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style with some late twentiethcenturyaccretions a sound system perhaps
of burns in the twentiethcenturyafter the flood in the
and its discussion of twentiethcenturyanalyses of burns s language
of pakistan in the twentiethcenturyand burns f963: mm mmhm
of scholarship throughout the twentiethcenturyand in the development of
which evolved in the twentiethcenturyand which replaced the cult
become prominent in the twentiethcenturyas a result of her
on the radio that twentiethcenturybabies are bathed too often
part of the late twentiethcenturybarry continued the land s
latter part of the twentiethcenturybrought immense social and cultural
the mid to late twentiethcenturybut look closer and you
stepped out of her twentiethcenturyclothes and into the cool
the beginning of the twentiethcenturydavidson was undoubtedly trying to
had just survived further twentiethcenturydepradations its stones have been
retain into the late twentiethcenturydespite the odds the explosion
les parapluiex in late twentiethcenturydress citizens unfurled umbrellas as
about glasgow in the nineteenthcenturyearly twentieth century where where
sort of er mid twentiethcenturyer pre and post partition
sixteenth century into the twentiethcenturyerm urquhart is a mid
like a competent late twentiethcenturyfather i m wrong about
last decade of the twentiethcenturyhas seen the expansion of
had in the early twentiethcenturyin scotland m741: mmhm m605:
still in the early twentiethcenturyinterwar period when lewis grassic
scottish prose from the sixteenthcenturyinto the twentieth century erm
is the penguin translation twentiethcenturyj m cohen but this
dread just as the twentiethcenturyliz lochhead presents the mary
nineteen in the early twentiethcenturym741: mmhm m605: right to
revival of the early twentiethcenturym741: right m605: and er
significant legacies to the twentiethcenturymaxwell s pioneering researches into
brash face of late twentiethcenturymediterranean travel certainly ambience lingers
saicont half o the twentiethcenturyor did it aw stoap
repertoire of the late twentiethcenturypopular music group pentangle renamed
2000 liz lochhead meantime twentiethcenturyscotland has not lacked women
talk meaningfully about early twentiethcenturyscottish culture m741: mmhm m605:
work of the early twentiethcenturyscottish writer catherine carswell her
society of the late twentiethcenturyshows that a satisfying sense
looking at in the twentiethcenturyso but we have to
early years of the twentiethcenturyso he would set them
the end of the twentiethcenturythe great mother is staging
paradise today though late twentiethcenturytourism and expansionism stealthily threatens
funds palma accepts late twentiethcenturytourists even those who look
is doing in his twentiethcenturytranslation so this is the
the modern translator the twentiethcenturytranslator has read urquhart and
its mark indelibly upon twentiethcenturywestern thought and culture his
female perspective before the twentiethcenturywhen women writers began to
the nineteenth century early twentiethcenturywhere where f963: mm m762:
prolific nineteenth to early twentiethcenturywriter peter rosegger has made
s translated in the twentiethcenturyyou ve got this on
of scotland by the fourteenthcenturyand was often one of
the end of the fourteenthcenturyby the early fifteenth century
and by the early fourteenthcenturycommercial traffic from england flanders
thing beginning with the fourteenthcenturyflourishing as a literary medium
treatises were translated from fourteenthcenturyfrench books they were for
to amendments in the fourteenthcenturyit is included in the
recorded that in the fourteenthcenturyking david ii made a
er from the late fourteenthcenturyon [click] [inhale] and when
the end of the fourteenthcenturyon is a clear language
the end of the fourteenthcenturyon you get a steady
grazing lands by the fourteenthcenturythe king s territories were
as late as the fourteenthcenturythis language was still known
since early in the fourteenthcenturywhen fortune as dame makes
appear in the late sixteenthcenturyamong the earliest are three
example in the early sixteenthcenturyand another which indicates only
creep in during the sixteenthcenturyand by the late seventeenth
situation in the mid sixteenthcenturyand subsequent sixteenth and seventeenth
coming in during the sixteenthcenturyand they can in some
the end of the sixteenthcenturyand they reached their climax
in scots since the sixteenthcenturyand this trend was latterly
