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transport and libraries the accordcardcollapses into one all the
based on the aberdeen accordcardhow far down the road
piloted in aberdeen the accordcardis a smart card that
project builds on the accordcardscheme which has been piloted
accord card is a smartcardthat is similar to a
bit about aberdeen s accordcardto make the best use
only to develop the accordcardwhich is based on the
described a citizen s smartcardin scotland which local authorities
of a citizen s smartcardthe card will initially be
be subsumed into the smartcardthe convener we are probably
with 32 flavours of smartcardwe therefore promoted a single
citizen s smart card thecardwill initially be used for
2006 a scottish electronic citizencardavailable to all citizens i
is the scottish electronic citizencardwhat is that and what
regard to the young scotcardalan fraser i mentioned proof
as a proof of agecardalasdair morgan if the card
identification a proof of agecardand it gives access to
s1m 219 proof of agecardscheme lodged on 25 october
phil gallie proof of agecardscheme that the parliament commends
up the proof of agecardscheme which addresses in a
involved in the young scotcardare from a range of
of the established young scotcardfor young people which acts
the young scot dialogue youthcardpilot to restrict the ease
and carry a young scotcardsome young people want to
able to get using thecardalan fraser the card is
youth card will the samecardcontinue to be of use
card alasdair morgan if thecardis being used to deliver
the card alan fraser thecardis the tip of the
card that s a nicecardisn t it f1112: i
f1111: that s a littlecardthat s a nice card
not intended as an identitycardthe card would be voluntary
a person has a youthcardwill the same card continue
as an identity card thecardwould be voluntary it would
be seen as an identitycardand will not be harassed
cards everybody had an identitycardand you were expected to
would be almost an identitycardfor adults you talked about
other than a compulsory identitycardthat will be especially important
old who used an electroniccardas identification to enter a
creation of a scottish electroniccardwill you base that service
m1094: it s a secretcardf1093: is it a secret
secret f1093: a secret christmascard[laugh] oh you re a
f1093: is it a secretcardm1094: [inaudible] it s a
f1093: is that my christmascardm1094: it s a secret
six months later the birthdaycardand letter have gone together
coming weekend send off birthdaycardflowers also 28 25 tuesday
baby has received a birthdaycardfrom the nurse every year
thanks for the letters birthdaycardi ve received quite a
it may contain a birthdaycardthe other is brown and
obviously personal or a birthdaycardwhich the person has not
fraser said rightly that thecardis based on the aberdeen
such as the dialogue youthcardthat alan fraser mentioned which
to send her a christmascarddon t worry about the
joint i got a christmascardfrom miss calder s sister
ll send her a christmascardi m going to get
you ve got a christmascardin the hoose and aa
resemble a gigantic victorian greetingscardits own christmas tree chittering
is that your first christmascardm1094: mm yeah f1093: mmhm
every other msp a christmascardover 16 000 cards would
thank yous from 2 christmascardrecipients and the president and
brian fitzpatrick s1m 3733 christmascardrecycling lodged on 20 december
rhoda grant s1m 3733 christmascardrecycling lodged on 20 december
s1m 3733 robin harper christmascardrecycling that the parliament notes
ribbon a particularly pretty christmascardshe had kept and all
and this is your christmascardthat you made for me
margaret s john s christmascardtoo i hope he s
that s a nice christmascardyou ve got eh m1094:
whatever is to use thecardalthough the cards are voluntary
library book without a librarycardi presume that library cards
on production of such acardthe difference between the cards
information on a uniform citizenscardacross scotland will when presented
been done on the citizenscardin dundee all local authorities
all citizens would have acardor would even be able
is working on a citizenscardwe want to ensure that
sector rationale for a citizenscardwhich is more about enabling
services and as a librarycardalthough other services can be
3932 david mundell post officecardaccounts for text of motion
sheridan s1m 3932 post officecardaccounts lodged on 20 february
white s1m 3932 post officecardaccounts lodged on 20 february
3932 david mundell post officecardaccounts that the parliament believes
the importance of post officecardaccounts to the future financial
customers opening a post officecardaccount notes the importance of
so through a post officecardaccount opened at the counter
available including a post officecardaccount supports the national federation
year after sending a postcardfirst to say they were
flies we got your postcardfrom skye hope you both
died he sent a postcardto his sister saying he
in glasgow in a postcardto his wife from glasgow
to send them even onecardand i ve got twa
send me a valentine scardand i was disappointed alex
on the use of thecardsuch as the dialogue youth
expect is as a youthcardwe are building on the
i mean a nice longcardgame but it usually ends
trying to work out acardgame for strip jack naked
silly and sensible sentences thiscardgame provides a lively alternative
strip jack is also acardgame strip jack naked so
for strip jack naked acardgame that s danish that
in office labour s reportcardis appalling police numbers are
be provided by using thecardbut there appears to be
by using her forte goldcardin payment for the dinner
the instructions on a largecardusing this jointly constructed text
about the scheme not beingcarddriven but being back of
a benefit in having acardscheme they also realise that
you made me a nicecarddidn t you f1118: [inaudible]
we plan to make thecardavailable on a voluntary basis
is important that such acardis voluntary which is why
turned over and one conjunctioncardand everyone has to use
do not understand because acardis needed to use it
people want to have acardthat they can use as
they do not use acardthey will be denied services
available to the customer thecardis not the driver as
and national services through onecardwhich is an important development
is it intended that thecardwill cover central government services
