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t heard before which wascasualsand er and [?]could you[/?] f965:
casuals f965: who call themcasualsf963: ayr casuals that s
is casual or casuals m964: casualsf965: who call them casuals
it was is casual orcasualsm964: casuals f965: who call
call them casuals f963: ayrcasualsthat s m964: yeah f963:
the the heidbangers and thecasualsm964: what is f963: they
of the erm of thecasualsf965: sort of bikers m964:
probably golfers i think f1054: casualsas well eh m1016: yeah
s i d forgotten aboutcasualsm964: mm f965: what did
a run in with thecasualsin ayr f965: i thought
yeah yeah f965: and thecasualsi thought were kind of

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