like fiction in the sixteenthcenturyare the histories [click] they
the end of the sixteenthcenturybeginning of the seventeenth century
appear from the late sixteenthcenturybut do not seem to
the middle of the sixteenthcenturycereals played a secondary role
the histories in the sixteenthcentury[click] [inhale] now the prose
prose evolved in the sixteenthcenturydeveloping out of a native
third quarter of the sixteenthcenturydrink was certainly being sold
the end of the sixteenthcenturyduring the reign of james
scots from the early sixteenthcenturyedinburgh burgh records for 1523
and subsequent sixteenth and seventeenthcenturyeditors were satisfied to accept
from well say sixteenth fifteenthcenturyehm f948: mmhm mmhm mmhm
but staying in the sixteenthcenturyfor the time being we
written in the late sixteenthcenturyhere innermessan is one of
end of the f- sixteenthcenturyhistories are arguably the most
the knights templar later sixteenthcenturypilgrims created a stairway representing
half of the large sixteenthcenturypint thus conceivably the alternative
by 1348 in the sixteenthcenturypirates plied the mediterranean with
collections of sixteenth and seventeenthcenturypoetry there is also an
for example in the sixteenthcenturyportugal and spain were politically
inner ear [inhale] the sixteenthcenturyprose writer who blends these
last quarter of the sixteenthcenturyround about the same time
still very fashionable in sixteenthcenturyscotland and there is plenty
guid sisters to the sixteenthcenturyscots of the ane satyre
we ll turn to sixteenthcenturyscots prose in general what
[click] [inhale] [student cough] the sixteenthcenturyscots prose writers would not
as two poles of sixteenthcenturyscots prose writing [inhale] leslie
the beginning of the sixteenthcenturyscots was certainly the state
versa all through the sixteenthcenturyscottish people had been interacting
of several sixteenth and seventeenthcenturystandards available to him that
prose writers of the sixteenthcenturytend to fall into the
the assizes throughout the sixteenthcenturythe acceptance of heaping allowances
the middle of the sixteenthcenturythe indictments become more formulaic
the end of the sixteenthcenturythe whole of deeside east
locating and measuring surviving sixteenthcenturytrone standard weightsthat we have
an inn and its sixteenthcenturywell a plaque declares that
during the fifteenth and sixteenthcenturywhen salvador arrived the monastery
you go in the sixteenthcenturyyou don t really have
even in the mid eighteenthcentury150 years after its glory
is included in several eighteenthcenturyand less relevantly romantic period
traditional song in the eighteenthcenturyand my final example of
in the increasingly anglicised eighteenthcenturyand significant still in the
followed up in the eighteenthcenturyand the nineteenth century this
of place with their eighteenthcenturybroadsheet overtones what gives them
popular tradition in the eighteenthcenturyby thomas crawford itself however
scotland in the late eighteenthcenturycorresponded to kupper p 51
situated in the scottish eighteenthcenturycultural context in addition to
an important area of eighteenthcenturycultural life as mentioned previously
re beginning to get eighteenthcenturyer genteel manners coming in
novel form in the eighteenthcenturyhad she considered female poetic
in hamburg in the eighteenthcenturyhertz mentions many favourite poems
little attacks all three eighteenthcenturyhierarchies in relation to literary
almost kind of eighteenth nineteenthcenturyidea that you would be
mentioned previously the late eighteenthcenturyin particular was a transitional
the beginning of the eighteenthcenturyin the time of allan
in france the later eighteenthcenturyis or was until recently
selection of women in eighteenthcenturylowland scotland and on the
in scotland in the eighteenthcenturyother playwrights of merit who
romantic period and an eighteenthcenturypoet however whereas burns himself
andrews pint reliable early eighteenthcenturyreferences describe this enhanced size
europe in the late eighteenthcenturyrosemary selle s name was
11 in the late eighteenthcenturyschiller had made a distinction
the song culture of eighteenthcenturyscotland thomas crawford comments that
a provocative aspect of eighteenthcenturyscottish culture is its transitional
print based view of eighteenthcenturyscottish culture with the section
scholarship has shown how eighteenthcenturyscottish historians subordinated their own
