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water started to flood thecardeck a party of four
the increasing angle of thecardeck caused the cargo secured
strength the fact that hercardeck did not extend the
victoria s design weakness thatcardeck doors must be of
by the water on thecardeck estimated initially at ten
miles north west of corsewallcardeck flooded heavy list to
quantities of water invaded thecardeck had these ships stayed
four hours with a floodedcardeck in a vicious gale
water and cargo in thecardeck in preparation for a
confined at first to thecardeck it was 1030 before
ferry s main deck thecardeck occupied only part of
military in 1949 when thecardeck of the princess victoria
was also carried on thecardeck on the 1946 victoria
of sufficient scuppers on thecardeck to clear the water
waters in both ships thecardeck was on the main
shell of the of thecarm608: [?]i bet[/?] m642: deck and
intae the boot o hiscaran took oot a plastic
friday 23 paint scaling oncarbody boot turns into a
jonsar eck wis teemin thecarboot at the back door
the ile changed o thecarboot o the car fer
d bought them in somecarboot sale and they had
programmes like the eh thecarboot sale ehm f809: uh
sale [laugh] f810: [laugh] acarboot sale i know [laugh]
selling your belongings at acarboot sale [laugh] f810: [laugh]
f810: it was like thecarboot sale programme but it
rolled intae een fin thecarboot wis opened her mood
s mum has in hercarboot you know [laugh] f810:
the car boot o thecarfer foo wi cases ere
mmhm m954: boot of thecarto trunk of the car
in touch i abandoned thecarin an underground parking place
is taking to ensure thatcarparking charges at hospitals are
justification for the introduction ofcarparking charges at st john
will he comment malcolm chisholmcarparking charges at the royal
hospitals nhs trust to introducecarparking charges at the victoria
laws or rules s1m 885carparking charges in fife hospitals
2000 fergus ewing s1m 885carparking charges in fife hospitals
mcintosh s1m 885 tricia marwickcarparking charges in fife hospitals
public transport or tolls andcarparking charges is 10 or
apply to taxi fares andcarparking charges other than parking
costs and d tolls andcarparking charges public transport means
1262 brian adam aberdeen sundaycarparking charges that the parliament
at the new guidance oncarparking charges the existing guidance
stated that a review ofcarparking charges was to be
general guidance in relation tocarparking charges which is currently
busy corner because of thiscarparking is very difficult and
what it charges patients forcarparking it charges 10 per
scotland to introduce charges forcarparking on sundays in parts
and there s not enoughcarparking spaces for everyone f1154:
held with nhs trusts regardingcarparking television or telephone charges
a big piece f1126: acara car driving f1125: mmhm
been with me in thecara passenger in that car
f1126: after that one thecarafter that one the car
a public transport b privatecarand c ministerial car s1w
cocoon by another the familycarand the car only pointed
silver car you [inaudible] silvercarawa f1101: aye f1102: cause
m865: mmhm okay u1028: [inaudible]carcar m865: i think it
car after that one thecardown the road f1125: teddy
piece f1126: a car acardriving f1125: mmhm this one
car to trunk of thecareven if the the person
aye m1098: he brak yourcarf1097: he braks my car
car here s granda scarf1097: oh so it is
m1098: want an- want anothercarf1097: you want another car
here your car here mycarf1097: your the focus on
wheels what does that saycarf1101: a r car mmhm
car the garage fixes yourcarf1102: fitt f1101: the garage
m1110: it s a redcarf1109: a white car m1110:
[inaudible] f1122: [inhale] look acarf1121: a car f1122: we
look a car f1121: acarf1122: we have to stop
the car f1126: that scarf1125: mm f1126: this is
van isn t it thecarf1126: that s car f1125:
m1098: [?]first ma,[/?] please oh yourcarfinished that s my car
f1109: oh here s acarfitt colour s that car
s the focus here yourcarhere my car f1097: your
oh here s granda scarhere s granda s car
you go here s yourcarhere s your car [toys banging about]
now the car m1092: [?]and now give me one[/?]car[inaudible] f1091: mm m1092: [inaudible]
now the car now thecar[inaudible] f1091: now the car
car [inaudible] f1091: now thecarm1092: [?]and now give me one[/?] car [inaudible] f1091:
car f1097: you want anothercarm1098: aye [exhale] f1097: right
car f1097: he braks mycarm1098: aye get him f1097:
car fitt colour s thatcarm1110: it s red f1109:
red car f1109: a whitecarm1110: this o- over here
