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c fillmore the case forcase1968 all this still being
stick coort case efter coortcaseaboot stuff an when it
had made a prima faciecasealthough the case was rejected
case for [censored: forename] only incaseand will you show [censored: forename]
fact that a case bycaseapproach would be used the
made on a case bycasebasis there is a requirement
to the fact that acaseby case approach would be
should be made on acaseby case basis there is
each situation must be examinedcaseby case which is what
case instead of the catholiccase[click] [inhale] his ideology is
fightin ower every stick coortcaseefter coort case aboot stuff
chomsky charles c fillmore thecasefor case 1968 all this
spare pair of pyjamas incasefor [censored: forename] only in case
case or b full businesscasefor the private build private
out obviously in case incasehe ever comes across m816:
a mechanism exists in thiscaseif that is the case
case that would be thecaseif what was being asked
this bit out obviously incasein case he ever comes
o five o clock incasein case their name wasn
history basically putting the protestantcaseinstead of the catholic case
with that case where thecaseis being investigated or prosecuted
ma case maister lauder yercaseis done maister mitchel whit
i want them for macasemaister lauder yer case is
publish the a outline businesscaseor b full business case
no that is not thecasethat would be the case
o clock in case incasetheir name wasn t in
in case they come incasethey come for ma blood
the golf course was incasethey come in case they
perhaps in in in thatcaseunlike the case wi gaelic
prima facie case although thecasewas rejected for timing reasons
case if that is thecasewe can support murray tosh
should stop dealing with thatcasewhere the case is being
must be examined case bycasewhich is what has happened
in that case unlike thecasewi gaelic it would be
position is on the recentcaseat dumfries sheriff court that
power of court to adjourncasebefore sentence of the 1995
go free from this courtcasedismissed legal technicality i cuid
current court running costs percasefor the edinburgh duns haddington
in that time a courtcasehas not been needed as
the outcome of a courtcasein england which said that
court of justiciary heard acasein which the court considered
have expressed mr quinan ifcaselaw in the european court
finnie says in his lettercaselaw in the european court
ties in with the courtcaselet us be clear it
they deal for example withcasemarking court work in the
sharp had lost a courtcasemontgomerie was the senior poet
in court the only successfulcasethat i know of involved
sheriff court which heard acasethat went to appeal i
a sheriff court in thiscasethe matter was dealt with
some time for a courtcaseto come up in order
would seriously consider taking acaseto court to make an
court is dealing with acaseunless there was some particular
resource equalisation and in eachcasea what the funding was
completion date is in eachcaseand what the i original
disbursed broken down in eachcaseby each local authority in
the timescale is in eachcasefor a return of tenders
indicative timescale is in eachcasefor issuing and return of
would have been in eachcasehad there been no such
this year indicating in eachcasein both numerical and percentage
regarding agricultural holdings in eachcasein each year since the
duty in each and everycaseirrespective of whether the surveillance
duty in each and everycaseirrespective of whether the surveillance
of arbitrary figures as eachcasemight result in a different
to the client in eachcaseof failure by contractors to
sheridan because we review eachcaseon its merits this afternoon
by parliamentary constituency in eachcases1w 12255 mr jamie stone
of successful applications in eachcases1w 15027 richard lochhead to
of successful applications in eachcases1w 15028 tavish scott to
health board area in eachcases1w 15035 richard lochhead to
health board area in eachcases1w 15074 mr brian monteith
since vesting date in eachcases1w 15143 mr brian monteith
requested was given in eachcases1w 16815 lord james douglas
staff inmates ratio in eachcases1w 17724 richard lochhead to
of new inmates in eachcases1w 17729 richard lochhead to
and the project in eachcases1w 18250 donald gorrie to
contractors costs were in eachcases1w 19438 miss annabel goldie
taken by sepa in eachcases1w 1945 mr kenny macaskill
much was allocated in eachcases1w 28462 fiona mcleod to
scottish enterprise were in eachcases1w 28471 mr john mcallion
of such posts in eachcases1w 28497 richard lochhead to
has been vacant in eachcases1w 28568 richard lochhead to
unauthorised item was in eachcases1w 31092 roseanna cunningham to
inclusive of vat in eachcases1w 31865 stewart stevenson to
extra costs incurred in eachcases1w 33534 fergus ewing to
much was involved in eachcases1w 34330 andrew wilson to
for its position in eachcases1w 34954 andrew wilson to
for its position in eachcases1w 34955 andrew wilson to
commercial basis specifying in eachcasethe names of the individuals
to fcam whether in eachcasethe scottish parliamentary corporate body
holyrood project indicating in eachcasethe successful tenderer and the
holyrood project indicating in eachcasethe timescale for return of
treatment of time in eachcaseuniquely different and appropriate to
feart tae gang oot incasewe meet each ither an
such equipment and in eachcasewhat the nearest location to
of completion is in eachcasewhere any contract has been
operators showing for each suchcasewhether a no charges were
july 1999 specifying in eachcasewhether the person currently remains
since 1996 and in eachcasewhich organisation made the appeal
local inquiries and in eachcasewhich organisation was the employing
much is outstanding in eachcasewhilst the validation process continues
what date and in eachcasewhy any proposals were discontinued
also explained that as eachcasewill vary it would not
minister the executive outlined itscaseyesterday in each constituency there
being taken to bring acaseagainst any persons who may
gallie that may be thecaseand i have no doubt
that that may be thecasebecause unlike the residents of
that may indeed be thecasebut there are proprietors on
as there may be acasefor amending standing orders the
reality there may be acasefor an independent commission similar
partnership there may be acasefor an independently funded voluntary
may have to wait forcaselaw to determine what constitutes
english as was once thecasemany may still see the
15 16 or as thecasemay be 18 above and
15 17 or as thecasemay be 18 above mr
15 17 or as thecasemay be 18 above mr
15 16 or as thecasemay be 18 mr andy
15 16 or as thecasemay be 18 section 25a
15 16 or as thecasemay be 18 section 9
a wish or as thecasemay be a capacity to
a wish or as thecasemay be a capacity to
police board or as thecasemay be a joint fire
rights are or as thecasemay be are not exercisable
death or not as thecasemay be daniel eyed me
