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the late seventeenth and eighteenthcenturiesa large proportion of the
late sixteenth seventeenth and eighteenthcenturiesa literate household in scotland
of the eighteenth and nineteenthcenturiesand much of the detail
into the eighteenth and nineteenthcenturiesas well [inhale] this week
in the eighteenth and nineteenthcenturiesin england separate wine and
later eighteenth and early nineteenthcenturiesmen were the ones who
late eighteenth and early nineteenthcenturiesoats gradually became the main
in the eighteenth and nineteenthcenturiespublished in 1995 by birgit
of the eighteenth and nineteenthcenturieswas expected to produce a
throughout the eighteenth and nineteethcenturieswas to adopt further spelling
in the fifteenth and sixteenthcenturieshaiku are normally restricted to
through the fifteenth and sixteenthcenturiesuntil the point at which
in the fourteenth and fifteenthcenturieswas limited the only detailed
of the fifteenth and sixteenthcenturieswhen scots was a state
the north east in precedingcenturies1 3 post pictish north
is more visible in thecenturiespreceding the union of crowns
came over to mallorca sevencenturiesago to assist jaime i
the [click] sixteenth and seventeenthcenturiesbut moving on later into
expansion and stayed for severalcenturiesunder the inspiration of jaime
[inhale] before the norman conquestcenturiesbefore before 1066 anglo saxon
soller but what of thecenturiesdirectly after the conquest a
taught in this landscape sixcenturiesearlier llull was the figure
llull might have done sixcenturiesearlier where she was taught
late 15th and early 16thcenturiesfor the final three weeks
of the period 13th 16thcenturiesgreat literature in scots was
upon the 16th and 17thcenturiesjack shows valuably that scottish
that in the 15 16thcenturiesscottis was the language of
in the 17th and 18thcenturiessuilven in the north and
know a norse person ofcenturiesago and eh then the
imitate for the next twocenturies20th century writer robert garioch
of the 19th and 20thcenturiesthe limousin is the object
as we hae been furcenturiesin aiberdeen tae politicians priests
inno the year 3000 halecenturieshid fleen past sin the
sticky wi swyte archeologists duntcenturiesinno trays barin brittle banes
border however in the followingcenturiesit developed along very different
has developed around agriculture forcenturiesthe earliest map available to
for two or three morecenturieson the road to independence
so on were in previouscenturiesi appreciate that the minister
music and poetry of previouscenturieslike many parents i have
that was given in previouscenturiesto other important public utilities
s commercial woollen products forcenturiesand continue to connect us
crushed under libraries lo thirtycenturiesof literature have curved your
separated by the valley severalcenturiesago a dangerous wolf menaced
of the incan workers fivecenturiesago hewing rocks from the
way in poetry over thecenturieshave experienced not only a
male inspired nightmare so twocenturiesearlier janet little refuses to
aince mair back throu thecenturiesah reinge athort thrie thousan
o the continuitie throu thecenturiesfae afore burns tae the
in cults cromar over thecenturiescrab became craib craibs were
and humour more than twocenturieson burns speaks to us
been various attempts over thecenturiesto translate burns s poems
with various ingredients over thecenturiesand still has a somewhat
just as intensely down sixcenturiesto the world of ramon
gallons continue in use forcenturiesindeed the english standards sent
m1008: been doing it forcenturies[laugh] but f1009: [laugh] m1008:
continuance of the ritual overcenturiesa rationalisation of the act
have haunted scots over thecenturiesand which are often with
s song culture over thecenturieshas been the loss of
had many names over thecenturiessnd s etymological note still
catalunya a hand over thecenturiesto ward off castille in
[inhale] latin was also forcenturiesthe natural medium for writing
in the world for manycenturiesparticularly in south east asia
war an peace ower thecenturiessodgers in world war ii
very much greater before ninecenturiesof erosion took their toll
hid been ere for unkentcenturiesan nae haein got clear
scots for at least twocenturieshas not been the language
a bilingual area for manycenturiesmillar points out r m
it has done for furrowedcenturiesto watch a plough horse
tons o granite ower thecenturiesstraikit wi tourmaline an beryl
and indigenous language it iscenturiesold and dates back to
surprised at how kind thecenturieshad been to the pagan
have also been used forcenturiesin land contracts as the
has borne the weight ofcenturiesmiller and wheelwright jogger roustabout
and has worked well forcenturiesto provide the island with
sye i da rhythm ocenturiescoarn fell in swaars o
in which women have forcenturiesplayed a public role in
quietly breathing through the canvascenturiessleek peasant miss his brush
of the eu but forcenturiesbeforehand the snp agrees with
a place of consequence forcenturiesit arguably reached its zenith
part of rural scotland forcenturiesrecent events have highlighted the
style of prose in thecenturiesto come plain speaking based
12 11 2000 doon thecenturiesdaunced the sang prood an
establishment owre the laist wheencenturiesthar wis ae joiners business
ey dune doun throwe thecenturiesyin tends tae leuk aback
an tirls at s liftedcenturieso haerts she d be
a borth ick waitter twaecenturieso life i roberton pairish

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