mmhm okay u1028: [inaudible] carcarm865: i think it s
say car f1101: a rcarmmhm f1102: piggie s nearly
fast m1092: now now thecarnow the car [inaudible] f1091:
his car where s hiscaroh look there s pat
the family car and thecaronly pointed in one direction
drive there like take ourcaror rent a car so
the car park m608: thecarpark f643: mmhm m642: eh
now used to be thecarpark m608: the car park
car finished that s mycarplease oh look at the
private car and c ministerialcars1w 26355 mr murray tosh
our car or rent acarso we could f1149: mmhm
well if she gets acarsomeone else gets a car
car [toys banging about] here s yourcarthank you [inaudible] it s
the bobbies dinna fix yourcarthe garage fixes your car
car someone else gets acarthey could get together [laugh]
your car here s yourcar[toys banging about] here s your car
a car trailer just acartrailer cairriet it aw in
and i d just acartrailer just a car trailer
wait till we find hiscarwhere s his car oh
car a passenger in thatcarwould certainly have been killed
handie mum remember [inaudible] silvercaryou [inaudible] silver car awa
mcleod trish godman s1m 456carpark charges lodged on 24
was driving or using theircarand whether they had insurance
the man was driving thecarbehind as i negotiated the
situation he watched the strangecardriving carefully through the slush
f1125: teddy s driving thecarf1126: yes f1125: and it
young driving his dad scargot pulled up f963: mmhm
f1091: fa s driving thecarm1092: him f1091: what s
dogs is he driving thecarm1096: aye f1095: no m1096:
because they were driving acaror something like that erm
f965: cars what kind ofcarthey were driving f963: mmhm
can eat them in thecarwhile i m driving m1096:
see are you wanting yourcarback there you go m1098:
about me [laugh] m1098: yourcarf1097: aye m1098: he brak
crashed m1098: is that mycarf1097: aye you ve crashed
f1097: whose m1098: [censored: forename] scarf1097: [censored: forename] s m1098: aye
in australia m1098: where yourcarf1097: [cough] m1098: where your
who s that m1098: [censored: forename]carf1097: is that [censored: forename] s
f1097: [cough] m1098: where yourcarf1097: right wait till i
all around m1098: [censored: forename] scarf1097: whose m1098: [censored: forename] s
no f1097: it maks yourcargo faster m1098: please no
oh look at mum scarlook at that m1098: oh
doon that s a sportscarm1098: aye brmm that s
there look see the redcarm1098: aye f1097: mum s
f1097: is that another sportscarm1098: aye f1097: right you
a shot on the racingcarm1098: aye please you put
up you want the racingcarm1098: [cough] aye fast up
you go there s yourcarm1098: go dearie me [?]look at[/?]
you need to turn yourcarm1098: i want the pink
f1097: is that [censored: forename] scarm1098: look that was [censored: forename]
aberdeen with mam in thecarm1098: mmhm aye d- dad
smoke comin oot of yourcarm1098: oh aye so is
the man fixed mum scarm1098: oh f1097: it s
you sorted m1098: your yourcarnae work f1097: [inaudible] i
m1098: mmhm f1097: mam scars all sorted noo m1098:
your cars now look yourcars stuck m1098: i nae
m1098: right thanks f1097: [inaudible]cars stuck okay [censored: forename] go
m1098: [car noise] f1097: granda scars too big to go
f1097: right what kind ofcaryou wantin this time m1098:
brmm that s a sportscarf1097: is that another sports
at the state of yourcarf1097: vocallex desc oh aye
f1097: you had a goodcar[inaudible] it keeps pulling it
f1097: aye i bet yourcars going to be all
the pink ain give mycarslow down slow down f1097:
myself oh that s mycarthere see me f1097: right
a little return to thecarand park it about three
park empty but for onecardeterminedly spinning and sliding and
a way to park yourcargod damn why didn t
left the truck in thecarpark an followed the sign
at the gate o thecarpark an they they were
visit parkhead below now thecarpark empty but for one
floor licenced restaurant and basementcarpark entered from gibson street
doon tae the british legioncarpark er wis a roup
derelict air raid shelter anothercarpark has taken its place
on his way to thecarpark he would see the
merit it has a largecarpark in the grounds with
that used to be acarpark mmhm ye ll see
bankhead once levelled became acarpark [note: photo: 'crest left by men of the pioneer corps to record their work on the railway.'] the new embankment
tae a stop in thecarpark o a gran castle
parkin lot nummer 44 advocatescarpark parkin lot nummer 44
of a dismal multi storeycarpark tak exchequer row neist
school sidings has become acarpark the pond or loop
it ye ken faur thecarpark was gonna be an