next ordinary or as thecasemay be extraordinary general election
next ordinary or as thecasemay be extraordinary general election
police authority or as thecasemay be fire authority or
for it or as thecasemay be him mr jim
the date or as thecasemay be latest date specified
the later or as thecasemay be latest expiring of
the later or as thecasemay be latest expiring of
or a salmon as thecasemay be on your ground
the body or as thecasemay be one of its
motor cycle or as thecasemay be pedal cycle mileage
motor cycle or as thecasemay be pedal cycle mileage
is inserted or as thecasemay be performance 6 in
is inserted or as thecasemay be performing and ii
is inserted or as thecasemay be performing b for
supply property or as thecasemay be provide a service
supply property or as thecasemay be provide a service
1993 and or as thecasemay be scotland are repealed
require or enable as thecasemay be scottish ministers to
the particular authority as thecasemay be shall have regard
or the authority as thecasemay be shall have regard
the commissioners or as thecasemay be that other person
benefited property or as thecasemay be the dominant tenement
scottish ministers or as thecasemay be the name and
local authority or as thecasemay be the nhs body
burden or or as thecasemay be the terms of
hunting with or as thecasemay be the use of
the amount or as thecasemay be the way in
reimbursement of expenses as thecasemay be under this scheme
permission sought or as thecasemay be unreasonably failed to
takes effect or as thecasemay be when possession is
the return and as thecasemay be where there are
the return and as thecasemay be where there are
the return and as thecasemay be where there are
they feel that such acasemay exemplify the need for
should note that in thiscasenomination forms may be obtained
harm them and in thecaseof ballet west may force
the bbc and in thecaseof bbc worldwide may actually
quite otherwise in smith scaseone may infer an early
belgium it may be thecasethat other eu countries and
they may have had nocaseto answer dr brown that
all the circumstances of thecaseto do so may grant
and this is still thecasewe may now say the
icc may determine that acasewith which it is dealing
i am involved in thecaseand with another local issue
has been involved in thiscaseas an mp of course
technical issues involved in thiscaseat least the executive has
who is involved in acasebut was not initially aware
more involved there is acasefor some independence for those
involved in the shirley mckiecasehave since their re instatement
gets totally involved in acasemakes him a very good
involved in deciding whether acaseshould be instituted there appears
would be involved because thecasewould affect so many people
or acquitted in that particularcaseand that one had to
rowland is there some particularcaseat issue mrs beaumont i
the particular circumstances of thecasechristine grahame talked about the
approval earlier in a particularcasefor example if a couple
words or in a particularcasein section 31 5 which
the reference to a particularcaseis not intended to mean
the dictionary in the particularcaseof measurement terms which are
a particular rank in thecaseof the police we propose
now think on a particularcasesuppose there s a ben
particular fisheries and in thiscasethe north sea fishery does
in if that is thecasewhy is it a particular
and ii in any othercasea in subsection 2 b
progress to report in anycasealthough i m clearer about
reporter has taken in thecaseand b any disposal of
in any way with thecaseand ii it is appropriate
provide any information about thecaseas is mentioned in subsection
of settlement would in anycasebe complex in the extreme
edinburgh which would in anycasebe strongly resented by local
promoted that is in anycasebeing done on a voluntary
1999 seems to prove thecasebeyond any doubt using a
provision for compensation in anycasecompensation would be difficult to
in concerts and in anycaseevents connected with the school
service providers are in anycaseexcluded from the requirements of
comes from but in anycasef965: i think we i
that he will in anycasego to jail and that
biscuits tee and in anycaseher grandmother loved good chocolates
papers any moment in whichcasei ll be in the
you the well in anycasei want to thank you
and ii in any othercasein all lists within the
b any disposal of thecasein so far as the
shall not participate in anycasein which his or her
sentence passed in any specificcaseis a matter for the
the scottish ministers 4ba thecaseis where a any money
the scottish ministers 3aa thecaseis where a any money
intention established is there anycaselaw that helps us mike
say anything but in anycasemrs dow didny get any
on the ground in anycasems white the development funding
it should be a simplecaseof natural justice that any
should be addressing in anycasephil gallie whether we like
the list to which thecaserelates and ii in any
in that or any othercasesecured by a scottish secure
areas where this is thecaseshould be exempt from any
the fact that in anycasethe further meeting probably means
done on that in anycasethe prospect of pandemics is
avoid any misunderstanding of mycasethe sombre spirited doctor joined
it is finally published incasethere are any last minute
the hagiographic style in anycasewas not for him and
whether there has been anycasewhere an incident at hm
end insert 2a in anycasewhere if the short term
or iv in any othercasewhere the scottish ministers have
fixed and b for anycasewhere there is at any
evidence in relation to anycasewhich the commission is investigating
have been any in thiscasewilliam mccormack there was no
clock is ticking in itscasea falcon climbs a falcon
consult wi adam first incasea fearfu fate should burst
keep e cover ticht incasea hennie fell in an
fact that ultimately in thiscasea sewel motion is relevant
for a time just incasea use could be found
shiftet ma bahookey jist incasea wiz fur a turn
icc will proceed in thecaseagainst an individual only if
went aye well in thatcaseah hink yez must huv
richt aboot that in hircaseah m thinkin she l
french in s1 in thiscasealthough the pupils will not
the same time just incasean anna needed glasses but
combine both approaches in thatcasean examination of stupid led
no smell it jist incasean i ve been sherpenin
leaving the rest in thecaseand bags at 9pm we
in all and every suchcaseand cases the people of
f638: in this tiny weecaseand eh that chap used
about the background just incaseand highlight the key points
public i say that incaseanyone reading the official report
jack an i just incaseanyone thought it was jack
spells m608: mm m194: incaseanything m608: what did uncle
bellahouston park well in thatcaseas i says i don
s ain children in onycaseas tae ither expenses i
grandad we help in faintingcaseat least cath does a
d hae burnt in onycaseat least he walked through
that is in fact thecaseat the moment our methods
mixture mix pour into flancasebake in a hot oven
