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23 by save wemyss ancientcavesociety calling for action to
23 by save wemyss ancientcavesociety calling for action to
troy fir troilus in thiscavea queen made her orisons
cliff an ther wis acavein ahint the waterfaw ye
c her belly was hercaveher ropes of corn hair
throu the mou o thecavean whan the guidson saw
stars like lamps along thecavei put my faith in
in the mou o acavein the gruns o the
monkey king at the buddhistcavetemple at dambulla hanuman small
are trying to preserve thecavedrawings there have been articles
swear word or hellier seacaveor hellisom pleasant amiable because
to peep out from thecavemouth and wonder at the
away the rubbish from acaves mouth in the third
the mouth of the greatcavewhich rises above the road
be the salvation of thecavedwellers who created her around
crests of the teix itscavepitted lower slopes once the
thocht in his verra aincavean breathed his verra ain
middlemist s oyster cellar acavedeep in the dark canyon
grows the heart s darkcavewith buddha petals glows while
hewn steps into a subterraneancaveat every step afraid to
roun the table in thaircavewyrin in at thair denner
us could fit in thecavedoon oan wur hunkers withoot
caused the inside of thecaveto be infinite around were
horns reeted in ae whitecavecoral smeeth the colour o
major worshipped by willendorf scavepeople seven the symbolic number
an roch sea fingla scaveis cut oot be the
weet dreepin waas o yoncavean on ae day o
walls some archeologists believe thecavepaintings were the work of
in the moo o acavesae near her mither cairriet
this day the r acavein the hills o fearn
might this not be thecaveof the goddess and did
tysed you till aladdin scavewhaur een might fin a
noo the formation o thecaveis spectacular the wee wifie
an the waws o thecavedirlt wi the dirdum tho
oot that rob roy scavein the burn o vat
bald stragglers tell of wonderscavefrescoes painted maidens a dizzy

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