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tounser siemaws cok o thecausiea cawin john wayne whitlik
wi thair neibours i thecausiebiggins wes beildit o frem
at wes staunnin on thecausiecroun waffin t hir shae
pats rowed slawlik ower thecausieinti the burn airlie the
aye staunnin outby on thecausiemirren wes sair fleggit thai
a yaird cled wi whuncausiesetts a convoy o airmie
stappit out inti the tuimcausieafoir thaim the stok whorne
a pype outby i thecausiea cuidna lat bug about
auld troot king o thecausiekickin at a tin newt
airts that haes plenty ocausieroads but this country haes
the clouds blek as thecausiejuist ae licht on a
n castle cauld a coldcausien road caw v call

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