leaks could in the firstcasebe investigated by committees themselves
section 53a insert adjournment ofcasebefore sentence in section 201
friesian was tethered in whichcasebondage enters intae the scenario
in the recent arthur macgregorcasebroken down by local authority
that it was a borderlinecasebut in the end i
an obvious exception in thiscasebut mr ewing beat me
now at a funeral incasebut never mind i think
that had happened in theircasebut that would not necessarily
and suggest that a reasonablecasecan be made in her
human error however a strongercasecan be made in the
throughout the scene in whichcasechrissie teenie and dod would
its experience which in thiscasecoincided with the remorse felt
t eating beans in thiscasedemonstrating awareness of the structure
many in patient and daycasedischarges from waiting lists there
as he would in thatcasedo by others let him
not be beautiful in thatcaseehm in the ice project
over the summer just incaseerm because f806: yeah f807:
is the enemy in thiscaseeuan robson paragraph 3 33
freudian paradigm in his owncaseeven if an inherent repugnance
fairmers an crafters awye incaseey mith come in handy
available in the patient scasef the importance of providing
all her clothes in acasef1114: what s that f1113:
is not intra parliamentary thecasefor acknowledging in the bill
executive to continue making thecasefor govan in representations to
literature on participation makes acasefor it mainly in terms
so on are mentioned thecasefor multilingual provision in our
government since this is thecasefor national parks in england
enforcement powers as is thecasefor national parks in england
comprehensively evaluated to assess thecasefor national roll out in
comprehensively evaluated to assess thecasefor national roll out in
in hand to present acasefor scotland and glasgow on
talk i have stated acasefor scottish literature in our
lottery applications there is acasefor that because people in
is an argument in thiscasefor using primary legislation but
change of register in thiscasefrom spoken to written rather
did ah really in thatcasegie me it back or
an associate in a separatecasehad nothing to do with
in writing the pursuer scasehas been made and he
found in contemporary speech acasehas been reported of a
boy in her class incasehe brushed against her and
staying at the side incasehe gets knocked down by
auld dears last jist incasehe needed help fae the
comes across m816: [laugh] incasehe sees it [laugh] we
him but he in thiscasehe was talkin to people
couple more and quietly incaseher mother was still awake
pure border scots in hiscasehis ain border scots but
clubs tae practice wi incasehis father shood tak him
epa desk checked in mycasehurried to the ramp gasped
discussion mr hamilton in thatcasei am happy to support
ride in the big pencilcasei can see the bones
renew my american visa incasei decide to visit during
them all very carefully incasei happened to burst very
would not apply in thiscasei have to say that
he would stay overnight incasei lost consciousness an unlikely
into my computer just incasei lost it somehow er
tam o shanter just incasei m writing between classes
we er in jimmy scasei mean we warmed towards
gibson mr gibson in thatcasei might mention it after
of the bed just incasei needed it god i
received my american visa incasei omitted to tell you
mcintosh oh boy in thatcasei pay tribute to previous
well stewart stevenson in thatcasei recommend non publication mr
i d hidin it incasei trip f1141: well dinna
i m hidin it incasei trip trip tri- i
pants f940: [laugh] just incasei ve got to run
lenin s tomb terrified incasei was doing something wrong
that euan robson in thatcasei will ask only the
penalties phil gallie in thatcasei would like to ask
thing could happen in thiscaseif we do not get
target times than was thecasein 1999 that there are
much deprivation that is thecasein aberdeen it is a
i refer to an abusecasein ayrshire in which the
community as had been thecasein belfast milroy and romaine
out which is not thecasein berlin in 1999 tony
is to make a coherentcasein brussels will the minister
more recently than was thecasein buchan he explained that
the reporting restrictions for acasein england and wales would
spoken skills as is thecasein english the performance of
right way forward if acasein favour of it is
and active in bringing ourcasein getting more resources and
treasure mcclure argues a convincingcasein his book why scots
constituency and that is thecasein many rural areas of
shivers and shakes in mycasein my past lives i
does and there is acasein point boyter ahem beaumont
i will give members acasein point the proposal to
verb system is ane siccasein quhilk thi forms foun
the handling of the prosecutioncasein relation to the murder
transport projects that is thecasein respect of prioritisation and
the following would be thecasein terms of three types
ingram the sga has acasein that it intends to
if those people have acasein the courts it will
will continue to articulate thatcasein the negotiations alex johnstone
robust assessment of the economiccasein the oft report and
has not always been thecasein the recent past the
or not this is thecasein the scots dialect of
imprisonment following a particularly difficultcasein which a dangerous sex
am reminded of an oldcasein which comparison was made
has received information about acasein which it appears that
a good example of acasein which there was probably
be a right help incase[inaudible] ehm what aboot the
this a [inaudible] just incase[inaudible] f1100: no no f1099:
and cat home if thecaseis in edinburgh is that
the matter however the businesscaseis not staring me in
was tried in the lockerbiecaseis not within the jurisdiction
the maximum sum 10bc thecaseis where in relation to
the scottish ministers 10bb thecaseis where in relation to
want tae waste masel incaseit came true so i
it really slow right incaseit falls right here we
petition to the executive incaseit felt that there was
the road will we incaseit gets broken oops f1130:
no dinna dae that incaseit gets stuck [inhale] m1092:
it over the sink incaseit goes all over the
on round the corner incaseit had to do with
including the media in thatcaseit is even more important
an individual employee in thiscaseit is not even a
do not apply in thiscaseit is our intention that
ken it georgie in thatcaseit is your job to
fighting right away in whichcaseit s just f965: yeah
f1054: okay f1025: in mycaseit s lying they re
what she bought you incaseit was kinda f814: yeah
it jack no in thiscaseit was the job of
m608: mmhm m1174: in thiscaseit was the you know
some o the pipes incaseit wis vibration but apairt
mcneill if that is thecaseit would be in the
jewellery lie in a glasscaseivory skeleton hangs a coral
to play with in thiscaselame is the scottish equivalent
advocate s reference in tridentcaselodged on 4 october 2000
a lost heritage in thiscasem608: mmhm m078: erm so
a basin in just incasem815: [laugh] m816: and there