and interactive way in eighteenthcenturyscottish life in addition as
and interactive nature of eighteenthcenturyscottish lowland culture what we
worth and in the eighteenthcenturysir alexander fraser tytler a
only in the later eighteenthcenturyso that its strong ballad
her contribution to the eighteenthcenturysong tradition she is representative
in the eighteenth and nineteenthcenturythe changes in prose writing
eighteenth century and the nineteenthcenturythis is the way forward
germany from the late eighteenthcenturyto the 1970s analyses in
the beginning of the eighteenthcenturyuntil the time say of
form which came into eighteenthcenturyuse via alan ramsay s
miguel de vargas an eighteenthcenturyvisitor to the island wrote
2 roger lonsdale ed eighteenthcenturywomen poets an oxford anthology
8 moira ferguson ed eighteenthcenturywomen poets nation class and
to an interest in eighteenthcenturywomen poets will soon learn
in any study of eighteenthcenturywomen s writing and she
to the contribution of eighteenthcenturywomen the history of scottish
bringing back into the eighteenthcenturyworld picture the place of
houses date from the seventeenthcenturyand have wooden eaves and
of scots in the seventeenthcenturyas a formal public high
century beginning of the seventeenthcentury[click] [inhale] and what i
particularly in the mid seventeenthcenturycochran patrick 1876 however the
was impaired during the seventeenthcenturyenglish became the language of
crown that punctuated the seventeenthcenturyer urquhart was essentially a
recorded in the late seventeenthcenturyfor example in the poem
its decline in the seventeenthcenturyin fact innermessan s decline
pottage but in the seventeenthcenturyit was also used for
rare occurrences in the seventeenthcenturyof haver meaning oats specifically
goes back to the seventeenthcenturyoften the sheaves were set
is from a late seventeenthcenturysource and gives no indication
chapter sometime in the seventeenthcenturythe agnews of lochnaw became
writer from the mid seventeenthcenturythomas urquhart of cromarty we
the close of the seventeenthcenturywhen a new period definitely
urquhart is a mid seventeenthcenturywriter writing around about 1650
well back into the nineteenthcenturyand some of the detail
scots continued in the nineteenthcenturyand towards the end of
which survived until the nineteenthcenturyand two churches were constructed
an accretion of buildings nineteenthcenturyand ugly new build mostly
latter half of the nineteenthcenturyas recorded by keith williamson
were reported in the nineteenthcenturybut two more axes of
the end of the nineteenthcenturyeventually we found a bookshop
last quarter of the nineteenthcenturyf606: mmhm m1036: the result
like place in the nineteenthcenturyf963: mm mmhm m762: and
happened in the the nineteenthcenturyf963: mm yeah m762: i
throughout at least the nineteenthcenturyfrom political economy to national
second half of the nineteenthcenturyfye brose was among the
he had in the nineteenthcenturyhe is now receiving more
not talking about the nineteenthcenturyhere so we re not
style naval base late nineteenthcenturyhouses swelled the old hamlet
rich gaelic of the nineteenthcenturyin tiree and erm f606:
as us slang late nineteenthcenturyit also appears in american
at least the mid nineteenthcenturyit has only been by
1450s until the mid nineteenthcenturyit was this size of
things back to the nineteenthcenturynot a difficult task in
philosophical matrix for the nineteenthcenturynovel not just scott s
to her daughters the nineteenthcenturynovel provides many examples of
know populist books or nineteenthcenturynovels erm f963: mm mmhm
the main medium of nineteenthcenturypublic discussion and to name
editor of the vast nineteenthcenturyrecord edition of the acts
second half of the nineteenthcenturyreflected this attitude a completely
the end of the nineteenthcenturyscots orthography was in a
was set in the nineteenthcenturyso it wasn t a
last quarter of the nineteenthcenturythe croft was of about
the borders in the nineteenthcenturythe language does not correspond
went back to the nineteenthcenturythey were born in the
the cuber valley a nineteenthcenturytraveller described the landscape broadly
if not spiritual that nineteenthcenturytraveller who described soller s
it became fashionable for nineteenthcenturytravellers including byron and napoleon
the same until the nineteenthcenturytwo watercolours from that period
pressing disadvantage by the nineteenthcenturywhen the economy of the
