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and processed on disk orcdrom however as in many
paper 17 or in thecdrom or by examining their
of publication on disk orcdrom or increasingly over the
others we recently launched acdrom resource that was issued
chocolate factory extract in thecdrom the notion of genre
an oncome o welsh leidcdroms the board sets oot
and development of welsh languagecdroms the board sets out
incorporates the use of interactivecdroms videos and a wide
yer ain thochts an yecdbe baith hyne awa in
wis even looder an yecdhear em fae hyne awa
hyne awa fae aabody yecdthink yer ain thochts an
redd o tae faar wecdsee e coo stannin a
o e palins faar icdsee e rabbits runs weel
wis fresh an crummochie yecdsee faar e little craiters
watterins at wis faar eycdwyde richt intill e burn
meevement at least neen yecdjist see though eir wings
tae shape eir lives yecdniver get awa fae e
wi eir eggs ir yecdswap em for groceries fin
nests fin ey swarmt eycdbe richt veecious ye d
be ugly divvels bit eycdfairly think an i half
for fresh scraps gin eycdget aff wi t an
state o holy matrimony yecdsee e silver roadies ey
o e spring sin yecdsee fine ey were enjoyin
be accident or intention eycdset up a scraicht at
ir a honey bee yecdtell if ey were roused
say whotten bonny an yecdfeel rale pleaset wi yersel
aye ere broodin an yecdniver let yersel feel ower
ye cd see yersel yecdsee e cliff wi e
cam till an eyn yecdsee yersel ye cd see
aa richt tee an icdget vrocht awa at ma
up tee till t yecdharly see t i nippit
hell o a din itcdmak tee gin e win
i ay likit it yecdlook throwe e windae stracht
middle o a linth yecdpit e lowse eyns throwe
nae at ticht for yecdsee throwe t bit still
shop in krieglach at yecdbuy em ere it wis
em be wis aa icddee in e mornin i
brak em even if wecdget it oot in time
skeps wis made o yecdmak strae mats wi em
e corn parks afore yecdenter a binder it s
be oot o sicht yecdsee nae parks nor hooses
heid o e parks kyecdwanner oot an in an
at some o e trockcda been stappit intill twa
wintit tae be bathert yecda coontit e number o
an e only thing atcda deen t wis e
bit a weel keepit yecda identifeet e kins o
e flees tae see facdate faistest bit deil care
twas if nae threes yecday tell be e different
taste for aa at yecdaye knack e sugary bits
nae picker wi ye yecdaye try e claas o
fit a bit o thochtcddee bit fin e kinna
it wis at deep yecddig in e tae o
o e aal loch yecdeasy see e shapes o
get e fire goin shecdfair rattle e poker ower
rope pulleys as weel yecdfairly gar e weers twang
fitted at e moo yecdfairly speed up e gaitherin
hoose wi three trochs yecdfull fae e ootside een
fine tae think at fowkcdget e best fae e
e first quairt chance wecdget e upshot wis at
at e alpine huts yecdget refreshments ere an at
for a jyle till icdget till e door e
back o e byre yecdgraip e muck oot fae
an in due time yecdhear e black seed pods
some makkin nae soon yecdhear like e butterflees bit
in e normal coorse yecdhear ony vyackles comin ben
fit e space at yecdiver imagine it wis a
wis last ear an yecdkeep e back door open
side o e grate yecdkeep it goin on aa
tae pack e grun yecdmak a gweed bishop oot
touchin e grun as yecdmanage a park o stooks
o e post as yecdmanage e dose tae be
aside e bog though yecdonly tell t fae e
i d fun oot icdopen e lock an shut
ben e road an yecdpeek oot o e fower
aboot in e dark icdrin up e stair at
be e quarry face icdsee a bit o carvin
fedders blueichtie veins far yecdsee e bleed pulsin nyaakit
o t at nicht icdsee e room fine an
e trees an syne yecdsee e steep girsy slopes
growin bigger ilky day yecdsee e wasps rovin oot
back in e evenin wecdsee it wis jist bizzin
scattert ower e fleer yecdset e fire wi paper
be ower hait for yecdshuffle e fedders aboot an
in e room an yecdsit at e table in
or e peoples journal yecdsit ere readin as lang
wis tae see if icdspy ony o e buggers
geed oot again an yecdsweer e craiter wis willin
an noo an aan yecdtak a teet at e
e skeeliest kinna jobbies yecdtry an nae muckle winner
wun intae baaies syne yecduse e baas twa ir
windaes aa roon s yecdwatch e rain spittin on
kinna lad a buddy yecdspik till aathing cam intae
eggs an butter en yecdgey near manage wintin pennies
s i niver thocht yecdlippen richt on at fowk
buddy can get bit yecdniver be richt yer leen
wis niver thocht o yecdsee it hid heen a
bit ere wis naething wecddee for its wing an
brakfist ere wis naething icddee ma muscles hid a
richt gweed freens an icdsee ere d been something
fire wisna closed up yecda easy used it i
fullt wi milk bit itcdeasy been something a lot
stretches o bigger trees yecdeasy tell at es wis
linin an nae wye yecddee at withoot gettin stung
jyle o a place yecda pitten in storage heaters
tap te tae dichtin yecdaye hae a dook in
fin it deet doon yecdaye kittlet up wi a
a far awa caa yecdget a langer rest bit
twine yer ain rapes yecdget baas o coir yarn
territory weel stakit oot yecdgey near feel like christ
jist a richt pest yecdharly get redd o tae
it wis a job yecdricht enjoy gin ye wis
tae split up till yecdsee twa smaa pucklies an
a word o agreement yecdsee we wisna gn tae
be a quick frost yecdsee yer trails again fine
park s afaa fine yecdsettle wi yer back till
on an for aa yecdthink bouncin like a rubber
wid mak o t yecdthink i wis minin on
putten doon widden polies yecdwalk on jist a touch
licht o a paraffin lampcdye rise an gie yer
cam a soon an icdjist mak oot at a
dirl yer fingers an itcdbe deil an aa in
eein up yer video ancdtae cam back an chore
range was farrer n icdsee an it hid carved
heid wis doon an wecdsee she wis lickin a
an lachin an sarah icdsee wintin tae jine in
well m811: [inaudible] f812: ofcdsingles and but see it
wis aa aboot nae maircdjock we baith turnt awa
doot it wis afore icdwalk fit i wis awaar
oot mair sae cis icdhear a bittie o sighin
roon t an afore icdturn ma heid it zippit
as i likit nae breathcdi get in a meenit
stair as far s icdjudge i d hae a
forget thir s cutting acdwi chantin tibetan lamas owerset
tae twistin binder twine icdsweer at wid be aboot
fare up your your onecda burger king and then
okay f1101: aye maybe thecdplayer will come on later
the items in this firstcdare likely to be very
two groups we bought acdfeaturing the first one and
ve put on your favouritecdf1102: mm f1101: pink [note: recording cut here - copyrighted music]
i suppose f1154: yeah anycdgossip f1155: mm mm not
on the top or acdf632: mmhm f646: and then
we expect that by thencdtechnology will have advanced to
as a book and oncdwe expect that by then
it would be like acdsingle so you would come
7 available in spice incdformat or from historic scotland
it s available in thecdin the phrase going a
were younger you always boughtcdsingles now i ve got
they are on the snpcdwhich is now remaindered but
english grammar digital resources oncdsuch as romanticism the wife
to himself bowie on thecdwhile his huge pot of
4 christian christian writes thecdpeople have just phoned disks
lyrics of skarr s latestcdshaved and broken crack the

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