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crofter cutting peat helen scauseda fair stooshie with the
o this tale the lavecauseda stooshie a while in
it broke doon fin baconcauseda stooshie fin they tried
opportunity to alleviate the nuisancecausedby hedges the committee agreed
spas and sacs pe497 nuisancecausedby high hedges pe504 publication
done about it like noisecausedby nuisance neighbours the nature
david mundell nuisance to communitiescausedby seagulls for text of
others in dealing with nuisancecausedby seagulls in towns and
s1m 3499 nuisance to communitiescausedby seagulls lodged on 24
from my mind and thatcausedme a lot of distress
huge distress that can becausedto the victims of rape
associated health problems and distresscausedto users families and d
needed in case of damagecausedby flood or storm as
that some damage had beencausedby mice to the organ
damage that might have beencausedby the funding of scro
of damage to sea cagescausedby winter storms escaped farm
heavy boots of the soldierscausedlots of damage to the
aboot the damage he scausedstew aw yis need ti
that considerable confusion has beencausedby a number of recent
little sense of the confusioncausedby selective use of partial
question of consultation may havecausedconfusion but it does not
to challenge typifies the sufferingcausedby leasehold casualties and other
be linked to leprosy andcausedher terrible suffering although he
is whether foxes can becausedunnecessary suffering we believe that
kenny macaskill congestion and pollutioncausedby edinburgh bus wars thursday
defence regarding any noise pollutioncausedby low flying aircraft exercises
environmental concerns relating to pollutioncausedby sellafield s1o 1514 12
the parliament recognises the humiliationcausedto rape victims and victims
an anti roach spray whichcausedthe entire cockroach population of
where the one guy nearlycausedthe entire of aberdeen to
those provisions that have notcausedany difficulty in the past
difficulty in doing that iscausedby people s image of
agreed to examine the difficultycausedby that it was an
of a course would havecausedconsiderable difficulty in my school
and environmental threats that arecausedby quarrying a covering note
particular ignores the environmental degradationcausedby some activities government measures
devastation and the climatic changescausedby the ensuing environmental destabilisation
detrimental environmental impact would becausedby using the kelvin valley
in cases where death iscausedby dangerous driving s1w 13123
of road accidents have beencausedby drug driving in each
crashes that may have beencausedby people driving whilst under
and the problems that arecausedby being on a split
sheridan s1m 1332 addressing problemscausedby climate change lodged on
any problems in social workcausedby difficulties in recruiting and
challenges not least transport problemscausedby long distances between communities
problems are huge and arecausedby many factors a demoralised
but because of the problemscausedby such divides linda fabiani
any problems which may becausedby the slaughter of hefted
1941 clearly illustrates the problemscausedby this itinerant way of
the parliament notes problems beingcausedfor voluntary and small business
chamber those teething problems werecausedmainly by an overly bureaucratic
that was not foreseeable thatcausedthe problems in the end
teaching unions considerable anxiety wascausedby the perception that higher
was aware of the difficultiescausedby the lack of people
effects on teaching and learningcausedsubstantial difficulties which must be
the processes within sqa thatcausedthe difficulties but there is
to recover from the crisiscausedby foot and mouth disease
of cancer and heart diseasecausedby smoking and passive smoking
kind of person that scausedthe disease well it was
and c that such deteriorationcauseda significant risk i to
the risk of road closurescausedby flooding s1w 33731 mr
risk of fractures that arecausedby osteoporosis is set to
on the issue which hascausedgreat concern for a number
point in the evidence thatcausedme concern on page 2
matter detailed consideration because itcausedme some concern our conclusion
dealing with lobbying companies whocausedthe concern among the general
that the flow of datacausedus very great concern mr
each other an it scauseda twenty five year family
from abusive parents and familycausedan outcry that brought about
family disgrace which you actuallycausedbeaumont aye aye leeing and
his father that he hadcausedthe family to be the
this report last year wascausedby a rate of something
bed with a suppurating footcausedby a splinter he picked
at sea similar subtle affectscausedby acidification of rivers may
of the scarcity of potatoescausedby bad weather the soup
and memories of the workcausedby butter making are fading
in the building that werecausedby defective workmanship in that
against the growing health menacecausedby dog fouling notes that
them till soffan eh jerkcausedby eh swell runnin in
of social and economic deprivationcausedby escalating unemployment in clackmannanshire
sleepiness notes the human miserycausedby fatal road accidents which
