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e broon cuppie anaith ilkycastoran e marlet kinna grey
alexander i mean to saycastorand pollux bollocks and how
give their kids pollux andcastorthe boys are called jean
butter or marg 1 ozcastorsugar jelly white glace icing
balls georgia style 1 lbcastorsugar small can condensed milk
swiss milk tablet 2 lbscastorsugar ¼ lb fresh butter
oz soft marge 4 ozcastorsugar 2 large eggs few
4 oz butter 2 tblspcastorsugar 3 tblsp milk filling
d hae ti gie yecastoreyl an ye michtna win
orange warm water 5 ozcastorsugar ½ teasp mixed spice
teasp baking powder 6 ozcastorsugar 6 oz marg 3
oz butter and 4 ozcastorsugar 2 eggs beaten with

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