written elsewhere in scotland scasemainly in france and italy
insert and that in thecasementioned in subsection 3aa below
insert and that in thecasementioned in subsection 4ba below
decided ta bide hame incasemitten turned up da fardest
what is happening in thiscasems macdonald okay elaine thomson
[laugh] [laugh] f1143: just incaseno one else tells you
f1143: a- an just incaseno one tells ye if
also about staff in thiscasenurses being able to find
airn he d a fullcaseo arras an in his
endit up mergin in thicaseo ensaumple 17 this vowel
will come tae the recentcaseo james somerset determined in
three days except in acaseo ridin fire or gaun
these things occur in thecaseo the planters their passion
is substituted i in thecaseof a medical practitioner other
is inserted i in thecaseof a medical practitioner other
i was thinking in thiscaseof a of a gaelic
or crops or in thecaseof a rabbit or hare
by westminster because in thecaseof a road traffic offence
1 the words in thecaseof a woman appear in
refer the minister to thecaseof a woman in kelso
held and b in thecaseof an appointed member mr
membership insert a in thecaseof an elected member a
world war when in thecaseof arbuthnott estate farm units
such requirements which in thecaseof arrangements mentioned in subsection
dental floss and in thecaseof artificial teeth by means
comments were interesting in thecaseof brian nelson where handlers
river esk except in thecaseof changing the close season
60 000 tonnes in thecaseof cod in the north
yes but even in thecaseof companies that do not
out already my dear incaseof complications i suggest that
macfadyen s judgement in thecaseof country properties ltd against
where repairs are needed incaseof damage caused by flood
be completed douglas blair incaseof disagreement between the local
in this country in thecaseof drink driving the other
is especially true in thecaseof drug trafficking it is
looked up the word incaseof emergencies there were no
annual salary except in thecaseof existing employees in post
protecting life and property incaseof fire d functions relating
the problem arises in thecaseof flatted properties because planing
actually operates moreover in thecaseof grammar the patterning which
widow was cited in thecaseof henry viii and catherine
than 100 years in thecaseof higher exams people expected
ca chronological age in thecaseof kincardine and deeside the
their recurrence significant in thecaseof less common words and
of lord hardie in thecaseof macgregor v south lanarkshire
hardie s judgement in thecaseof macgregor v south lanarkshire
public inquiry or b incaseof multiple objectors the choice
cent des hudson in thecaseof my newspapers 0 75
will be allowed in thecaseof new buildings the explicit
be unlawful secondly in thecaseof newspapers published in england
30 per year in thecaseof north sea cod if
or 60 senators in thecaseof ordinary acts the constitutional
past few days in thecaseof our family it was
well my lord in thecaseof procurator fiscal versus mctavish
by the proposition in thecaseof rls it is clear
a devolved government in thecaseof scotland 80 per cent
who gave evidence in thecaseof shirley mckie have now
to leave it unattended incaseof spitting coals it was
hundreds of years in thecaseof st andrews the oldest
deep concern that in acaseof such substantial public interest
and at least in thecaseof the 1426 boll it
at judicial review in thecaseof the disabled couple mentioned
operated so far in thecaseof the donside paper mill
a negative instrument in thecaseof the enterprise and lifelong
also be understood in thecaseof the fat man above
is the same in thecaseof the foreigner coming to
crown decision making in thecaseof the murder of surjit
crown decision making in thecaseof the murder of surjit
family liaison arrangements in thecaseof the murder of surjit
most effective finally in thecaseof the novel extract they
in chyne chain in thecaseof the phoneme i reid
procedures were applied in thecaseof the prison estates review
insert or iii in thecaseof the supply of goods
end insert iii in thecaseof the supply of goods
in october 1999 in thecaseof the trident women who
grammar vocabulary and in thecaseof the written mode spelling
dialect or languages in thecaseof those who speak several
if it is not acaseof travellers coming in with
dialectal variation particularly in thecaseof urban speakers is the
scottish prison service tracks acaseof violence in hm prison
i m just interested incaseoh aye what was i
to identify premises in onecaseon lewis there had been
be allowed in the lattercaseonly aps i 547 8
ee on e climmers incaseony o em got intill
an eye on ye incaseonything happened pause the lack
in the line had theircaseopened and checked and they
such incapacities as in suchcaseor cases are by the
in all and every suchcaseor cases the people of
patients in patients and daycasepatients now than in 1999
that is missing in thiscaseperhaps that should be dealt
follow the logic in yourcaseperhaps you could explain it
our devolved responsibilities in thiscaseprimarily but not exclusively lifelong
a complaint and in eithercaseproved that an offence has
of introspection and in thiscasepsychological testing names such as
mmhm m1008: well in mycaseradio rather than anything else
service of notice in acasereferred to in paragraph 3
5 and insert in acasereferred to in paragraph 3
the list to which thecaserelates and b in subsection
which is headed precognition workloadcasereported plus work in hand
in the recent arthur macgregorcases1w 12202 mr kenneth gibson
in the recent arthur mcgregorcases1w 12203 mr jamie stone
regarding his involvement in thecasesees this as an attempt
didna aye heed in thatcaseshe d cook a hennie
thank you but just incaseshe hasn t found the
had broken whichever is thecaseshe spent weeks in hospital
right f646: although in hercaseshe would be sittin there
it returning south in whichcaseshetland could end up with
evidence in the shirley mckiecasesince their re instatement s1w
engaged in dealing with thecasesituation and the staffing situation
her name tag jöst incasesmootie wis owre weel plaesed
much in london just incasesome envious person tries to
f640: i was petrified incasesome of the classmates would
you re always frightened incasesomething happens to her eh
out of isle 6 incasesomewun trips intellectually and imaginatively
language teaching and in ourcasespecifically for modern european languages
the past society in thiscasestands firm against this attack
encroach on that territory incasestewart stevenson intends to cover
sutherland an the lave arenaecasestudies in psychoanalysis they are
their participation in complex nursingcasestudies in the context of
little in the way ofcasestudies in the field of
the first page of thecasestudy in a remote cottage
and enjoyed the same incasesuch papist or person marrying
verbs in common tenses thecasesystem for nouns pronouns and
for oars or guns incasethair boat wis set on
a wee bittie in incasethat bit you bumped [?]just leaves off[/?]
