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recently by the ltsn subjectcentresstella began as a cti
individual institutions and of nationalcentressuch as the cti centre
1989 to 2000 the cticentreswere superseded by the learning
will become denuded of teachingcentresof artistic excellence and be
s1m 1251 discrimination against teachingcentresof artistic excellence lodged on
kenneth gibson discrimination against teachingcentresof artistic excellence that the
the work they perform ascentresof excellence and for the
fisheries including the development ofcentresof excellence and innovation support
to aberdeen or dundee ourcentresof excellence are overstrained the
needs schools which provide nationalcentresof excellence that any change
aw go tae the sportscentresor leisure centres or something
the sports centres or leisurecentresor something wi this f606:
bi the cooncil fur leisurecentresparklans far younglins micht play
activities such as leisure advicecentreswhich are crucial care groups
classified as outstations or occasionalcentresgiven the implications for centres
centres given the implications forcentresin scotland s1o 395 16
cause of scottish centres scottishcentresprovides facilities where school children
to the cause of scottishcentresscottish centres provides facilities where
creating new one stop culturalcentressimilar to irish heritage centres
centres similar to irish heritagecentresto serve as examples of
in genealogical and historical archivecentresacts as a barrier to
any genealogical and historical archivecentresand what the reasons are
historical research in historical archivecentresare informed in advance of
is a need for morecentresfor genealogical and historical research
accommodation in schuils an communitycentresan siller for teachers salaries
accommodation in schools and communitycentresand payment for teachers salaries
is generated such as businesscentresand serviced office accommodation to
in the establishment of accommodationcentresas opposed to sensitive dispersal
the changing rooms of sportscentresand swimming pools i urge
give to those museums heritagecentresand historic attractions whose visitor
the ireland model of heritagecentreswhich serve as an exemplar
quite successful at runnin callcentresand all kinds of things
centre a range of callcentresand skills are required in
talkers in the southern callcentresand the more sensitive folk
little about jobs in callcentresbeing sweat shop low paid
to be developed the callcentrescan compete with a low
required to operate the callcentresif the committee considers the
are required in some callcentresin bute you were calling
it was not southern callcentresit was customers accessing the
are trying to attract callcentresmarket the area as having
was particularly noticed in callcentresthere was an indigenous hebridean
the establishment of maggie scentresand if so what assistance
the establishment of traditional artcentresthroughout scotland mr frank mcaveety
seek to renew declining towncentresand give support to suburban
and give support to suburbancentresby re invigorating town centre
out of town and citycentresprovide a national framework for
improve the ability of towncentresto compete with such developments
go through pharmacies in towncentreswould be under threat as
practice of widely dispersing veterinarycentresand improve animal health and
private partnerships to improve urbancentresset up a task force
to improve its services scottishcentreswanted to access lottery funding
for new work force developmentcentresas part of our positive
and new work force developmentcentresover the past months susan
carrying forward its recommendations thecentreswill establish work force plans
visiting 16 towns and citycentresacross the uk notes that
continue to live in citycentresand not just shop there
offer easy access to citycentresand the channel tunnel recognising
private car from our citycentresand to lay on proper
will burn down our citycentresrather than let you government
which states that pre schoolcentresare no longer required to
closure of community wings andcentresincluding the abbey row centre
the scottish association of lawcentresthe govan law centre citizens
for voluntary services and volunteercentresand by funding key organisations
shows that dissatisfaction with nursingcentreson key issues including work
the world s key creativecentreson the other hand when
four key objectives renewing urbancentresseeking to reverse decades of
regretted your decision to allowcentresto amend estimates at the
regret the decision to allowcentresto amend estimates at the
sqa s decision to allowcentresto amend estimates at the
review that requirement and allowcentresto appeal for the grades
in order that day carecentrescan continue to provide and
will provide to see morecentresestablished s1o 5811 11 mr
can also be used bycentresto provide their candidates with
monteith s comments on scottishcentreswhich provide an excellent standard
health services including drop incentresto reflect the unpredictable nature