markets until the mid nineteenthcenturywhen they were progressively replaced
his reception in the nineteenthcenturywhich reached its climax in
the 1790s and the nineteenthcenturywith green grow the rashes
scotland s participation in nineteenthcenturyworld empire mcdiarmid and co
the bens chang chi 8thcentury12 nicht at anchor do
hermit wang chang ling 8thcentury20 dule in the harem
ceitie yett tsui hao 8thcentury22 a warld apairt chang
leal wyfe chang chi 9thcentury34 gaun hame i the
chinese of chang chi 9thcenturya leal wyfe ai ye
chinese of chang chi 8thcenturybraw burds frae the bens
of wang chang ling 8thcenturydule in the harem wuthert
the day chang kuo 19thcenturyfrom the chinese kennawha 1st
chinese of chang chi 8thcenturynicht at anchor the muin
contents 1 orphan kennawha 1stcenturybc 2 south o the
ancient 2 baurlie do firstcenturybc 3 lyfe is lang
from the chinese kennawha 1stcenturybc baurlie green green the
from the chinese kennawha 7thcenturybc coronach ai whit haes
far back as the seventhcenturybc covering a period of
from the chinese kennawha secondcenturybc fechtin ootby the keep
contents 1 coronach kennawha 7thcenturybc lallans 45 1995 2
ootby the keep do 2ndcenturybc northwords 9 1996 5
from the chinese kennawha 1stcenturybc orphan whan ma mither
the benevenuto boy the firstcenturybc sculpture found at herculaneum
from the chinese kennawha 1stcenturybc south o the gret
from the chinese kennawha 1stcenturybc the ither syde ah
from the chinese kennawha 7thcenturybc the mukkil chairiot dinna
chinese of hsi chun 2ndcenturybc the sair weird ma
from the chinese kennawha firstcenturybc the tuim bed green
from the chinese kennawha 7thcenturybc weidae s yammer simmer
sair weird hsi chün 2ndcenturybc zed2o 6 1993 6
7 tuim bed kennawha 1stcenturybc zed2o 6 1993 8
the end of the fifteenthcenturyas evidenced by the following
occurs from the late fifteenthcenturyhenryson s fable the two
s practicks and two fifteenthcenturymanuscript copies to produce a
is recorded from the fifteenthcenturyon and originally seems to
great survivor of scottish fifteenthcenturypolitics william sinclair earl of
various forms from the fifteenthcenturysometimes qualified by the cereal
before a delicately carved fifteenthcenturystone cross now on the
elements and in the fifteenthcenturythe burgh laws dating back
the beginning of the fifteenthcenturywe have a scottish aristocrat
century by the early fifteenthcenturyyou find church charters having
teaching profession for the 21stcentury3 health and community care
end of the next 21stcenturya language or rather its
end o the neist 21stcenturya leid or mair like
forward and make the 21stcenturya milestone for the achievements
a position in the 21stcenturyas the nation s official
argued that in the 21stcenturybroadband is as important a
to expect from a 21stcenturyemployer and that will enable
is fit for the 21stcenturyentitlement cards 3 pauline mcneill
of responsibility in the 21stcenturyeurope in which we live
for manufacturing in the 21stcenturyfollowed by business motion 2
for manufacturing in the 21stcenturyfollowed by business motion 2
for manufacturing in the 21stcenturyfollowed by business motion 2
european leid o the 21stcenturyfor we hae faith in
european language of the 21stcenturyfor we have faith in
poverty has been alleviated 21stcenturyforms of vulnerability require policies
wanted to ask about 21stcenturygovernment does not part of
executive where in the 21stcenturygovernment level 3 budget the
as part of its 21stcenturygovernment programme s1w 14932 irene
to a vision of 21stcenturygovernment that includes a role
fraser head of the 21stcenturygovernment unit at the scottish
implementation team in the 21stcenturygovernment unit i hope that
new role for the 21stcenturyi am afraid that the
its people in the 21stcenturyi hope that we as
mid point of the 21stcenturyin order to optimise the
is essential in the 21stcenturyis given the same priority
are fit for the 21stcenturykaren whitefield does the minister
aboot consarns o the 21stcenturyles wheeler trains north east
great challenges of the 21stcenturyliving in harmony with the
example of that supposedly 21stcenturyphenomenon the control freak all
developing an effective modern 21stcenturypublic transport system for edinburgh
health service in the 21stcenturys1m 3310 tommy sheridan flood
unacceptable practice in the 21stcenturys1m 3933 robert brown current
civil registration in the 21stcenturys1w 19635 mr andrew welsh
of scotland in the 21stcenturys1w 26899 mary scanlon to