and it is certainly thecasethat courses in english language
various alternatives to cairo incasethat falls through i m
pints it is certainly thecasethat in the 1770s the
but is not it thecasethat in the real world
advocate s reference in tridentcasethat the parliament notes the
of the committee in thiscasethat trust appears to have
a wee comic just incasethat we were running out
i recognise that in thatcasethe application of reporting restrictions
new battery charger jist incasethe battery wis gettin a
nae disturb the nest incasethe birdie forhooiet her unborn
ii iii vi in everycasethe book is displayed in
warlock or witch in whichcasethe citizenry were treated to
members are content in thatcasethe clerks have clear guidance
stephen imrie in the firstcasethe committee is simply making
if as happened in thiscasethe concern is not known
laws of retaliation in thiscasethe crime which must be
chin kyte hurdies happin incasethe croc aneth the bed
thereof and in every suchcasethe crown and government shall
the votes but in thiscasethe executive has to accept
onywey jock went on incasethe fella pyntit the finger
developing efficiency targets in everycasethe funding council has responded
that is proceeding in thiscasethe interaction would arise if
or how freud helped mecasethe joint in the intimate
or how freud helped mecasethe joint in the intimate
he hid candles jist incasethe licht went aff filled
recourse for their protection incasethe limitations in the said
a contingency fund just incasethe minister for health and
clock is ticking in itscasethe moon s wax seal
clock is ticking in itscasethe moon speaks for the
blind on their side incasethe moonlight bothers them i
asian or specifically in thiscasethe muslim community so we
about the place juist incasethe nicht we l mak
a gaelic translation in whichcasethe official report is produced
two here unaccompanied in whichcasethe others would listen and
probably agree that in thiscasethe regulations are perhaps more
and enjoyed the same incasethe said person or persons
and enjoyed the same incasethe said person or persons
arms alone and in thatcasethe spade was a breist
a long time just incasethe starter didn t work
with no contingency plan incasethe system crashed we have
liftin it cannie like incasethe teuchat wad forhooie abandon
clock is ticking in itscasethe train rocks in its
clock is ticking in itscasethe turgid sea turns to
and we are on thecasethere in the sense that
and patting him gently incasethere is a bubble of
carer provided that in eithercasethere is a wish or
my hat and gloves incasethere s a sudden snowstorm
f940: [laugh] m942: just incasethere s a there s
round about and in onycasethere s only a week
bit bonnier tae jist incasethere was a dance got
sky the whale time incasethere was a sign o
to think about them incasethere was some sense in
strike a balance in thiscasethere will be groups of
or accountable agencies in thiscasethey are irresponsible agencies mr
scales from your hands incasethey cling hygiene s important
i d better move incasethey come back so i
in the panda caurs incasethey get nicked wis their
people in the fields incasethey missed it the first
bonfire until needed just incasethey were set alight too
and uk legislation in thiscasethose arguments have been well
clock is ticking in itscasethrough stands of wheat winds
at westminster however in thiscasetime and convenience are not
end insert and in eithercaseto approve in relation to
in the circumstances of thecaseto make provision about the
in the circumstances of thecaseto make provision about the
in the circumstances of thecaseto provide the information 2
be presenting the petition ourcaseto the residence committee in
the victoria illness in hiscasetoothache also stopped seventeen year
the lave in brian scasetwis auld joe fa thocht
it apply equally in thiscaseunder echr rules gordon nardell
be clearly shown in thatcasewatson might be a kind
a specific example in onecasewe had to argue for
a paddy waggon juist incasewe nabbed the five o
to have worked in thiscasewe should consider the whole
must have nodded in thatcasewe underlings will enquire no
were always very worried incasewe went you know to
cut aff the gas incasewe were stupit an left
accept that legislation in whichcasewe will come to the
how does that leave yourcasewell my lord in the
issued mr monteith in thatcasewhat david miller was explaining
shall not apply in acasewhere a local authority make
met insert and in acasewhere subsection 5a below applies
servient tenement except in acasewhere such sending is not
must be considered in everycasewhere surveillance has been properly
the ship s defence acasewhich becomes clear in examining
minister s concern in thatcasewhy am i bothering simply
group shona robison in thatcasewhy has the minister time
community leids as is thecasewi scottish gaelic hooanever in
something i probably in thatcasewill go for a short
community language as is thecasewith scottish gaelic however in
would be bad in eithercaseworse in a sodger he
for four hours in neithercasewould disaster have occurred the
on land in such acasewould require an authority the
you into tesco s incaseye fa again an brak
let you near onything incaseye got hurt an it
supposed till a carved incaseye re thinkin es wis
be feenished afore dark incaseyon weekit wolf cam aboot
with tabloid competitions in thatcaseyou are just registering a
that okay it s incaseyou break it f1114: that
f1111: up you come incaseyou cut the carpet come
the table darling [censored: forename] incaseyou cut your ca- up
yeah in glasgow m865: incaseyou d studied at glasgow
this one will i incaseyou drop it here we
[sob] [sob] f1121: just incaseyou fall again okay f1122:
o my hand just incaseyou fall again okay there
give me your hand incaseyou fall there s people
darling [inaudible] oopsies just incaseyou get tangled up there
o it it s incaseyou it comes out or
[inaudible] oh watch careful incaseyou knock this off that
terribly damaged yourself in whichcaseyou might have wanted to
just keep that there incaseyou need a wee drink
[inaudible] f1091: eh careful incaseyou pull it oot right
that right careful chum incaseyou pull the mic off
get a thumpin just incaseyou re thinking about being
wife rowland well in thatcaseyou shall hear he goes
the way just now incaseyou trip over it is
to do f1054: or incaseyou were even thinkin aboot
the the body thing incaseyou were stabbed an that
say it y- just incaseyou weren t sure f943:
f606: mmhm m954: gave thecasea resonance that it might
suggested there might be acasefor exempting charitable institutions and
than judges there is acasefor saying that there might
scots might even harm thecasefor the promotion of the
be 10 while for anothercaseit might be seven the
which might not be thecase[laugh] if they were relatives