gibson street by the largecarpark waste ground the bins
tae broon an roost thecarpark wis fer foo wi
year right that s thecarain made up look f1102:
lock naebody s doors [inaudible]carf1101: mm f1102: i ll
hearing you singing in thecarf1102: fitt f1101: what was
f1102: i ll hae theircarkey and lock them oot
on later f1102: in wircarmum i like my shoes
must be awa early thecars nae f1102: fitt fitt
be awa early cause hercars nae there f1102: how
to go back home thecars only up here f1102:
s maybe working hey hercars still here f1102: that
ambulance a breakdown truck policecarand a fire engine m1096:
and that s a brokencarand f1095: crashed m1096: it
on m1096: [?]it's a ball in there[/?] f1095: [inaudible]cardoor we have to open
happening here m1096: a brokencarf1095: aye so fitt s
it there m1096: a brokencarf1095: fitt s that ain
f1095: mmhm m1096: across hiscarf1095: mm m1096: oh no
[child noises] now that s acarf1095: mmhm m1096: [child noises] f1095:
m1096: a fi- ehm policecarf1095: no it s nae
bit o fitt m1096: [snort]carf1095: no that s a
there m1096: erm erm acarf1095: uh huh so find
your packed lunch in thecarm1096: [child noise] f1095: you had
the other bits of thecarmaybe m1096: [child noises] now that
mines f1095: aye in thecarthough [censored: forename] here m1096: wait
and that s a brokencarand that s a f1095:
has he missed painting thecara bit fitt colour s
there m1128: me a bobbycarf1127: fitt does the bobby
[child noise] f1089: fitt s thatcarm1090: [child noise] i tu- you
a torch yesterday in thecarm1128: me and fitt did
f1127: fitt does the bobbycarsay m1128: nee naw nee
goes vroom fitt does acarsay m1128: vroom f1127: ooh
fitt s this on thecarwheels that s right c
mm f1126: this is onecarah yeah f1125: watch your
gate went back to yourcarand drove it through to
i went back to yourcarand sounded the horn loud
the wrong way turn yourcararound you re gaun the
and vomit smell of yourcarbegan to make me sick
s your fire engine policecarbreakdown truck ambulance [yawn] he
your own house or yourcarbut only if it isn
till your thing com- yourcarcomes up dinna press buttons
see the state of yourcar[cough] look at the steam
of your hand m815: socarcrashes cause o that m816:
as your address to thecarhire place yes and they
tak ye back tae yourcari dinna think so lad
u1028: [inaudible] f951: [laugh] yourcaris not goin there [laugh]
f1101: the garage fixes yourcar[noise of car] no i canna get
cash don t impress youcarnor your fine degrees how
you tried excuses for yourcars age but you said
was you in your firstcarseat f1112: and we can
f1111: sound asleep in yourcarseat f1112: look oh f1111:
me you jumped into yourcarslammed the door and rattled
looked so scruffy and yourcarsmelled so foul that i
till it loads remember yourcarthe last time the state
in your lifestyle like yourcaryour house what you ate
door got out of thecarand slammed the door shut
we have to open thecardoor come here till i
had a slot the rearcardoor opened from front to
strolled till e gate acardoor slammed somewye an it
the door o the thecarone time and one dropped
garage door an got macaroot ere s at muckle
the front door revealing acarparked by the gate with
the door shut as thecartook off the driver screaming
door an back intill ecarwatchin ma feet nae tae
what f1122: can- behind acarbehind us watch out mum
mum it s a [?]shoot[/?]carf1105: stand up tall tall
mum it s a [?]shoot[/?]carf1105: tall as the eiffel
mum that s for thecarf1107: mmhm m1108: and and
my mum got a newcarf1154: oh what did she
like mum i need thecar[laugh] f1154: oh my mum
so naebody gets in mycarmum i canna lock naebody
few miles away in thecarand then m959: mmhm th-
welcome that s a fastcaraway past f1114: [inaudible] i
where she gave a freecaraway to every single member
away and there was acarcoming and i stopped and
s going away in thecardad going away in the
f1114: it s going drivincar[exhale] f1113: going away to
her holidays f1114: yes [inaudible]carf1113: she going away in
she going away in thecarf1114: no that s not
dad gone away in thecarf1114: squeeze it down f1113:
dad going away in thecarmm f1114: daddy yes f1113:
like a maniac as thecarsurged away i was able
taken 2 others in ourcarwhen coming away i was
oh the [?]carrat[/?] u1028: [inaudible]carf951: it ll be okay
u1028: [inaudible] i m goincarf951: you goin to that
noo f1101: [inaudible] into thecarget my [inaudible] on go
mean by that u1028: [inaudible]car[inaudible] m865: mmhm f951: well
her bills and run acar[laugh] [inaudible] f809: oh right
[inaudible] i want f1113: fastcarmm f1114: [exhale] f1113: what