of scotland in the 21stcenturys1w 26900 mary scanlon to
of scotland in the 21stcenturys1w 26901 mary scanlon to
of scotland in the 21stcenturys1w 26902 mary scanlon to
of scotland in the 21stcenturys1w 26903 mary scanlon to
centre of government in 21stcenturyscotland lodged on 21 february
service delivery in a 21stcenturyscotland the presiding officer has
and work in the 21stcenturythat is why we are
scottish economy in the 21stcenturythe government is working in
them fit for the 21stcenturythe institutions were developed 50
young people in the 21stcenturytogether we can develop an
regulatory innovation in the 21stcenturytoronto 25 27 september 2002
new europe of the 21stcenturywe can leave to our
everyone wants in the 21stcenturywe must compete do better
proud of in the 21stcenturywe must deal with racism
is inappropriate for the 21stcenturywhat is seemly and dignified
lives on into the 21stcenturywhen i asked the minister
any society in the 21stcenturywill be the standard of
and succeed in the 21stcenturywith 20 000 modern apprentices
chinese kennawha first to secondcenturyad eternitie ah caw ma
the chinese kennawha ca 4thcenturythe littil leddie hir door
chinese kennawha first to secondcenturythe morn we die the
the close of the 18thcenturyalthough the english or scotch
the end of the 18thcenturyan embankment now had to
this name in the 18thcenturyand is mapped as such
two languages by the 18thcenturyand probably for a considerable
the poets of the 18thcenturyand the novelists and dramatists
round by 18th and 19thcenturyarchitectural accretions and it s
the end of the 18thcenturyas a complex jigsaw where
philosophical grammarians of the 18thcenturydid attempt to describe the
be traced from such 18thcenturygrammarians as william ward through
second half of the 18thcenturyhe subsequently became a successful
writings on renaissance and 18thcenturyhis argument is complex but
the end of the 18thcenturyjohn rickman clerk to the
the end of the 18thcenturymost of auchendryne were roman
late 17th and early 18thcenturynorth and south of the
prescriptive grammarians of the 18thcenturynotably robert lowth and lindley
the end of the 18thcenturyoutlining 12 arguments in favour
can be applied to 18thcenturypoems like christis kirk on
the end of the 18thcenturyrobert burns was advised by
more icons enormous 18th 19thcenturyscenic pictures excellent technique but
earlier than in england 18thcenturyscottish professors of rhetoric began
worth though in the 18thcenturysir alexander fraser tytler a
from mr innes s 18thcenturytarland speech speciman runs as
lowlands well into the 18thcenturythe previous scottish parliament spoke
second half of the 18thcenturythe records of upper deeside
took place in the 18thcenturyunder ramsay ferguson and burns
further back than the 18thcenturywhat its response is to
about whit i the 18thcenturywid hae been cried notions
for change in the 20thcentury1983 176 observed that what
the end of the 20thcenturya careful balance has to
renaissance o thi early 20thcenturyan moves tae improve thi
about the reasons why 20thcenturyand especially post war writers
mountain in the early 20thcenturyand possibly the summit in
texts are mainly by 20thcenturyauthors although often set in
have increased in the 20thcenturyespecially in urban scots görlach
first half of the 20thcenturyhugh macdiarmid douglas young maurice
major war of the 20thcenturyin europe had ended has
it intae its late 20thcenturymaik faimly therapy or mair
the style o late 20thcenturynovels greig s narrative perspective
the beginning of the 20thcenturyonly about 60 people in
that is a crude 20thcenturypolitical view that should not
writings of the early 20thcenturyrussian philosopher mikhail bakhtin bakhtin
in airlie an late 20thcenturyscottish societie an hou thae
ey until the early 20thcenturysee figure i 1 figure
account of the early 20thcenturystamp types of the russian
the linguists of the 20thcenturysuch as chomsky and halliday
invernessians well into the 20thcenturythe author s researches have
whole continent in the 20thcenturythe first and second world
readers i the airlie 20thcenturythe maist kenspeckle ensample o
the start o the 20thcenturythey discover t a secret
west early in the 20thcenturytoday haiku are being composed
community until the early 20thcenturywhen gaelic was replaced by
the beginning of the 20thcenturywhen haiku were first introduced
late 19th and early 20thcenturywork of otto jespersen and
been taught alongside such 20thcenturyworks as lord of the