a large group for onecasemight be 10 while for
amendment or not as thecasemight be there would be
i can understand that acasemight go to the icc
local authority area so theircasemight not be pressing however
the petition the petitioner scasemight not be put across
might not always be thecasethat evidence for a complaint
not extrapolate i presented acaseand asked for your view
hassle that is not thecaseand it is important that
not appear to be thecaseandrew normand the position on
we do not regard thatcaseas directly relevant it concerned
accessibility that s not thecaseas graham berry director of
i will not argue thatcaseas i have very little
executive says is not thecaseas my colleague michael matheson
clear it is not thecaseas the government has implied
am sure was not thecaseat guelph according to the
swishing i find my briefcasebut i m not at
that is not always thecaseelsewhere however it is right
do not know what mycaseendings or pronunciation were like
world that is not thecasefor scots and gaelic i
but that is not thecasegovernment departments must talk to
would suit sir archie scasehe did not think of
to try to prove thecasei do not have a
canada is a somewhat differentcasei do not think that
is relevant to the stracathrocasei do not think that
that has not been thecasei understand that the first
that is not necessarily thecaseif english has precedence and
that will not be thecaseif we get the quality
is self evidently not thecaseit depends on who is
will continue to put thatcaseit is not equitable for
lose out the best knowncaseit would not be covered
this has not been thecasemost student access is through
that would not be thecasems white you also mentioned
shall not so refer thecaseof an existing life prisoner
ministers shall not refer thecaseof an existing life prisoner
wallace it was not acaseof cambridgeshire police exporting anyone
not established a prima faciecaseon the issues raised the
know whether that is thecasephil gallie i do not
prove that s not thecaserather he says it s
preparing themselves for the worstcasescenario that they were not
however that is not thecasesubsection 3 of the amendment
lab is not it thecasethat a lot of those
why if that is thecasethat did not happen david
messages is it not thecasethat even under the limited
mary scanlon is it thecasethat individuals are not allowed
whether it is still thecasethat intimation is not mandatory
scotland is such a specialcasethat it should not establish
election is not it thecasethat patients pupils and victims
elder is it not thecasethat some people currently pay
cabinet is not it thecasethat the first minister is
deliver is not it thecasethat the people of scotland
border is it not thecasethat there will be plenty
that it is not thecasethat we are not going
officer is it not thecasethat you are required to
that is not quite thecasethe board has not withdrawn
however that was not thecasethe department of education and
proves not to be thecasethe executive will be sympathetic
am not pleading a specialcasethere are genuine concerns about
has not always been thecasethere is a golden opportunity
that is not necessarily thecaseto give a parallel example
that that is not thecaseunder the wildlife and countryside
if that is not thecasewe would like the matter
although this was not thecasewhen st kilda and edinburgh
necessary which is not thecasewith mr sheridan s amendment
that is not clearly thecasewith one off approvals for
do not believe that thatcasewould have fallen into that
it clear that such acasewould not fit the criteria
back to america himself thecasewould not have arisen ann
we know is not thecaseyou have helped to make
is important to get ourcaseacross coherently and i am
is likely to be acaseagainst the bill regarding compliance
months as is presently thecasealso where an offender is
recycling if that is thecaseand if the plan confirms
ye this is a civilcaseand naebody is on trial
that that will be thecasebecause it is important as
guid and mr cullen thecasebefore us is between a
that there is a strongcasebut a high cost would
this is still undoubtedly thecasebut both the initial labour
recognise whether that is thecasedr simpson i will answer
reassurance that that is thecasedr simpson we should never
know if that s thecasef1143: is it i don
scotland however there is acasefor acknowledging the status of
that there is a strongcasefor amending the bill during
core funding there is acasefor an independent scottish voluntary
system but there is acasefor exemption because they look
smaller houses is there acasefor holding off extension of
committee meeting there is acasefor informal briefings to further
so there is a goodcasefor investigating further the funding
view that there is acasefor localised moratoriums do the
is to present a soundcasefor public funding and i
considers that there is acasefor revisiting the funding formula
one could probably make acasefor saying that it is
is a clear prima faciecasefor saying that the guidance
commented there is a strongcasefor supporting and maintaining the
he accept that the businesscasefor the railway is staring
while there is no economiccasefor this at present it
accept that that is thecasefor this group of amendments
scots spelling there is acasefor using this for example
is true is that thecasefrom the local authorities on
minute that that is thecasehowever it is more difficult
swinney if that is thecasei am confused by the
convener if that is thecasei am happy to pass
them [laugh] but but thecasei mean that is really
that that is necessarily thecasei noticed that you cited
determine whether that is thecasei will set out the
having to withdraw from acaseif there is a conflict
on the basis that thecaseis being dealt with properly
your background knowledge of thecaseis certainly very useful helen
could pop some into thecaseis it tricky wow that
scottish characteristics the better acaseis on record of a
the date on which thecaseis raised and that rule
it seems that your basiccaseis that a ban on
is causing the leading scottishcaseis that of smith of
judge whether that is thecaseit is difficult for me
instrument if that is thecaseit seems reasonable for the
marketing people make the oppositecasejames lowman the situation is
is to decide whether yourcasejustifies the material being passed
basis there is ample conventioncaselaw to demonstrate that even
offices which have a lowercaseload the fiscal is usually
department where people work withcaseloads if that is a
larger rural offices with heaviercaseloads there is a fiscal
and large that is thecasemr macintosh there was continuity
week and it is acaseof getting the leg mobile
i said it is acaseof going up hill and
is almost hypothecated taxes acaseof i ll take the
profession it is also thecaseof one individual and we
therefore whether this is acaseof the legislation catching up
