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minced onion serve with crispsceleryand carrot sticks fontina dip
another hour serve with peasceleryand potatoes angy s ginger
cored finely sliced 1 headceleryfinely sliced 2 oz walnuts
1st carrots pots parsnips applecelerymushrooms onion seasoning parsley salt
nuts 2 sticks finely choppedcelery1 green pepper finely chopped
chop very finely cucumber applecelerygreen pepper add segments from
1 med onion chopped 4celerysticks chopped finely 2 tblspns
veg casserole chop green pepperceleryboil 5 mins chop onion
tbsp french dressing salt pepperceleryapple walnut salad 3 red
clove garlic crushed 2 stockscelerychopped 1 red pepper 1
large carrots sliced 1 stickcelerysliced 2 bay leaves 3
pie boiling fowl onion carrotcelery3 tblsp butter 4 flour
turkey in strips 4 stalkscelery1 green 1 yellow 1

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