the next two centuries 20thcenturywriter robert garioch believed that
demolition in the late 19thcenturyan inta the 1930s wis
harpers monthly chambers journal 19thcenturyand blackwoods magazine later ones
filled in during the 19thcenturyand later a district name
the beginning of the 19thcenturyas gaelic gave way to
canon have swung between 19thcenturybardolatry and the fierce critique
psalm tea ceremony the 19thcenturybritish prime minister william gladstone
the externally pleasant looking 19thcenturybuildings in the centre of
economic performance in the 19thcenturybut is today 19th and
community in the late 19thcenturychildren attended a small school
form established in the 19thcenturyclachnacuddin still the name of
country folk of the 19thcenturyscene 1 the hen finds
serious grammarians of the 19thcenturysuch as curme poutsma and
date from the late 19thcenturythat are now of little
back eyn o the 19thcenturythe brig wis made in
appear until the early 19thcenturythe only bilingual dictionaries of
ch ang kuo fan 19thcenturythertie thrie the day mair
were introduced in the 16thcenturyan opportunity of making the
is new in the 16thcenturyand that demand for fidelity
group 1 mime tape 16thcenturychurh music by william byrd
evolved briefly in the 16thcenturydeveloping out of the native
the end of the 16thcenturyeven the ones that take
victorious reformers in the 16thcenturyfor bakhtin the distinctive stylistic
the end of the 16thcenturyfor evidence of gaelic influence
argues that modern ie 16thcenturyfrench literature can aspire to
is part of a 16thcenturygenre of poetic advice that
of the period 13 16thcenturygreat literature in scots was
codified in the late 16thcenturyin scots by a scottish
the end of the 16thcenturyin the latinate vocabulary associated
crom timothy pont late 16thcenturymapped it accurately as craggie
of late 16th early 17thcenturypoetry then we need to
a powerful principle in 16thcenturyscotland and later and indeed
its status in late 16thcenturyscotland next week we ll
argument for rethinking late 16thcenturyscottish poetry and prose as
a new one in 16thcenturysociety and 2 translation is
sonnets a kind of 16thcenturyversion of the beatles norwegian
arrested in the late 16thcenturywe find the rise in
the end of the 16thcenturywhen the manuscript was composed
the end of the 16thcenturywhere caxton felt that such
language choice of the 16thcenturywriters decorously rather than politically
of scots in the 17thcenturyas a formal public high
the 17th century during thiscenturyat least 93 people were
some contempt in the 17thcenturyby pitcairne in the satire
king james in the 17thcenturyduring this century at least
in japan during the 17thcenturyezra pound 1895 1972 and
run by and for 17thcenturyfarm labourers get a life
crown that punctuated the 17thcenturyhe was essentially royalist he
the rise in the 17thcenturyof a range of non
source reading of a 17thcenturyscots gentleman poet it itself
writer from the mid 17thcenturysir thomas urquhart of cromarty
possibly the summit in 17thcenturytexts called scornivar sgurr perhaps
in japan during the 17thcenturythe imagists first introduced it
spoken in shetland until 17thcenturywaageng aftertaste hadd ony haert
constitutional developments of the 17thcenturywhich culminated in the bill
ch uang i early 8thcentury16 a fluit at loyang
21 luiv foraye rehaku 8thcentury22 pairtin frae a freind
around the 8th or 9thcenturyand learning more about today
chinese of tsui hao 8thcenturybi the ceitie yett a
ch uang i early 8thcenturykintrie houss ah plantit a
the chinese of rihaku 8thcenturyluiv foraye whan ma hair
the chinese of rihaku 8thcenturypairtin frae a friend blue
of ch ien chi 8thcenturyveisit til a wyce auld
chinese of fu hsuan 3rdcenturya douce wund a douce
chinese of tsang chih 6thcenturyauld kimmer s sang ah
chinese of su wu 2ndcenturydraftit thay mairrit us whan
chinese of ho hsun 5thcenturythe ferr traivlar the traivlar
chinese of ng shao 6thcenturythe new wyfe day eftir
chinese of pao chao 5thcenturythe scholar sojer nou late
chinese of chiang chieh 13thcenturythe wey it is ah
chinese of lu yun 4thcenturythe wund in the glen
spending a quarter of acenturyas the figurehead of a
in this quarter of thecenturyhe obviously hasn t seen
contemporaries about quarter of acenturylater george gascoigne a minor
the last quarter of thiscenturynevertheless we are in a
by the beginning of thecenturyand several of mabel s
the beginning of the newcenturyconstruction moved apace reflecting industrial
the beginning of the presentcenturygrant and dixon 1921 and
