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for er a fortnight [laugh]catholicsand protestants [laugh] were fighting
scotland speak scots or religiouscatholicsas much as protestants speak
protestants like myself or romancatholicsread with disbelief the loose
from becoming or marrying romancatholicsbut does remove them from
of succession by marrying romancatholicsin respectively 1978 and 1988
a positive trend for romancatholicsand other religious groups moreover
that as a group romancatholicsare much more mobile and
still prohibits jews or romancatholicsfrom advising the crown on
or those who marry romancatholicsfrom the succession and provides
is something that the romancatholicshave on a friday f718:
few remaining disabilities on romancatholicsor on those of other
rights in effect excluded romancatholicsor those who marry roman
been surprising because many romancatholicsparticularly those from ireland had
most of auchendryne were romancatholicswhereas the protestant famlies stayed
i found that many romancatholicswith whom i discussed the
religions are excluded not justcatholicsalthough catholics are specifically excluded
a subject on which bothcatholicsand non catholics have deeply
excluded not just catholics althoughcatholicsare specifically excluded as already
which both catholics and noncatholicshave deeply held views which
those who are or becomecatholicsor marry a catholic shall
love why do they hatecatholicsso alienated labor religious strife
of each age group werecatholicsthey were divided equally into
in glasgow where working classcatholicsproduced 70 local forms in
spoke it an they warcatholicsmy father spoke bitties o
can throw stones right acrosscatholicsare even rougher than the
a coalman s big clydesdalecatholicsoften don t eat dinner
eneuch moslems at mecca orcatholicsin the vatican dae like
proportionate to the number ofcatholicsin scotland s1w 15070 mr
when we were children allcatholicsrefrained from meat on a
issue which crudely discriminates againstcatholicsas such as to the
enactments establish an exclusion ofcatholicsand an obligation to uphold

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