shops there shops [inaudible] bycarright because it s m818:
wi [censored: forename] oh fa scars that f1116: hey [inaudible]
f1136: there s [censored: forename] scarsee f1135: [inaudible] oh f1136:
i ve gone oh mycarthere my [inaudible] in there
between a microphone and acaru1028: [inaudible] m865: eh have
ways anything coming f1122: nocarcoming f1121: oh careful f1122:
[inhale] oh there s acarcoming f1121: you hold on
she got killed in acarcrash f1154: oh my god
oh dear here s acarf1122: where f1121: in the
van version of a minicarf718: oh right right i
he s turned into acarhe s gone oh dear
oh it s a bluecaris it up there m1110:
glass oh colour s thatcarit s orange m1110: it
m sure he had acarm1078: so did i oh
tooting the horn of theircarm1110: yes f1109: oh i
it isn t a companycaroh and of course you
f1154: oh [censored: forename] crashed hercaronce again that s like
s it now oh thiscars aa the different colours
f1112: uh huh and thecars in there f1111: oh
into there oh no thecarwinna work if there s
and turned back to theircarafter the big man mr
in the back o thecaran it was it was
the back end o thecaran sat um on the
leak boy says wednesday 20carback but nothing has been
blinding sunlight i manoeuvred thecarback the figure was some
i got back in thecarf814: cool m811: drove back
aince they steppit inno thecarhe drave her back tae
we walked back to thecarholding hands as if we
the back seat of anothercari could see my bloodied
was bolting now near thecari turned to look back
ey went back tae thecarmair an a bittie happy
but put them in thecarput them in the back
home he drove the damagedcarround the back of the
was run over by acarsecondly she swam back stroke
the way back to hercarshe stopped again at the
soller valley at last thecarstopped juan opened the back
doric again back inno thecartho the auld weel kent
coming back they said thecarwas a write off and
an dubby seen frae acarwindae jaws gaun back an
him fin chae parkit thecarwinnie hashed back inno the
keep that one in thecar[censored: forename] i think you hide
other mini go [censored: forename] thecarm1128: the mini f1127: ken
she can jump in hercarand go here go there
f1111: i ll draw thecarhere f1112: no in the
gets knocked down by acari think because here comes
she goin to crash hercarlook here she goes f1116:
woke up wi the policecarstandin what you doin here
forcey nae sonatas skirls orcartoots here insteid a quaet
put it oot into thecarand i ll get my
if you were in thecarand you see somebody oot
should step oot ower thecarbit the fermer fa hid
fittit wis oot tae hiscarin a flash an came
to go oot in thecarin that dae ye [laugh]
comin oot o a haitcarit warms up seen enyeuch
oot i ll hae theircarkeys and lock them oot
wis aye oot sortin dacarneist mornin da cage wis
speerits ma faither drove hiscaroot tae whaur yid wis
rod flees up itae dcarsmall talk ran oot a
she wis he stoppit thecartae let her oot at
you see somebody oot thecarwindow you d maybe say
weel it turned oot thecarwis fer foo o drugs
graphic fish fleein past macara new look fer the
so we are held upcarbreaks down going home but
can hae it in thecarfann we re going to
and liv and of thecargoing out of control on
if i m in acari m going to get
pyjamas go down for thecarand take it up to
ll put it in thecarand then we ll go
the windscreen i felt thecargo momentarily out of control
a go at drivin acari crashed it [congregation laugh] so
go at drivin someone scaronce and the only time
write again pause daddy scarright i better go then
when you go in thecarso you ve to sit
we can go in thecar[?]that's[/?] hey f1089: you want
the new tyres on thecarwe re supposed to go
transport so you need acaryou go to a shopping
to engage with now thiscaraccident could this crisis be
the uptake altogether reacting tocarkeys like that and now
we were out by thecarnow and looked straight into
now but i drove thatcarof yours right round the
was plain to see thecarwas now wedge shaped the
the first time since mycaraccident contentment imbues my rented
flashes and glorious sunsets mycaraccident in the mountains several
conundrums thrown up by mycaraccident would take a long
neither drawing nor diagram mycarapproaches the steepest and most
what you doing with mycar[child noises] [humming] beep beep beep
was impossible to dispel thecarcrash entirely from my mind
you ve done to mycarf1103: wahey f1104: she said
somebody s busy intae mycarf1109: mm m1110: it s
when i m in mycari m listenin to certain
m1110: it s my bluecarmam what el- f1109: that
near the house as mycarnegotiated the steep gradient and