reid said it is acaseof total immersion as irene
believes something to be thecaseor that it is opposed
wonder why that is thecasephil gallie south of scotland
how on earth can acaseproceed there is no easy
stage than is currently thecases1w 1047 robert brown to
motion that is the worstcasescenario we need to consider
indicate that this is thecasesection 9 murdo fraser 98
think she is a heidcaseshe s juist a bad
but that is is thecaseso that eh i i
meeting when that is thecasesuch situations probably arise quite
smith it is certainly thecasethat a splendid opportunity to
sighthill perhaps it is thecasethat certain areas should be
control it is certainly thecasethat decisions about which motions
that it is still thecasethat if two or three
than has previously been thecasethat is as a result
immediate difficulty it remains thecasethat it is impossible to
it will sometimes be thecasethat it is necessary to
suggests that this is thecasethat it will stop a
do you accept that thecasethat organic food is necessarily
is withdrawn is it thecasethat the decision on the
or is it simply thecasethat the decision on the
that it is undoubtedly thecasethat the executive s amendment
but it is often thecasethat the gnp subsidises city
first instance is it thecasethat we will now be
swann that is indeed thecasethe bill seeks to stop
sac if that is thecasethe matter is firmly within
is passed is that thecasethe minister referred to eventualities
that is relevant to thecasethe purpose of the amendment
that that is still thecasethere has been talk of
suggest that there is acaseto answer about the sanctification
is the last but onecaseto be heard before your
international advisor is taking mycaseto ottawa but doesn t
is the difficulty with thecaseto which you refer christine
more limited than is thecaseunder the new provisions the
late as is often thecasewe need to recognise that
horrible weather he expressed hiscasewell this is the most
cannot rule on an individualcasewhere compensation is being asked
limited time you state thecasewhich is perfectly fair but
to teach that is thecasewith most subjects most teachers
and this is especially thecasewith regard to the contribution
of population as is thecasewith short contract oil workers
left unchanged that is thecasewith the provisions that relate
think that is particularly thecasewith urban varieties rather than
which is which is thecaseyou know ehm i ve
confirm whether that is thecaseyou say that we need
have listened and where acasehas been made we have
and would have preferred acaseof robbery or assault where
on making such a succinctcaseeverything that he has said
after prisoner insert except thecaseof such a prisoner who
as english and scottish familiescasestudies of such families would
recognise the strength of thecasethat such a question would
exact opposite such was thecasewith the large family of
issues arising from the viasystemscases1w 1097 colin campbell to
broken down by type ofcases1w 27456 christine grahame to
whether it will support thecasefor road equivalent tariff to
2000 whether a full businesscasefor the larkhall to milngavie
tell whether that s thecaseor no but ye can
decide whether that person scaseshould be advanced we do
col 413 on the chhokarcasewhether sir anthony campbell will
col 413 on the chhokarcasewhether the crown office will
cases or different classes ofcaseafter section 25i mr andy
to cases or classes ofcaseas respects which a local
cases or different classes ofcaseincluding different provision for different
cases or different classes ofcaseincluding for different areas c
hysteria or anxeeitie i thecaseo buchan s thrie macnabs
of the fact that onecaseof asp serious illness or
fourteen so it s acaseof pick maybe two or
m816: and it s acaseof pick three or four
that that will be thecaseangus mackay i know that
be possible to progress thatcasebut i assure christine grahame
information was required before acasecould be taken forward if
that that will be thecasefor both scotland and europe
there seems to be acasefor exemptions when it comes
it can to press thecasefor progress to be made
know that to be thecasefrom personal experience at the
wid be nae mair thecasegin a body speakin english
that that will be thecasehe goes on from his
how that could be thecasei have talked to people
be if it were mycasei would mak the principle
would be no more thecaseif a person speaking english
would be right my owncaseit was just the wife
to choose to report thecaseit would be outwith the
jurisdiction to continue with thecaseits decision will be amenable
service determine what a reasonablecaseload would be you have
inexperienced procurators fiscal with heavycaseloads will then be dealing
will continue to be thecasemembers are capable of expressing
that will always be thecasemr monteith i hope that
granted for every component acaseneeds to be made and
know from experience that thecaseneeds to be made elsewhere
be thrifty it was acaseof blaik one morning and
days it would be acaseof erm just outside the
the issues raised by thecaseof noel ruddle will be
nuisance it would be acaseof siccan a fashious ted
person it would be acaseof the big dug did
victoire who are giving acaseof wine free will be
believe that to be thecasepart of our submission to
to have a prima faciecaseperhaps it would be helpful
there cuid be nae coortcasesae we burnt the net
say we determine that thiscaseshould be heard by us
ministers i have prosecuted thecasethat the money should be
be trying to make thecasethat we ve got a
that will always be thecasethe risk from new species
to be reminded what thecasewas all about inside the
needed to be revised thecasewent back to committee with
assume this to be thecasewhen you consider the executive
about to submit an interimcasewhich i believe will be
of the owner before thecasewill be taken on i
like masel mitchel said macasewill be won on principles
she should be arguing thecasewithin the government ian jenkins
respect however it remains thecaseas christine has highlighted that
different dynamics from the englishcasecharacterized by intellectual continuity rather
christine grahame has advocated thecaseof different voluntary sector groups
macpherson report which presented thecasefor a separate gaelic development
a number of people thecasefor which has been made
which lead to the firstcaseof foot and mouth disease
amendment was a particularly difficultcasewhich i spent much of
marriage annulled she won hercasewhich made legal history 3
the commissioner cannot investigate acasewhich relates solely to an
pe508 refers to a specificcasewith which i have been
but poletically this isnae thicaseas webster argues languages do
around the room secondly thiscasehas been ongoing for several
a year this being thecasei would try to go