32 local authorities the fourcentresacross scotland run by scottish
across scotland run by scottishcentresare not able to apply
of local authority run animalcentresif so which local authorities
consideration to making day carecentresa statutory provision so that
a plea for day carecentresi am connected to the
or ambulatory care and diagnosticcentresin district general hospitals or
people currently attend day carecentresin total and as a
matheson s1m 1233 day carecentreslodged on 3 october 2000
care homes hospitals and daycentresmore exercise healthier people an
1233 christine grahame day carecentresthat the parliament welcomes the
valuable contribution which day carecentresthroughout scotland make to continued
are offered by day carecentreswould cost social services or
rather than just locally scottishcentresmust be able to access
creating a network of learningcentresaround the country s1o 4935
to set up time outcentress1o 3809 14 margaret smith
secondary schools linking with sciencecentresand using leading scottish engineers
rather than dreaming of conferencecentresthe ministers pledged to take
and social work services scottishcentresprovides specialist courses for young
go intae like a communitycentresan go in f606: mmhm
sector developing community health servicecentresby bringing together more treatment
to establish community health servicecentrestransforming the health of scotland
district general hospitals or regionalcentresbusiness bulletin no 134 2001
been widely distributed through jobcentreslibraries general practitioner surgeries citizens
that the 44 healthy livingcentresare having on health improvements
teams and to develop jointcentressuch as for health and
the whole enterprise however suchcentresfind it difficult to get
an organisation such as scottishcentresis that because it is
accessible areas such as shoppingcentresto attract those who rarely
authorities have to support thosecentresto do so would address
voluntary nature of those vitalcentresand bring them from the
were those instructions issued tocentresby the sqa in august
we tried to accommodate thosecentresthat were very keen to
national association of rape crisiscentreslodged on 14 march 2001
do you find there arecentrescause in in bridge of
this whatever the cause thecentresof glasgow and edinburgh this
apply to one fund scottishcentresmust apply to the 32
of the scottish nhs directcentress1w 12252 dr sylvia jackson
panned through them or shoppingcentresm818: [inaudible] m819: built right
not exist at the leadingcentresof english where i was
be published and displayed incentreswhere people who have been
of the plains as productioncentresand depositories for the island
the viability of driving testcentresclassified as outstations or occasional
of them as museums youthcentreseven converted into flats churches
used as kilns in thecentresof hay or corn stacks
that the proposal in questioncentreson rule 43 8 as
about each candidate are accuratecentreshave already reported a substantial
persuaded to award money tocentresthat are outwith their boundaries
to get staff all thecentresthat we visited are seriously
with the second issue whichcentreson enforcement of that testing
to be helpful to thecentresbecause of course they too
an hour because telecom servicecentresltd has put its rate
this will in turn helpcentresboth to arrive at accurate
diverse and inclusive society withcentresof economic power moving to
has made available to allcentresthe examples of candidate performances
always been up to thecentresto decide when they want
the reduction of acute receivingcentresto only two for the
waste renewing urban and suburbancentreswe seek to renew declining
and siting of food distributioncentresand what response it has
practicality of establishing regional culturalcentresbased on the ireland model
become one of the generativecentresof european and north atlantic
pubs and clubs in thecentresof glasgow edinburgh dundee aberdeen
still one of the nervecentresof the russian orthodox church
reason for the additional delaycentreson the definition of personal
the value for money testcentreson the track record of
best funded of their 26centresthroughout britain is that right
how the role of touristcentreswill develop in the light
the statements provided by allcentreson their best role in
bureaux we have two advicecentresone in bute and one
roses yellow marigolds with blackcentresmignonette tam thooms balm and
and the farming year itcentreson a young woman inadvertently
and did not push thecentrestoo hard mr macintosh that
problems with data handling andcentresyet the minutes do not
and therefore unreasonable a thiscentresyou re aye speakin aboot
managing the contact with thecentreswas not my responsibility at
the normal rule is thatcentrescan submit an appeal on
in the convention my disappointmentcentreson the fact that the
athin thi public sector cawcentresan telephone operators in particular
see it in the shoppingcentresthey have the f643: uh
diverse an inclusive society wicentreso economic pouer flittin tae

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