dinna want tae overload mycarof coorse the heaviest cabbage
my concentration off with thecarradio messaien was not for
land them eventually then mycarruns out of petrol coming
state do you think mycars gaun tae be in
of the moment as thecars heater thawed me my
again got to do mycarwhat you doing with my
scraped thick ice off mycarwindows and melted out its
tankie you said slowing thecardown to a crawl you
run down in borough rdcardrew up to let us
down the glen to thecarit didn t occur to
windows as i guided thecarround and steeply down carefully
just beside it and thecarwas down a ditch for
got to pick up thecarand then drive home f1038:
ll put them in thecarand we ll walk up
had to jump into thecarand wind up the windows
up to 55 minutes bycarat peak times there is
draa up faist ahin acarat stopped in front o
street o pitsliga fin acardrew up aside him fa
river tweed him an hiscarendit up i the waitter
be coopit up in acareven wi windaes aa open
her up inno the governesscarfin they won ootside tibby
struggle m1000: aye m1002: acargaun up a brae an
the place is deserted thecarhad played up in the
up the path frae hiscarhame frae his work on
him up in the stolencarhe cursed the weather which
law drew up in hiscarhe thanked mrs taylor for
hoose as towser passed thecarhis birse came up he
to talk about on thecarjourney so it ends up
night was rather difficult ascarlights were taped up so
up the front of thecarlooked immaculate he could even
backed up by bus tourscarparks and new housing all
the universitetskaya hotel a blackcarrammed up its behind not
out of existence by acarroaring up behind me and
for the sound of thecarstarting up it s not
all the windows of thecarsteamed up i m indifferent
red pencil to depict thecarthat had drawn up behind
f1109: that s that bluecarthat s right up the
and pick up the hirecarwhich would take us to
haul up fitehaa brae acarwis comin doon the wye
[laugh] m819: c- rates ocaraccidents you know m818: aye
crashes cause o that m816: carcrashes aye i opened the
ever hit it wi yercarjohn m608: aye m642: that
kens it s a policecarm1128: aye are they getting
population don t have acarm818: [laugh] aye well it-
m818: aye m819: it scarorientated there is no way
rops aye hed an auldcartyre hingin on them till
for a hurl in acaryou know i would aye
s scheme of things thecaraccident is almost forgotten a
a building boom valldemossa scarand bus parks new housing
and stole his dad scarand drove in it with
is it s not acarand it s nae a
i found this burnt outcarand it s well amazin
[?]outside[/?] f1109: that s acarawa by that s a
by that s a bluecarawa by that s makkin
s we spoke aboot thecarbein in the close an
victoria s design merit thatcardecks should not run uninterrupted
tae the sanatorium chae scarduntit an stottit aff ilkie
flett s boat hed acarenchiney fitted a fact he
but where s emily scarf1089: i don t know
autumn sky s in thecarf1104: yes she s not
f1114: he s lost hiscarf1113: eh f1114: he s
get- erm carrots in thecarf1113: granny s got some
f1114: he s lost hiscarf1113: wait till we find
green f1113: uh huh greencarf1114: let s see over
who s that in thecarf1136: no who s that
that s like sixteen hourscarf807: mm [laugh] f806: [laugh]
he never got a freecarf810: she s always doing
dat kind o stuff ancarf960: no dat s right
her basket doctor henderson scarhid bin an gaen an
s chittered scurries skreich ancarhorns maen in the bidet
the haugh hei drove thecarintil it s garage an
influenced by jeanette s manycarjourneys through the fissured peaty
the shapes out of thecarm1106 : it s nae a
agus [casad] m981: tha misecarmun aon rud eh s
a pyre from somebody scaror garden a plane s
if there s a acaror you know somebody with
that cause it s socarorientated and i think it
s a two minutes bycaroutside proper niddrie right but
pharmacies will benefit young affluentcarowning abc1 s at the
then i ll stop thecarright that s you easy
nice and warm and thecars and the ootside s
to put her in thecarshe s coming home from
but he s nae acarthat lorry s just for
it s nae a policecarthat other ain was a
no that s not acarthat s a suitcase what
s just three hours bycarthat s not really that
we ll be takin thecarthe day cause it s
no f1122: is it thatcarthere f1121: there s a
equipment some distance from theircarto a patient s home
we went in somebody scaruncle jim s i think
other s arms in thecarwe sat side by side
other ain was a policecarwhat s this ain if
ere s bairns in ecarwi ye it wis touch
last month s report ofcarwindscreens smashed the total for
to greenlaw in jim scarwith phem ian we have