primarily involves fatalities and casualtiescausedby fires in hmos however
expenses incurred through bed wettingcausedby having terrible nightmares about
revenue or a transitional impactcausedby having to change displays
to end the intrinsic crueltycausedby hunting with dogs it
tape and stress for pupilscausedby national tests simplify the
treating the fractures that arecausedby osteoporosis is 15 a
cancers that could have beencausedby radiation s1w 34735 phil
death or serious injury arecausedby sleepiness notes the human
increased complexity that may becausedby snh s proposals cosla
the pressure on paper makingcausedby the current currency variations
jobs at ailsa troon shipbuilderscausedby the delay by the
of the text the disturbancecausedby the foregrounding is tolerated
greatly reduce the overall harmcausedby the illegal market in
the crisis in the industrycausedby the impact of infectious
their homes and property wascausedby the inadequacy of the
m the delay having beencausedby the need to load
contamination of the scottish coastlinecausedby the nuclear reprocessing plant
and she thinks it scausedby the pipes someone has
loss of merchant navy shippingcausedby the unrestricted german u
to starboard which had beencausedby the water on the
connections this avoids the embarrassmentcausedby using the work of
respect of loss of incomecausedby voluntary closure due to
legs ticht crosst his anguishcausedby winter frost the seat
to give evidence he apparentlycausedmuch amusement by relating that
lives of women has beencausednot by something essential in
brief spell of vertigo probablycausedpartly by tiredness she too
and advertising texts is notcausedsolely by unfamiliar technical terms
heard third hand that icausedoffence to some residents in
and short lived third marriagecausedthe separation between mother and
sea lice that exposure hascausedthe collapse in the sea
always kent da wird hellerycauseda lot of amusement and
hotterel o hairm she dcausedin time kate kent she
aa her ain pride thatcausedthe chilblains she kent that
f1144: yeah m1146: and thatcauseda great deal o resentment
do the word licensing hascauseda great deal of debate
side of the road andcausedchaos how much material does
speired fur yon cudna becausedbi a faa isie leuch
a leired at it wescausedbi an ower flowe pype
unnatural daiths bein registered ascausedbi wild beasts snake bites
cancer that may have beencausedfrom radiation in each year
staff were very concerned whichcausedme to dwell quite a
the office in socks whichcausedquite a bit of laughter
once came to fredericton andcausedquite a stir the maggie
manage but julian and icausedmuch hilarity as we vainly
that this bill could havecausedso much laughter people will
ration which in some casescauseda bit of ill feeling
1286 was the catalyst whichcausedanglo saxon or inglis as
was not in place whichcausedconflict in some areas variations
in the post room whichcausedthe bill to arrive late
the taxation system which hascauseduncertainty for present and future
green leakage from this hascausedcomplaints in doune quad to
don t know what hascausedit he keeps getting a
in a manner that hascausedor is likely to cause
has been estimated to havecausedthe north west bid to
commission is that what hascausedthis situation john home robertson
a half years what hascausedthis volte face this damascene
been successful they had notcausedas some people had expected
also mindful of the stresscausedto health professionals unable to
course the peo- th- thiscausedresentment with the people who
would situation would be becausedbecause the weather was snell
that we have received havecausedcommittee members and clerks real
failure to have medical treatmentcausedor materially contributed to a
with the troubles that scausedf606: yes there s not
not under command what hadcausedthe ship s plight to
peasant miss his brush strokescausedto purr a bit of
for the patients and whocausedthe most fuss was the
this is the man whocausedyour mother s grief and
s conclusions that nuclear powercauseda decline in quality of
up the tree of lifecauseda scandal at the time
of a brand new christiecausedhim to bring still more
angle of the car deckcausedthe cargo secured on the
and feathers of air hecausedthe inside of the cave
the schools the bse scarecausedthe removal of beef from
100 million in britain myxomatosiscausedup to 99 mortality of
f689: wis that [laugh] thatcauseda wee argument so f631:
heard later that the videocausedmore disturbance than i realised
was him bein awa thatcausedthe silence but when he
in the queue tensions werecausedwhen licensing departments said that
public lavatories whisky no longercausedhim to throw up or
tribute to his native kinraddiecauseda sensation in 1932 and
delays in the verification processcausedcontractors and clients time and
the misery illness and wastecausedwhen patients acquiring infections in
slippery floor and alcohol intakecausedthem to slither around helplessly
the barmaid s sweat itcauseda flood an just tae
an left it on ancausedan explosion an then the
procedure to lessen the anxietycausedto prospective adoptive parents cathy

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