoofle whodyacomepoofle
there mr beaumont beaumont thatcannybe richt caird i canny
canny be richt caird icannycredit that andy wid dae
canny think whaur she beaumontcannyfind her you see lilian
nor hair o betty icannythink whaur she beaumont canny
a grain o swall caacanny2 land based drooshy blashy
a wee luik juist caacannyan try no tae staun
thick relatively soft oatcakes cacannybe careful caa oot to
goad s sake tam caacannywi that knife dinna worry
lilian i m dumbfoonert youcannybe serious about this lilian
tak these newfangled whigmaleeries icannybring thae curtains down lilian
by owning up beaumont youcannyexpect that lilian it s
for some ither reason icannyfathom you lilian lilian mmm
in contempt oh lilian youcannyimagine how fearsomely alane i
i dinny want this boytercannybe cancelled now they ll
to reply naturally beaumont icannydae that this evening boyter
hauling out aye no icannyno the nicht boyter i
be done mr beaumont beaumontcannybe done it has to
you re asking for whitcannybe done mr beaumont beaumont
deana dow mrs beaumont theycannybe harry can they no
mrs beaumont but james icannycredit that you ve kept
short silence beaumont listen icannyhae eyes in the back
of course not beaumont icannyi tell you i m
s at haund beaumont icannymeet wi anybody i refuse
the railway beaumont no icannyno the noo sanderson but
beaumont ach havers man youcannysee things like that i
ye think that caird icannythink o ony ither explanation
fere s john barleycorn cacannyfur he ll nirl yer
well he has to cacannyif i was sure that
was no conspicuous consumption cacannywi the butter wir ain
thomson hurries back harry icannyfind him he s awa
t they harry upstage icannyjust bring that to mind
think ey re nae aathegithercannye wye ey stan on
roon an roon ey geedcannys ye like heids peerin
teemt ye d tae becannywi aal posts for ey
ye fairly learnt tae becannywi e watter we d
yer glowrin it s nocannyye fairly pit me aff
at rowland me i reallycannycall that to mind mrs
me off on dates richardcannyeven mind my army number
you in a way icannywith ony ither body i
in e weetier piaces ecannyaastrians hid putten doon widden
ilky side o e fireplacecannyas ye like jockie drappit
ower an ower bit aafacannydoon e pick black face
e curtains i cam oncannyhaadin oot ae han fin
piece if ye wis acannyhoosewife ye d keep e
o a split post acannyknack an wi e dird
a file an lookit bitcannylad at e wis e
e road gey slow ancannynae heedin e cars an
e laid e rapes ralecannyower e shooders o e
e front o t geycannystill nae soon nae doot
she had learnt to becannyabout voices though a man
of the old town acannygoing man i used to
thrifty man not mean butcannyin the old scots way
were filled by that weecannyman o wiry build wha
it penalties unkent an adamcannyman took tent tae brak
weel they re foreigners youcannyjudge them ower sairly these
an wroucht it roun wicannyskill hingin it ower a
you re telling me itcannybe done andy wi the
procession s nearly here icannyfind hide nor hair o
day ye d better cawcannymrs eejit said because when
porridge stirrers wifies are womencannyis astute richt ill trickit
tae dae it but ahcannyah suppose it s cos
was naething stolen but icannydae that the books were
these past three month hecannyeven get oot his bed
prisoner work camp and icannyhelp myself all these memories
the twa fish kep acannypeace while wee troot listened
rest his banes whan acannywee chappin at the door
the sned bit fairmers arecannyfowk an they dinna throw
bit mindin ye re acannyscot ye ve peyed them
you missed a bit youcannysee fatso i didnae know
up his package in acannywye sayin slow bit loud
wis a maitter o drivincannyan mair sae fin ere
sae ye d better cawcanny[audience laughs] [?]nae a sense this ain[/?] erm we l-
fleg sae i m aafacannywi bees an wasps though
smithereens after the day icannyhaud on wi my life
a roe wi quate ancannywalk she was cleidit braw
coffee stain that ma macannywash oot he used to
turnt intill a shithoose pailcannyas ye like i turnt
i i m bein ascannyas i can an i
at his will his couthycannyayrshire bull an i bide
no that sir but icannybear to see ae guid
s somebody coming goodbye icannybide the noo she goes
he tuik it quate ancannybut whan i hit him
back o my heid icannycairry the responsibility for ilka
are you here if youcannyforget i dinny ken how
i m sorry betty icannyhelp saying yeuch this has
hae to be deana icannypicture daeing without you martha
now is just when icannytell that truth i need
now is it because icannythink what you want me
sir that s what icannythole i may be poor
that s just what icannythole rowland you have a
s my duty but icannyunderstand all this about duty
feathered fine and braw icannywerr them not at aw
it fur fireproofin the firecannydestroy it you mean if
ll see if the newspaperscannyput his light in a
something amazing hud happened ahcannyexplain whit it wis but
stealin is stealin and ahcannygo against his word in
t sell them individually ahcannysplit the pack a could
fearfu thocht but no itcannybe it s no possible
strum he wis aye acannyyin the badger an he
are ma best claes youcannywear red tae a funeral
words that he knew werenaecannyyou know f632: uh huh
squallachin at s tae becannyan at made im nervous
tae the proper authorities wecannymak oursels art and part
a stranger feart is afraidcannyhere is steady gentle pleasant
curers an there s buyerscannychiels there s lassies at
we pray your kind ancannylicht for aye an kinnle
my generation it isnae acannyexperience bein pit intae a
him on full stop whalescannyplay fitba jimmy stopped moving
suit as well and thatcannysmile she leaned over the
wints it raither somethin cunnincannytak s a lad that

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