the beginning of this newcenturyis even wider than it
at the beginning of thecenturyit was customary for girls
at the beginning of thecenturyshe was told that when
the beginning of the presentcenturythe reduced form may still
beginning of the twenty firstcenturythese meetings which received a
the beginning of the previouscenturywe must have detailed analysis
the early part of thiscenturyand kincardine o neil is
charles murray written early lastcenturyit maks gran reading as
the early part of thecenturypremature deaths were far more
early decades of the lastcenturyscottish critics devised their own
the early years of thecenturysurvives the depression and her
the early years of thecenturythat so many of them
the early part of thecenturythe majority of people in
were first published early lastcenturythey were actually regarded with
to the west early thiscenturytoday haiku are being composed
the early part of thecenturyyou know socialism you know
4 eternitie do 1st 2ndcenturyad 5 draftit su wu
heids cho wen chun 1stcenturyad northwords 1 1991 10
of years although in thiscenturyuntil the mid 1930s its
form of language half acenturyafter the union of the
older scots [inhale] half acenturyafter the union of the
in my childhood house acenturyand a half ago the
first half of the lastcenturyand stemmed from a commitment
and for the next halfcenturybecame a hardworking antipodean academic
his art during the halfcenturyfrom 1855 to 1903 and
second half of the currentcenturyhas been an important factor
time since for half acenturyit s affa loretta still
minister for nearly half acenturyit s said that when
for joan for half acenturyof genuine love janet paisley
first time in half acenturyof whistler s most famous
for at least half acenturythey still allow us to
lerwick in the last halfcenturywhich was written by mortimer
last century but er thecenturybefore for smug- they used
was going to say lastcenturybut er the century before
life in the twenty firstcenturyand therefore the emphasis is
man in the twenty firstcenturyf963: mmhm mmhm [laugh] mmhm
water into the twenty firstcenturypeople living in mallorca talk
move into the twenty firstcenturyso it s very much
life in the twenty firstcenturyso the learning contexts and
life in the twenty firstcenturythe purpose of this review
them in the twenty firstcenturywhich would be enjoyable meaningful
we die do first secondcenturyad 5 back end wund
the end of the thirteenthcenturydeveloped the towns of the
towards the end of thecenturyscots had become identified by
at the end of thecenturythe s estacca vineyards were
the end of the twelfthcenturywhen new vernacular english texts
an accent then earlier thiscenturyduring the scottish literary renaissance
since the turn of thecenturyand a larger fishery began
around the turn of thecenturyand today all that is
was a turn of thecenturylutheran cathedral with odd symbolist
at the turn of thecenturymany of the local men
at the turn of thecenturysomething of a rarity in
aboot the turn o thecenturythe mistress at the fairm
by the turn of thecenturythe mutually advantageous partnership continued
at the turn of thecenturythe scottish executive set up
after the turn of thecenturythere was a lot more
the turn of the lastcenturythere was plenty o entertainment
and history in the secondcenturya d the alexandrian scholar
the body later in thecenturyfrom her letter writing to
flora garry later in thecenturyit is however only since
language as it is acenturylater than johnny gibb of
the city since the 13thcenturyas a child on a
own tongue since the 15thcenturyas nederlands horsburgh 1997 72
a temple since the 4thcenturyb c as it was
a quarry since the echteenthcenturyits steen howked oot an
scots had occurred in thecenturysince henryson was writing particularly
hill walking over the lastcenturybringing in onomastic outsiders with
destroyed most of turku lastcenturynow preserved and home to
border speech either in thiscenturyor the last a national
the parish over the lastcenturythe information would be lost
the parish over the lastcenturythe information would be lost
irish language in the lastcenturywatson and clement interviewed colin
first hauf o the lastcenturywhan the scots uised then
were published in the lastcenturywhich were full of reminiscences
tale set in the eighthcenturyad the language is scots
dating back to the twelfthcenturyare translated into scots from
scots sodgers o the 19tcenturybrocht hame words like peelie
can identify wi this 21tcenturykinna scots literature there a