where i recovered from thecaraccident sunset was discernible only
only ever bein in acaras a passenger i had
be only one kind ofcarmade in russia no dry
clustered round a big americancarseems to be only one
body he recognised the approachingcarthere were only two black
and you could hear acarcoming from a good distance
m [censored: surname] reported that acarcould be available and could
following year a purpose builtcarferry she also could carry
as i emerged from thecari could see a brightly
idiot i yelled inside thecarno one could hear me
of the peruvians could becarsick ironically a local woman
constraints the potential reduction incartraffic could benefit edinburgh and
sure i could lift thecarwith one hand and change
cause you could have acaryou can have this you
i hae a spleet newcaran it gaed ower ma
is it a new babycarf1103: i dinna ken f1104:
it be a new toycarf1103: i dinna ken f1104:
surely a close relation thecarin the drive looked new
the 1930s a new fordcarwould cost approximately 100 a
you haven t got acarand a bicycle doesn t
got to sit in hercarand she took me to
me civilisation got me acargot me a traffic jam
right you find more sportscarhave you got on deodorant
unless you ve got acaror want to travel a
got to sit in hercarthat was a huge excitement
you canna sit in thecaryou ve got to sit
none of them own acar[inhale] m819: right so m818:
it last night in thecaryou did smell right all
as jonsar wis teemin thecaras the twa o em
da lane an inta acarder wis nae messin wi
helpit ma grannie ooto thecarfur she wis hippit wi
niver spak jist pat ecarin leave em be wis
wak ere wis a auldcarparked ootside alexander holmes hoose
it frae his pooch hiscarwis brukken doon the lecky
the canvas hood o thecarwis doon it the tyme
yairds o t the governesscarwis doon on the main
fowk grudgin fuel for acarwis like a lad haein
and yellow for the rentedcara ford fiesta all the
ma forefowk an parked thecara heich spare chiel strade
a twig by a quickcara punch bag thudded onto
income a comfortable house acara wife and the eighth
well having recovered from acaraccident there several years before
optic cable or in acaradvertisement a digital engine management
the area to have acarall the early cars had
a fine a fine bigcaran a fine big hoose
o the veggies took hiscaran did a shuttle service
hei hed ae rolls roycecaran gin a mynd richt
fordoun she used a convertedcarand collected the milk from
sit in a in acarand eh we thought that
windows and you started thecarand found we had a
i asked you started thecarand made a lot of
the beetle into a parkedcarand needed to be reassured
a licence to drive acarand once you did you
by the nursing association acarand petrol allowance was provided
not have access to acarand play a role in
the the vicar had acarand the farmer and that
because everybody gets into acarand travels at 55 miles
slithering around the harbour acarappeared need a lift home
mirror he seen a bobbiescarblue licht flashin an heid
road map reference 087599 acarcan be pulled off the
like a check on thecarcause maybe the brakes failed
about you there by thecarcoinciding with a sexual climax
course didn t have acardidn t have a telephone
she changes her sark thecardidnae need a driver really
d- you you drive acardon t you and i
for a hurl in acardon t you [laugh] f1143:
dried riverbed a little policecardrove along the path slowed
missed a bit o thecareh has he missed painting
etch a sketch for thecareh how does that sound
a variant of the minicarf1077: there were more department
that then m1092: that racingcarf1091: a what a racing
for a run in thecarfit div you think the
a kiss and left thecarfor the phone box as
there because gordon had acargordon [censored: surname] i m sure
suddenly when he sees acarhe hasn t seen before
to evolve into a fordcarhe was quite specific about
richt enyeuch bit deid acarhid likely knackit it on
nicht sky in a flichtcarhis repon tae his grandson
rainfall 8 16 mony acarhis slipped ower the dyke
n e sides o ecari d a spaad in
doesn t actually have acarin london anyway but yeah
throw you under a fcarin the mouth of roseanne
not however ownership of acaris a necessity for a
fur a wikken veesit thecarjittered tae a stop in
was women skreeve was acar[?]keer[/?] was a house highers
though you already had acarlicence [note: photo: 'nellie riddoch in a car with the top down in 1925.'] [note: photo: 'william adams sen., montgoldrum with a willis overland in 1924.'] [note: photo: 'family day out in 1927.'] [note: photo: 'another example of an early vehicle showing the spare petrol can on the running board.']
