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any national parks under iucncategory1 they are of the
if compatible akin to iucncategory2 see table 1 a
be compatible akin to iucncategory4 a community development zone
are concentrated akin to iucncategory5 6 snh suggest that
wales which fall into iucncategory5 but not in scotland
to clearly express which iucncategorythe proposed national parks and
performance described in the satisfactorycategoryencourages teachers and lecturers to
an award above the satisfactorycategorythen the key aspects of
to be allocated to acategoryvery good good satisfactory unsatisfactory
crimes was a in eachcategoryof crime and b in
crimes was a in eachcategoryof crime and b in
court with respect to thecategoryof crimes referred to in
electorate are in the lattercategorylet us not allow the
to be in the lattercategorythe deputy presiding officer there
of suddante only the lattercategorywas to have benefit of
children themselves sixth kin linkcategoryhaving at least one local
of 40 per kin groupcategoryiii 2 kin link scores
their interviews fifth kin linkcategorymembership of a local church
rural subjects fourth kin linkcategorymembership of at least one
link categories third kin linkcategorysubject born in the north
do not fall into thatcategoryin any shape or form
children fall into a differentcategorymr mcconnell while there are
deemed to fall within thecategoryof force majeure on the
as i fall into thecategoryof older people and my
so will fall within thecategorythat is provided for in
fall into the non technicalcategoryto which nora radcliffe alluded
prison establishment listed by staffcategoryand giving the totals for
turnover are listed by staffcategoryfor each local prison establishment
establishment broken down by staffcategorygiving the totals for each
number of staff in eachcategoryand the number of inmates
20 per cent for eachcategoryappropriate robin harper i am
mark is awarded from eachcategorye g speaking discussion very
20 per cent in eachcategorygives us a blunt instrument
and how many in eachcategoryhave resigned from the scottish
how many staff in eachcategoryhave terms and conditions that
20 per cent of eachcategoryhowever that is because when
will be required in eachcategoryin each local authority area
convictions was a in eachcategoryof crime and b in
how many students in eachcategoryof institution benefited and c
what if scenarios for eachcategoryof land and for each
be different targets for eachcategoryof land and the executive
cent by area of eachcategoryof land do you want
cent by area of eachcategoryof land if robin harper
relate them separately to eachcategoryof land mentioned in section
cent by area of eachcategoryof land mentioned in subsection
have separate figures for eachcategoryof land of course the
c how many in eachcategorypaid i the whole tuition
b operational and c othercategoryprison officers based at each
are in post in eachcategorys1w 15121 fergus ewing to
and b in each othercategorys1w 33021 richard lochhead to
planning permission appeals in eachcategorywere in the a hamilton
land in conversion for eachcategorywould be exactly the same
far from being that eachcategorywould or should reach 20
and completely unattainable in anycategoryof land should we reduce
with decommissioning broken down bycategoryand the total value of
staff broken down by staffcategoryare currently absent through illness
10 years broken down bycategoryof charge s1w 29289 lord
any chance of renegotiating acategorymanagement agreement for other parts
companies payments for such promotioncategorymanagement agreements between tobacco companies
would try to renegotiate theircategorymanagement agreements in other parts
management awards 2002 primary carecategorythat the parliament congratulates the
because they are in thecategoryof the 20 guys in
the word in an appropriatecategoryit is axiomatic that every
the view that although thiscategorymay not be appropriate in
tourist board area and bcategoryof accommodation s1w 34774 stewart
tourist board area and bcategoryof accommodation s1w 34775 stewart
of offences in connection withcategoryc drugs from five years
offices into the protected ruralcategoryan unavoidable closure is one
scots often comes into thiscategoryf718: mmhm m017: er often
move into the very goodcategoryin the very good category
say who comes into whichcategoryit is fair to say
would have fallen into thatcategoryms macdonald i ask because
the scottish executive into whichcategoryof care service as set
services would fit into thiscategoryof education based parliaments education
i now come into thatcategorythe next thing that i
royalist urquhart falls into thatcategorythe reformers won out and
and pe429 falls into thatcategorythere has been a serious
borderlands would come into thiscategorywriting that crosses borders writing
complex sentences performances in thiscategoryare often described as being
reckoned to come within thatcategoryagain world heavyweight boxing champions
is and whether the spendingcategoryindicated would be allowable within
to the inclusion of acategoryfor travelling people of different
issue was in a differentcategoryfrom the difficulty of transmission
the scottish executive how manycategorya prisoners are currently accommodated
many people are in thatcategorywhat the total additional bill
isa was in the samecategoryas a disease such as
seven in the same agecategorymaking suicide the most common
the same below tolerable standardcategorythat is a better way
only 6 subjects comprised onecategorytoo low a number to
resource performances in the goodcategorytend to contain a wider
category in the very goodcategorythe language should be mostly
to break down the christianitycategorywhich is not proposed in
carried out the other obviouscategoryis people on waiting lists
some other person of acategoryspecified for the purposes of
are in the pre aprilcategorythe fact that the other
retreat to the more generalcategory5 social information the examples
information such as title orcategoryof document about the papers
scottish youth parliament under thiscategorylocal youth forums or councils
not properly prescribed as anothercategoryof dog which is required
which is about the highestcategoryof surveillance and includes bugging
dress vampires and virgins whichcategorysuits us oldies do you
on gout from the medicalcategorywhich has a certain macabre
which is the most intrusivecategorywould require authorisation by the
we can achieve in anycategorywe must place farmers in
on winning the primary carecategoryof the health service journal
in such circumstances under thecategoryardour strong feeling in toe
borderlands wid come inta discategorywritin dt crosses boarders writin
i would include in thiscategoryis the american beat writer
must be in a specialcategoryof course that would raise
sat here waitin oan acategorya psycho comin back in
joint award in the innovationcategory[censored: forename] [censored: surname] for organising the
it could be in thatcategorycouldn t it f1025: that
words in humankind the basiccategoryfor woman contained at the
written in english once thecategoryhas been selected no further
as belonging to the naivecategoryin that they expressed in
who uniquely in this ministerialcategoryis a member of the
in scotland the biggest problemcategoryis over 45 year old
a definition to introduce acategoryof dog not covered in
his published work in thiscategorytowards the end of his
seen if one looks atcategory06 mind where one finds
allotments exceeding one acre thecategoryof allotment gardens was introduced
talking about it is onecategorythe optional as opposed to
the bill should include thecategoryof wrong person by that
bill s inclusion of thecategoryof people who gather together
interest there is also acategoryof lobbyists who are paid
so it is a specificcategoryof confinement the deputy convener
recognise that there is acategoryof housing that is so
tails the teacher chooses acategoryof nouns e g towns
drafting we could create acategoryof offence for members that
we can have a broadcategoryof outer garments with subcategories
proposals to phase out thecategoryof priority need and to
gives it is of acategoryspecified for the purposes of
it as a much widercategorythan that of speech alone
collar and intermediate non manualcategoryand class 3 drawn from
from the professional and managerialcategoryclass2 drawn from the white
single standard industrial classification siccategoryas it is defined more
regulations do not prescribe thecategoryor the disability as the
a symptomatic ignorance as acategoryscottish literature did not exist
soon as possible a newcategorywill be introduced for poor
is tae bide aneth thecategoryo sport still on fitba
less markit an ane grammaticalcategoryparticularly affectit bi this obscuration
action to identify that secondcategoryrather than putting both groups
verbs occupy a certain syntacticcategoryo thair ain an ar
that extending the priority needcategorywill have a considerable impact

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