pilot and support such acardand i hope that we
such as a banker scardbus pass or anything else
that if someone carries acardsuch as a banker s
for not carrying such acardthe first minister i am
be benefits to such acardwhich the first minister has
that consultation such an entitlementcardwould impact on some devolved
1692 show racism the redcardlodged on 23 february 2001
to go take over acardand a present for her
turned over and one conjunctioncardand everyone has to make
other stuff holes punched incardglasnost sprayed over back issues
extend those sentences one sentencecardis turned over and one
with me etc one sentencecardis turned over and one
british government played the orangecardand used the the orange
are you thinking about thecardbeing used in the first
he suggests and the entitlementcardthat is being suggested for
you a mother s daycardf1117: you made me a
made a right neat weecardfor ma daddy wi a
aye and that s mycardi made for you f1121:
made of folded and sellotapedcardone element to each block
the purpose of any entitlementcardwould be made clear and
on the systems behind thecardand the extent to which
is similar to a bankcardbut which instead of a
and salvador left a callingcardwith the librarian which bore
give every artist a debitcardwith which they could withdraw
information will go into thecardthe first minister the home
in the first instance thecardwill be a means of
there was only one plasticcardin the bag a bank
not to have one menucardnotelet the feeling was that
we get feedback on thecardone benefit that is put
information be held on onecardthat will allow people local
and equally accessibly will thecardbe anything other than a
f1139: will we stick hercardon f1140: mmhm f1139: the
he will not bring acardor a teddy dressed in
up of the menu greetingscardthere will be 2200 400
discounts are offered the individualcarduser will benefit personally mr
the only place where thecardwill be scrutinised this is
that people who have acardwill receive a selective discount
a visiting tradesman for hiscardbefore letting him through the
lighter the colour of thecardshowin through so it looked
[censored: forename] go show me thatcarda minute till i see
be able to get acardalasdair morgan is there any
several years i got acardand another photo from the
lifted a pet s callingcardand followed the owner home
a like a fair tradecardand i was in there
mind you it s acardbetter een than neen i
white envelope obviously containing acardbut makes no attempt to
of a gas or electricitycardcan be taken for payment
an irish catholic was acardcarrying member of the communist
just writing a mothers daycardcause eh oh it was
there was a get wellcardcirculating for members to sign
if they cannot lay acarddown that continues a possible
on tuesday there was acardfor members to sign secretary
since then i had acardfrom mrs biggart in galston
frances uncle nelson and acardfrom the [censored: surname] in stranraer
got a snowman on yourcardhaven t you was that
an gied kelvin a reedcardhe wis sent aff bit
all these f1122: oh acardlet s see what s
couldn t find a matecardm944: it took ages finding
a st patrick s daycardmarch 17 it s really
going to write them acardor something but she didn
who feeds him is storecardplastic he s a football
to us is that thecardrepresents the concept of a
cherry shuffles its leaves acardsharp ace far away in
on a large sheet ofcardshe discussed and noted the
the envelope and removes acardshe glances with a sour
well here s a phonecardshe jotted down u r
is busy fetching a foldingcardtable and a couple of
be issued with a bankcardto allow them to withdraw
they gave her a weecardwith a coloured flower at
in the bag a bankcardwith the name ms h
27 wednesday to pics thecardat the rio we get
to the feedback on thecardthat we get from local
why we are piloting thecardwith local authorities that wish
would make is that thecardis not intended as an
when we run out ocardso attractive would you ehm
would be between the entitlementcardthat he suggests and the
number of applications for thecardand the intention is to
s softly tapping his callingcardis elegant mourning text hiss
mealie jimmies ganzie cheque orcardor cash ma dowp is
t arrived so far thecardyou forwarded to me is
to pick up an extracardfrom the remaining pack the
topic whist rummy these arecardgames based on sentences from
write from [censored: forename] on thecardthere f1140: i canna write
be forced to carry anycardthat might be seen as
the easter mother s daycardmum it was carole wrote
boxing day contd see lastcardtoday we toured some shopping
london on standards for thecardand the infrastructure required to
messenger cailleach old woman cairdcardcairrie on behaviour caller fresh
the sentence printed on thecardeach cheat word however must
their completed sentences on thecardfor checking words into phrases
dead chuffed he pit thecardon the bedside table and
up soon she sets thecardup on the table aye
i m afraid your zonecarddoesn t cover this zone
don t take my budgetcardout and just spend all
fitt it says m1096: whatcardf1095: we ll see [cough]
readings thanks for the snoopycardand news al i look
authorities want to develop thecardfor that purpose in the
thanks for the tetanus remindercardi went up to the
us up for the discountcardthing f1049: no m1048: i
round hoover up their castingscardit spin it and before
he was pleased with hiscardand present and of course
a5 backed with dark colouredcardspeak loudly slowly and expressively
rummy type or whist typecardgames to create meaningful grammatical
tell them i appreciate thecardand i m sorry i
strange beetle to an exhibitcard[audience laughter] let the object of
grinned nodded and grabbed thecardit was the sort of
i very much liked thecardm944: oh yeah i forgot
an showed jake the reedcardnoo jake monie wis haein
you re just ruining thecardright i ll write then
you cut rounds of thincardthe same size and cut
wound round the border ofcarduntil the hole was filled
their chimney roosts statue thecardwas quite specific private viewing
avoid having 32 flavours ofcardwhen we review the projects
fondue [note: photo here of 'felted seamless smucks by wilma cluness.'] children learned tocardwool sew felt jewellery form
included my g u registrationcardan impressive document i m

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