scots language o the 21tcenturywill never be hail or
iron age and the firstcenturya d this included a
first three decades of thecenturyand with her permission began
saxth sae relievin twinty firstcenturyfowk o cairryin oot the
of chu wen chun firstcenturysang o the snaw whyte
fowk in the twinty firstcenturywar far ower ceevilised tae
first census of the newcenturywas a landmark occasion it
the earlier part of thecenturyblackhall s interest is in
the earlier part of thecenturyfloor coverings kitchen floors were
ferr traivlar ho hsun 5thcentury11 the new wyfe ng
new wyfe ng shao 6thcentury12 hamecummin ho ch e
of planning in this newcenturyit may come as a
policies well into the newcenturythe reason for a regular
development context of the newcenturythese offer vital opportunities for
as we start the newcenturywe are facing a larger
english system in the twelfthcenturyimported into scotland by david
of stocks into the nextcenturythe ssstf s report 34
suggests that in the 14thcenturyordinary north easters were still
going back to the 14thcenturystill a working monastery as
retained for less than acenturymallorca had its own kings
religious ascendancy in the previouscenturya 1567 act one of
by the middle of thecenturyadd 0 4 per cent
but familiar term welsh twelfthcenturybards rehearsing the doings of
in the middle of thecenturyby the introduction of an
attributed to st nilus 5thcenturyce affording a picture of
buildings in mallorca the thirteenthcenturychapel of san lorenzo perfumed
of kso jui shiuan 13thcenturyching ming splore the knowes
of modern scottish letters thecenturyfrom david hume s treatise
of li p in 9thcenturygaun hame i the war
illuminated manuscripts of the 13thcenturyin soviet collections so we
of p an yueh 4thcenturyma wyfe is deid the
the foot of the 12thcenturymote the speed of construction
to account for over acenturyof change before balfour s
the 1999 ne philatelic weekendcenturyof cinema a celebration in
scotland scottish writers from thecenturyof enlightenment and romanticism hume
give his display of acenturyof the cinema mr [censored: surname]
26 october mr [censored: forename] [censored: surname]centuryof the cinema tea rota
matter of debate for acenturyor longer and i am
of wang seng ju 6thcenturytears heich ower the ben
centre of the empire 15thcenturythe building was an immense
political history of the previouscenturythe replacement by parliament of
of lu kuei meng 9thcenturytil an auld tuin men
a passage from a thirteenthcenturytranslation of a cycle of
war li p in 9thcentury35 neist door mei yao
in 1897 just over acenturyago and her father in
christian europe in the 6thcenturyat philae in the lichtsome
by vandals in the fifthcenturybyzantines in the sixth and
the lluch virgin s thirteenthcenturycrown in 1884 twelve thousand
southern spain in the seventhcenturyexpansion and stayed for several
revolutionary event in a turbulentcenturyfor scotland was undoubtedly the
in scotland in the 21tcenturyhaes the same richt tae
and in addition with thiscenturys contributions that he could
be equated in the 14thcenturyscotland had established strong trading
literary rennaissance earlier in thecenturyscrievit thir words for we
painted in mallorca earlier thiscenturythere is a fantastic collection
s job market in acenturywhere ageism was rife was
far back as the 14thcenturyand a literature that no
the glen lu yun 4thcenturylallans 56 2000 15 back
tuin lu kuei meng 9thcentury26 the chrysant speaks huang
it is chiang chieh 13thcentury48 the auld herd kao
splore kso jui shiuan 13thcentury50 thertie thrie the day
the littil leddie do 4thcentury8 hame hinnerlie t ao
scottish economy for the nextcenturybut recognises the growing global
the stert o the 15tcenturyhaed the difference atween the
ch eng kung sui 3rdcenturylallans 47 1996 14 the
cellar tae the shore acenturyor twa afore smugglin hid
west scotland before the ninthcenturyrefer to kaer rian which
lallans movement throughout the presentcenturythere has been a growing
when we reach the twelfthcenturywe not only find the
as my main example thatcenturysaw lowland scotland become one
men and more than acenturyon help to bring them
ever increasing tenacity throughout thiscenturyteknosis seemed a good word
5 draftit su wu 2ndcentury6 a lassie s problem
burns federation over almost acenturyfinally i have offered some
deid p an yueh 4thcentury11 ae mair fareweill shen
s sang tsang chih 6thcenturyzed2o 6 1993 20 tears

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