uk government about supporting thiscasems white i presumed that
the defender sees the somersetcasemy lords we say this
llamas this apparently was acaseof pictorial convention overcoming observation
but i d this weecasethat for my sandwiches for
key you best huv thiscasethe laddie s back afore
this study and make thatcasethe scottish executive has the
as i said lost thecasethis vindictive sonnet claims that
and that was also thecasethis year the method that
this and seen that thecasewas referred to the central
that the ootcome o thiscasewill affect no jist these
its existence nor load thiscasewith responsibility for its continuance
stakeholders this was particularly thecasewith the 2001 uk nap
just i just [child noises] f1113: caseit goes all over the
just gnaws aways at acaselike a bone until he
and it s just acaseof closing your eyes and
but it s just acaseof gaelic latches itself onto
it was just his onecasethat didn t apply to
than would have been thecaseif measured by the units
practicality if that were thecaseministers would have been more
sharp was obsessed with thecasethe others would have nothing
the prosecution of the lockerbiecasewould the trial have been
has made a pretty goodcaseand that the petitioners are
has today made a goodcasefor further consideration of the
of israel he made acasefor identifying the famous expedition
widespread support and the strongcasemade by users we have
it s jist a pillacaseoriginally made of chack a
had on the issue thecasethat has been made by
of services including education thecasewas also made on behalf
defend that action if thecasecame to trial assistant chief
are ways o makkin acasecome tae ye if ye
unique if that s thecasei ll sadly sweir there
take on the carntyne incineratorcaseif i can help with
bit if that s thecaseinnit m819: ocean terminal right
even if that were thecasewhat word was aald peter
an opportunity to make acasefor the sort of development
and make his meals hiscasehas been highlighted by the
him to continue with acasehe should make the appropriate
really have to make acasehere first what wider support
to brussels and make thecaseto say that we should
must make a strong robustcasewe have started to do
me that s no thecasenoo so there s certainly
place unless there was acaseto consider how on earth
as opposed to scotland scasebeing dragged down by the
mr mcmahon that being thecasedo you agree with dundee
morning it s a negrocasea fellow that wants tae
submitted that was indeed thecaseand highland council concedes that
want the name of thatcaseand i am sorry that
i think that covers yourcasebelow but agree that the
cause he essentially won thecasebut they ultimately decided that
judicial rulings that terminate acaseearly and for the ability
24 october 2000 that thecasefor an independent police complaints
the evidence and build acasefor making that request i
the parliament believes that nocasefor military action against iraq
said that i recognise thecasefor supporting the international burns
that wi yer wee briefcasehey driver ye re no
but i think that thecaseillustrates a flaw within the
on the bus wi thatcase[laugh] the front wheels go
furreign fever as coorse acaseo malaria that the landlord
davidson that s taen thecaseon and he s no
that committee must consider thecasesooner ms white i think
reliability we will push thatcasestrongly with the commission maureen
update and report on thecasestudies that have been undertaken
commission and have won thecasethat mainland to mainland routes
clearly the simple but overwhelmingcasethat personal care costs should
telling me aboot an unusualcasethat s coming afore the
gallie public inquiry into chhokarcasethat the parliament notes the
eloquently and sensibly put acasethat upholds civil liberties mr
of democratic legitimacy strengthens thecasethat we put forward the
put together a reasonably coherentcasethat will question some of
has that always been thecasethen m734: yeah and i
we took that couple scaseto appeal and were before
astonished when dealing with acaseto find out that it
put that service user scaseto the independent panel to
p because it was thecaseunder both administrations was that
a breach of the peacecasewe believe that that will
[tut] wasn t that thecasewhen nanny s house supposed
confirmed that that was thecasewhen wales applied for objective
think that s probably thecasewith myself as well it
oft report contains an economiccasebut it also comprises a
it turns out was thecaseit was also the march
also he had a nutcasenext door who used to
sandred 1983 also reported thecaseof a girl whose mother
will also have been thecasewhen alasdair morrison was a
of the prison once thecasehas been reported to the
than has ever been thecasepreviously on what helen eadie
chain of events should thecaseever come back to trial
room as was often thecasea white bedspread with a
dragged down by the ukcaseas ineffectually put forward by
will continue to champion thecaseas kenny gibson and duncan
as part of the businesscasefor the new private build
macer who had called thecaselooked up and paused as
executive to propose a coherentcaseto the commission as a
the amount of serious criminalcasework as the committee will
help the prisoner plead hiscasehad their endeavours been rewarded
turn up to cover thecasemr jones had been advised
i felt more like acasefor the nearest psychiatrist than
the process than was thecaselast year the people are
way than was probably thecasewith the traditional chanting of
other ingredients pour into flancaseand bake for 40 mins
excellence for views on thecasefor allowing local authorities to
to have already accepted acasefor bans and major quota
process the institution submits itscasefor degree awarding powers and
and supports the association scasefor enhanced funding from sportscotland
and supports the association scasefor enhanced funding from sportscotland
taxing him a bottle percasefor keeping his damn wine
the strength of arbroath scasefor re inclusion and the
stone do you see nocasefor reconsidering how the board
all the circumstances of thecasefor recovery of possession including
notes the clinical and structuralcasefor retention of the child
rural affairs to take thecasefor scotch beef direct to
will fight a very hardcasefor scotland s fishing industry
sports 1992 wildlife protection thecasefor the abolition of hunting
and resolves to support thecasefor the cancellation of debt
parliament recognises and endorses thecasefor the establishment of a
parliament recognises and endorses thecasefor the establishment of a
own country effectively making acasefor their own national literature
have set out a goodcasefor why it makes sense
questions to look to thecaselaw of for example the
for tribunal s determination specialcasetime limit for determining application

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