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have been reductions in nettingcatchesand effort since that time
indicated that if reductions incatcheswere not accompanied by some
as figure 1 illustrates totalcatchesof salmon and sea trout
on the dump the registercatchesthe surprised amusement of the
the scientists advised cuts incatchesof nephrops and plaice the
ah think it wul daecatchessight o irena ma dear
ladies i hardly think liliancatchessight of johnny lilian is
useless person glisks is seescatchessight of kens is knows
blue sae ah wul shecatchessight of rintoul returns the
atlantic salmon conservation organisation nascocatchesfrom the fishery have been
14 as figure 1 showscatchesfrom the scottish net fishery
for fishery proprietors to reportcatchesto dsfbs should be introduced
chase rubbits bit he nivercatchesthem bi noo the care
research service data on salmoncatches11 windsor m hutchison p
research service data on salmoncatches3 rac or meeting 25
of concerns over falling salmoncatchesand the need identified by
of salmon powers to restrictcatchesas described previously present legislation
to take into account salmoncatcheschanges in terrain and historic
been effectively curtailed figure 2catchesof salmon tonnes in the
it is the decrease incatchesof spring salmon those caught
9 figure 2 shows thatcatchesfrom these fisheries have been
and has stuck because itcatchesthe imagination and proves the
like an eel hett braithcatchesin the mooth piece net
each ear a brown doorcatchesits breath the harbour tang
in effort either because lowercatchesmean that it is no
bj bj stands aside leecatchespat as he falls lee
hou the lads aboot herecatchesminnons billy an me gaed
sole bit every kick hecatchesthey can niver score a
saw a rapid growth incatchespeaking at over 2 500
catch to around 4 ascatchesfrom other methods have declined
powers to set total allowablecatchesand other regulating measurements for
all now at last mummycatchesandy and carries him past
reached the sandpit when mummycatchesus and picks us up
ban limitation on white fishcatchesshould white fish vessels switch
almost drops the baton butcatchesit and then overtakes the
all did case fat guardcatcheshim slacking lands him one
house by the time shecatchesup with him just as
that there should be nocatchesof haddock or whiting in
bad he says then hecatchesa whiff man ye re
name of boyd of achrochircatchesthe eye for here is
the rest of the placecatchesa cold if not the
it carolanne what if maggiecatchesyou with that agnes she
til ye gin the ogrecatchesye wi me stickin in
a slut glaums is gripscatchessook is suck plooks are

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