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[laugh] and a couple ocanso carlsberg ah that was
[sniff] m816: half a dozencanso carlsberg export god we
do it at sixteen twocansof carlsberg please you eighteen
back wi half a dizzencanso lager an a bottle
belches as he breakfasted oncansof lager he d almost
steenhillock loadit wi full milkcansan minnie wid rin tae
cairt wis loadit wi fullcansfur the echt mile ride
like the gin and toniccansm1048: uh huh f1049: right
panasonic stereo system and authenticcansof coke and schweppes tonic
f638: big ten gallon milkcansand ye d a scoop
bottles oh it was thecanscans then f638: it wasn
creamery ye threw ten galloncansof milk intae the machine
oh it was the canscansthen f638: it wasn t
knitting bag and produces twocansof special brew agnes oh
ken whit she takes 2cansof special brew out her
hair pockmarked the floor emptycansand plastic bottles none of
can accept plastic bottles papercansso let s start off
be stored in pails ancansan basins in the milkhoose
the toon an the heavycansfrae widside kilbog an steenhillock
men playing cards empty beercanseverywhere the biggest group is
the soiled seats fag endscansof beer fish and chip
the table was filled withcansof the sponsor s beer
cars flattened out baked beancanswith scraps of label still
cam back wi teem cleancansfrae the toon the ither
delivery roon the toon thecansthey cairriet hid taps on
morning in the churchyard emptycansa girl s shoe at
he can cook dinner hecanscook dinner thi addition o
and they buy like stupidcanso things f1049: well she
auld mattha coonted the milkcansthat his fermin sons at
wad hae tae clean thecansand coont the siller an
that same night after sixcansof tennants spewing spectacularly into
measured out of jugs andcansthere was six maids at
georgie sarcastically aye but theircansget sent to the sodgers
ye mind o birlin firecanssmoke gettin in yer een
me a mukkil busche ocanso baudrons maet fur a
than that gets into themcansi can tell you thon
over ye ll put theycansright oot in the bins

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