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a sumf they uised ticawalexandr ignatyevich the luivseik major
war sumbodie they uised ticawthe luivseik major ye wad
masha ah feel ah soudcawye the luivseik fiddler irena
darg than naething else maitterscawyeir gird jek caw yeir
maitters caw yeir gird jekcawyeir gird jek walks off
v cannot cauld a coldcawv call drive ceitie n
adv gently cauld a coldcawv call drive ceitie n
a cold causie n roadcawv call drive ceitie n
a score ti settil malcolmcawcannie lad mynd ah wes
at the best o tymescawcannie nou freins said cormac
going to spill the teacawcannie nou that s nane
owre mukkil at first juistcawcannie that s the thing
nem frae bairnheid ye mauncawcannie tho he mey ken
hed hecht hiz guidwyfe ticawcannie tho thai veisitit the
yeir bryde shae annuncit botcawcannie wi r fur shae
the cokkils o his hertcawcannie wul ye pompitie ah
at aw moula juist youcawcannie ye maunna owerdae it
s a swick morag mithercawcannie ye war juist ti
daursay queen they uised ticawhim radgie andrae whan he
oor cook ay uised ticawhir husband ma man is
hur real name made micawhur a made up name
her an her what diyicawit doc naw ken hur
foun in a number ocawcentre operators workin in thi
an thi surrounding area thicawcentre staff ar scottish english
may athin thi public sectorcawcentres an telephone operators in
but you gie me acawat first licht moula ah
moula ma faither wants ticawhim seumas eftir his ain
to strike her ah lcawyeir heid aff moula faither
cold caum calm caunil candlecawcall chap knock chaumer bedroom
in the field its coldcawspelt out needs that were
or naitral for me ticawaff yeir heid puddok ay
perth wey be shuir ancawin an pey yeir respeks
cry me andrey seerghyeevich youcawme yeir honor ferapont the
maks oot she wad raithercawhim eftir hir faither auld
made up ma mynd ticawthe bairn seumas eftir ma
hen privileged civilised society theycawit bit we ve seen
the daith valgerd ye cancawme hen hertit ah can
lad at bak cam ticawaff hiz dug wesna a
ed ah think yi shouldcawit a day cammy dimps
greens to visible stew jistcawme kermit dimps fuckin crazy
cammy leap frog dimps jistcawme kermit ih stevie boy
is a universal feature ocawcentre interaction or gif this
thae work ongoin work oancawcentre leid orr 2003 wull
gunlöd but ma faither wadcawme a couart an that
wee bit hirpil ah wadnacawit a gammie leg juist
a man sterts philosophisin yecawthat philosophy or mebbe juist
ae day sic wunds wulcawme frae the warld o
a sair struissil gin acawthe panser wul ye direk
broun riggs the maws wulcawye frae whan the sie
rest an frae the brainchescawa wumman sits hir lane
mab for mysie haird hebetrotcawhir this tellin hir ti
the queen wantit him ticawin an see hir this
ah d pey hir acawti be freinlie lyke pepper
wir still feelin fine andcawn ye the pittenweem farankenstein
gin ah micht ah lcawon thaim bi muinlicht chap
or frae oor maisters macbethcawthaim lat me see thaim
sairie anterkest thai desydit ticawa counsail o weir an
shadey thoucht wid hae ticawa doctor tess laughs loudly
nicht didna hae tyme ticawfur halp the rid douglas
bot we didna wiss ticawit doun sae we biggit
thorfinn ir ye gaun ticawme a creiminal anaw orm
for revenge agin macbeth thaircawti airms wad kittil up
they bigg us up ticawus doun again macduff syne
an a panser reddies ticawye awaw ti savitie a
doon the morn wid youcawem doon for her jonsar
door bit greedy wid youcawhame my sticks jonsar eck
me trummil syne ye cancawme a lassie bairn g
naeb die aunsirs whan acawsyne the kitchen loun brings
an reinged abraid wi thecawthrou o youth heid the
this tyme furth we lcawye yerls the first that
guid at awthin they recawd tae dae frae fushin
ah hud whit ye dcawa full an active social
ah said awready wi couldcawit a day an then
second century ad eternitie ahcawma chairiot up til the
got a builder in m642: cawaw the prefabs doon f643:
says right i m gonnacawaw they doon f643: and
heidstrang is that whit yecawit it s in ma
hae never been walcum theycawme the inglishwumman ahint ma
everywhere sae ye d bettercawcanny [audience laughs] [?]nae a sense this ain[/?] erm we
the day ye d bettercawcanny mrs eejit said because
they re baith popular fictioncawit whit ye will romance
but then what do yecaworiginal people that was born
was self employed what yecawsub contract m608: oh right
nine a place fur awthingcawit the bedroom an go
riddils shuirlie it dis thaycawhim sae for he lykes
line stew mibi wi shouldcawit a day guys mean
pause understandable pause wi kincawit a day or or
benjie and an athletic journalistcawd crossby an chinless wunner
m608: true f637: hopscotch theycawit noo but we cawed
so they weren t gonnaecawit the potato carrot pea
aboot oatcakes an stuff theycawthat breid bread f606: mmhm
as they kin be theycawthum the heavenly dancers dancers
weird brightly coloured birds thatcawan yammir each tae its
the tractor an bogie ancawawa the knott girse that
106 while mony submissions didcawfor an expandit provision o
go tae bed in itcawit the dining room an
room an dine in itcawit the kitchen an well
can t be bothered tocawhairst een lown dayset a
you had tae start andcawthe rope f640: can you
peep show we used taecawit because it was the
hurl your gir and cleekcawyour ropes and bounce your
salesman i m awa taecawoot yon twa load o
in scotland 2 a generalcawfor screivit evidence wis published

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