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back til the gray whunstanecastelas fest as his legs
whyle he wes inby thecastelaw made o gray whunstane
the wad be a brawcastelbiggit o derk whunstane an
the gunes frae the embrocastelan the cartowes frae calton
jo the crowner at embrocastelbot the bluid o the
at shae met at embrocasteldurand a swarrie the pairtie
clam the brae ti embrocastelthe esplanad wes tuim o
prospect syne youthheid whan embrocastelwes yit apen ti the
aw this gait for thecastelan awbodie inby its waws
licht an cam til thecastelan gaed inby an haed
lat the fowk inby thecastelken he wes at the
messages he ran nou thecastelstuid on the lip o
tak place in a gretcastelthat stuid ayont the ferr
afore thaim stuid the brawestcastelthe princess haed ever seen
wuid whaur stuid a graundcastelthe winnoks war aw lit
stuid the war a brawcastelwhaur bade a walthie yung
that serred in a graundcastelhe wes ane innerlie littil
on the ferr syde thecastelthe war gairdens an a
sleepin he creepit out thecastelbi the postern door stale
cummin wi awbodie in thecastelsleepin lyke deid men syne
heild sleepin here in thiscastelwul wauken an be free
hogney s corp ayont thecastelgrunds an twa o thaim
coortyaird the laird o thecastelbad the princess jyne the
alset the laird o thoncastelhed a jink in hiz
be seen oniewhaur in thecastelbut whitever he wes cauld
wul leeve bien in macastelthat ah hae biggit whaur
be feirt for tho thecastelbelangs the keing o scotland
cam til a keing scastelshe spiered thare gin she
walk you strecht inti thecastelan gang inti ae chaumer
in his chaumer in thecastelti bring him in mynd
hempie ti ish but hizcastelan inti the hauns o
mirk aiges sauf in hizcastelwi massell as hiz damishell
brocht up anaith the stanecastelma winnok opent forenent the
aw owre the mukkil stanecastelwi that the streinger wes
thaim ti byde in thecastelsyne thay aw bade thare
mairrit an bydin at thecastelfor she kent hir man
v cannot cannilie adv gentlycasteln castle cauld a cold
an shuir aneuch whan thecastelfowk saw whit she haed
cam she haed flaen thecastelnever mair ti be seen
the war lint at thecastelti be spun she haed
an feasted thaim in hiscastelsyne he telt thaim a
oot ti luik roun thecastelas he expekkit he fand
better at it nor camsheuchcastelma speirit rade heich as
the unco shaw an thecastelbut be in a mensefu
that gaed on at thecastelan thay miscawed an laucht
or thay cam til acastelwhaur the war a fek
nou the prince in thecastelwes nane ither but the
wyde launds an in thecastelthe war a byordnar steir
ye wad win ti thecasteldoor haud ti the blek
settilt doun thegither at thecastelas suin as the muin

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