f1091: a what a racingcarmm m1092: mmhm f1091: and
if someone who has acarnecessarily has a better income
michty he cood read acarnumber plate at sixty yards
we didn t have acarof course didn t have
to sit properly in acaror the bobbies ll come
for someone from another areacarownership is a crude and
people without access to acarparticularly the elderly and urges
people without access to acarparticularly the elderly and urges
as since for parce quecarpuisque they can create a
moment with like a sharecarshare f1037: yeah f1038: thing
bus edged into a parkedcarshattering its windscreen we reached
son was killed in acarsmash abruptly the man stood
i d been in acarsmash and not a nuclear
in a boulder fall thecarsomersaulted the roof hit the
street for seagull uplift acarsquats in a lane on
in e shape o acarstartin hannle wi twa revolvin
to sing a song yellowcartae bellahouston ye know tae
the 1930s he used acarthat opened out at the
myself last night in acarthat wouldn t pass an
corner the telly sells macarthe ane a dinna hae
a wird while in thecarthe driver chiel newsed constantly
of a ominous looking policecarthe men started involuntarily but
m1078: well like a minicarthere was a van a
getting out and in thecarthere was often a spare
all get hold of acarto take us on a
shudder and heave as thecartook the kerb a moment
cairriet it aw in acartrailer it was smaller than
i wasn t in acaruntil i was about seven
reason i was in acarwas because i was a
onto the road and acarwas coming for him m804:
a quadrophonic job and thecarwas filled with a stones
[note: photo: 'george blease with his father's grey rover car in 1950.'] the cost of acarwas relatively high in comparison
the side o the governesscarwatchin a branch trail its
the river like a burstcarwheel neat laces tied in
for anyone to have acarwhen they did start to
owned a 20 year oldcarwhich she fixed herself she
a tattie in there thecarwinna work eh f1116: i
their tears taste salt acarwith its lights punched out
and needed to use thecarwith the pink petrol a
off in their open sportscarwithout a backward glance their
d hae his ain flichtcaran wad gae daffin in
man reached further inside thecarand moved his arm round
ae day whan drivin hiscaranenst the river tweed him
said noo noo towser thatcarhis naething tae dee wi
to his shiny macho sportscarjoe him again he d
as he was garaging hiscarlate one evening it was
eat his piece i hiscartae hain his expenses hei
cam tae huntly in hiscarthe gordon and the farquharson
freezing to death in hiscaryou know it was twat
so was it just hercarthat was f1155: mmhm but
we ll jump in thecarand that ll be us
ga- you put in thecarf1111: i ll draw the
you ll be using thecarmore than i will you
side where we keep thecarokay well done f1112: you
[cough] f823: sure o ca-carparks or where they are
transport of china etc fromcarinto hall miss n [censored: surname]
did you see yon auldcaralexander holmes says towser wisnae
and joined you in thecarand you drove on again
you to ban the privatecarfrom our city centres and
to line curtains bicycle andcarlights you had to have
the mini f1127: ken thecarlike this farr did you
in public get in thecarnoo matty you tee minnie
at ballyhillock you parked thecaron the level patch of
you jumped out of thecarswung on the pack and
you all chose in thecarwhat kind of path did
is having trouble starting hercarand alasdair morrison has been
she didn t get hercarcause it wasn t ready
usurp her the little blackcarhad purred its smooth shiny
was charged and convicted ofcartheft donna her daughter was
macdonald peered unhappily through thecarwindow what if her parents
cat it jist hatit ecaran kent fine if ye
tin rows for leavin ecaran walkin stracht throwe em
in i d putten ecarintill e garage earlier on
o diggin tae get ecarintill e mou o e
was vaguely aware that thecarhad parked by the river
i still had the hirecarhe was not on the
forgotten the name of thecarhire firm and had no
maybe had something in theircarthat they shouldn t have
there weren t the fe-carferries hadn t started and
paint out rust spots undercarfine game on t v
listens to capercailzie in thecari don t hear any
didn t lie in thecarlike suffer or anything but
and i jumped out thecarand eh she said to
we the the burnt outcarand the f1049: uh huh
really get out of thecarbut the scenery was really
was fit to drive thecarand i came home as
i knew that but thecarbehind me was pushing pushing
when i was in thecarin the ta- [mouth noises] f1089:
and put it in thecarthe excuse if stopped was
allowance was provided and thecarwas serviced in bervie and
meet it and this secondcarwas trailing two militiamen who
she might be in thecaran aa unless er she
finishes well ahead of mecarkeys she says to me
reid she willnae stop furcarnor man she willnae prigg
the that there were nocarferries like they have nooadays
huh well there is bigcarparks in the centre o
refused tae wak past thecaralexander holmes gaed the lead
tae breenge richt ooto thecaran droon the hale o
tae step doon ooto thecaran takk the wee pathie
ower tae helensfield wi thecarand the trailer and liftin
sair made tae see thecarfin the doctor advised jonsar
hitched tae the black springycarstampin an snocherin an tossin
know tae tae that yellowcartae bellahouston ye know an
instamatic check oil water cleancaradditional press type get razor
27 get another generator forcarat watsons price 2 inspect
issue of one person onecarf1038: yeah they should f1037:
be slowing one second thecarlooked to be tearing past
short afternoon runs in thecarone to longniddry we can
the one actually controlling thecarpretty efficiently at seventy or
have we watched in thecarremember we stopped one day
fur as aabody in thecaragreed ye couldna hae gotten
alright m816: jump in thecaran drive doon to barassie
we cood be in thecaran on oor wye fin
about an hour in thecarand every single day i
getting lifts everywhere in thecarand f978: yes yes yes
pronounce r in words likecarand guard this piece of
as the passengers from thecarboth dressed like me in
change brushes wheel refit incarbrush 10 15pm phew wednesday
saturday 21 we sleep incarcoll bed but rest is
soul dinna spencer killed incarcrash on the 31st first
at leeches burn the bobbiescardrew in richt ahin him
to take in in thecarf1122: what f1121: that would
five hundred times in thecarf812: i do that with
been the first purpose builtcarferry to operate in british
built roll on roll offcarferry to operate in british
two hour wait in thecarfor them to come then
when we re in thecari put some music on
walked too far tuesday 10carin for anti freeze addition
ye leave it in thecarm1128: child noise [playing with the microphone] f1127:
then work in garden cleancarmonday 15 hat night we
dresses getting made etc checkcaroffside rear wheel low in
yer da baith in thecarquo mither soorly an sae
dashed weel stervin in thiscarsae it is bit noo
passengers and people in thecarthat would criticise rather than
takes us to chester incarwe walk around everyone delighted
live in households with nocarwhereas the corresponding figure for
jonsar eck sittin in thecarwinnerin foo lang wul it
tonight meet me with thecarof course of course but
twenty two miles as thecartravels m1055: and tell me
louis and liv at thecarhire place we d be
justifications for having an oldcari d have demanded to
let us cross zebra othercarnipped around him nearly run
tale fur him an thecarslawed doon again thon bi
i made them drive bycarall the way from lahore
english may i use thecaralthouch gie little recent research
he cood set intae thecaran it wid tak the
the ingine steppit ooto thecaran telt the lassie aside
off the bottom of thecarand it looked as if
stopped the engine left thecarand went to the gate
of the word such ascaras mutschmann noted the usual
again as he pushed thecarbeyond the ton with an
shelts an even the antrincarcam fleein doon fitehaa brae
wi the reyns bit thecarcareered inno the richt flank
to the wee burglaries tocardamage and to other such
mm f1115: red on thecarf1116: no orange f1115: orange
really easier than takin thecarf606: yeah f823: ehm because
dog that has caught thecarf965: [laugh] end of story
blotted the history of moderncarferries need never have happened
ere swarmin roon the auldcarhazel asks alexander holmes fit
jonsar eck went past thecarhe noticed it hid been
spcb the actual cost ofcarhire and associated petrol costs
the rug o the clammycarits windaes rinnin wi steam
really ey were sure thecarkent far ey were gaun
the wheels o the governesscarleavin sheeny tracks o ice
then light apart from thecarlights the moon and the
the yellow bonnet of thecarover the dashboard and around
the a7 some housing andcarparks built on the land
rolls i the touer hotelcarperk i hawick bot isteid
left yid liggin i thecarsae at hei micht hae
the hostal es port thecarstarted laudate domine the second
mental health the samaritans hospitalcarsystem which provides elderly and
parliament to display on theircarthe sunday post sticker say
effected without fuss by policecarthe two policemen who escorted
golden pharoahs donkeys the peasantscarthis luxor of modern egypt
with the rush of thecarthrough the night i began
step that ran along thecarunder the bottom of the
boots shorts haversack sunhat thecarwent towards the bend as
wisnae affa pleased wi yoncarhe growled snarled an jist
proper enchines chist wee austincarenchines fitted wi aal menner
bobby to come to wircarto fix it f1101: [laugh]
are smelly and dangerous thiscaris shaped and varnished like
aberdour for mass then cleancarbath friday 2 preparing for
by very nice english speakingcarattendant and our bags of
children travelling to school bycarmake education for life recruit
an alternative to travelling bycars1w 32354 mr mike rumbles
friday 4 to aberdeen bycarwith catherine cath mary no
on this road cause ofcaraccidents an stuff and that
would be drawn from existingcarand bus users journey time
health visitor and community nursecartravel for text of motion
to trace smell of petrolcarnot finished no sign of
midnight good singing monday 25cardripping with petrol have to
rowtin herts near spean bridgecarnoise competes with roaring stags
off rain on off cleancarto kdy with mrs mc
da wye hame i dacardespite da cage shö kent
an gearbox intilt frae anithercaran made eet intil ae
crowd sunday 24 to edinburghcarbehaves well to tommy kates
more short walks needed lesscarbowling hat night triples we
need for transverse bulkheads oncardecks to prevent catastrophic flooding
7 30pm tuesday 28 tridentcarnot ready evening friday 31
r c church duncan bumpscaron return boys pass cooks
is required some sources usecarownership as an indicator of
definition not buildings such ascarparks footpaths street lighting roads
mi f982: ciamar m981: fàscarsean airson an obair tha
afternoon not fit to takecarto edinburgh but caroline goes

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