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protesters were held in eachcelland how many female protesters
period of temporary confinement tocellfrom half an hour to
term status whereas confinement tocellis temporary pauline mcneill so
question about temporary confinement tocellmy understanding is that prison
confine a prisoner to theircelltemporarily if desirable due to
temporarily tae the cauld prisoncellwhaur he tholed fufteen fellie
local jail in the samecellas some poor idiot of
it feels like a jailcellf943: it is a jail
f943: it is a jailcellit s about the size
it s just an ordinarycellbut the staff have phoney
example kilvean cill bheathain religiouscellof st bean reputedly a
been unable to leave hiscellto go to the library
leaving chopin alone in theircellon the return journey they
in prison nine to acellsays maley who was released
to one hour in acellbut i do not think
make off with your walletcellphone and i pod but
mr pimp mumbled into hiscellphone the hooker tottered up
keep his picture in hiscellif he wants to and
dug hahn the senator scellmaister lours again as he
tried to speak in thecells gloom his voice sounded
in the half light thecellstank of dampness and squalor
have to scrub the wholecellbed platform and all with
one is a monk scellwith nothing but a bed
am again in my weecellthe sun sinking slowly over
there was someone in thecellwith him i am james
and he cam by hercelland looked in but wouldna
a convicted felon in hiscelli d as weill hae
let him out of thecellevery night i felt down
worrying about sharing a smallcellwith a real sex maniac
may sit quiet as acellof monks and in blue
them to call it thecellor to use the accurate
the window of my littlecellit seems to be lying
set upon him in hiscellnone of that happens at
his faither nae the lifecellhe d thocht he d
hame wad be a lifecellinno yon hinneycaimb he d
body the dankness of thecelland the salt of the
it s not a paddedcellas i d more than
throu the bars o hiscellthe burds he haed never
but jimmy now leaves thecelldoor open when he s
they do not have incellsanitation it was only when
it does not have incelltoilets they did not see
like haar as the rochcellwaws coorse wi damp an
the gloomy atmosphere of thecellinstantly provoked a memory in

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