See this word as a collocate cloud

vessel s position were almostcertainlyaccurate meanwhile the portpatrick lifeboat
be retrospective and would almostcertainlybe much slower 14 the
local authority contracts would almostcertainlybe regarded under those procurement
in the census would almostcertainlybe the same for the
people trade elaine thomson almostcertainlydollars although i could not
the icc decisions will almostcertainlygo on the web in
measures the scottish units almostcertainlyhad their origins in the
his squint barely evident almostcertainlyhe doesn t notice that
thought out i mean almostcertainlyit s because scots has
sector are almost common knowledgecertainlymost members are aware of
in westminster rls was almostcertainlynominated by colvin who had
crown and as such almostcertainlyobtained for the settlement its
matter that he was almostcertainlythe figure that had disappeared
dedicated in 1242 is almostcertainlythe oldest existing structure in
hill or mountain is almostcertainlythe root of mendick and
support scots which is almostcertainlythe worst funded minority language
if i had i almostcertainlywould have stayed at the
that the answer is almostcertainlyyes the convener the paragraph
a voluntary basis which mostcertainlyhas not worked with employers
er er macbeth er wouldcertainlyhave spoken er gaelic most
neat picture of dialects iscertainlyless than accurate the most
to hardly ever hear itcertainlymost children spoke english in
that you are now mostcertainlypregnant and as you are
until last but we havecertainlysaved one of our most
film star winnie ewing iscertainlyscotland s most famous european
the most familiar ballad versionscertainlythe ones in the oxford
new for most members itcertainlywas new for the clerks
easter ross ld i mostcertainlywas not a girl guide
m734: er i mean forcertainlya good few years it
obtuse m605: in places hecertainlydid yeah m741: er an
er sit- situation so thiscertainlyer has a er in
er kitchie dame mmhm f1001: certainlyf1053: what did it what
m1078: er a main coursecertainlyfish and chips would feature
couch er but my grandmothercertainlyhad a seise that probably
days m1078: erm er youcertainlyheard stories of what they
er mainly or kind ofcertainlyin its origins it was
m1055: mmhm f1009: er th-certainlyin the seventies one one
oh right thanks m1174: ercertainlylet you have erm so
t like and er icertainlynever took to those myself
later howe er scot iscertainlynot a dialect but with
er so that that scertainlyone of them and the
are very technically orientated andcertainlywhat i found when er
eh but ehm i wascertainlyaware of the the possiblity
have very many vegetables cabbagecertainlybut ehm we certainly had
go back and my fathercertainlyehm was not connected to
m865: mmhm mmhm mmhm f951: certainlyehm you could use it
cabbage certainly but ehm wecertainlyhad never got the variety
gone up then m845: itcertainlyhas yeah ehm when i
papers that [censored: forename] s givencertainlym741: right m605: ehm i
f1009: [laugh] m1055: mm ehmcertainlymy my own father he
ehm f831: well it scertainlynae the same strong dialect
ye but it s nocertainlyno ehm comin down hard
but ehm i know thatcertainlythat [censored: forename] s more anxious
mmhm m605: ehm but icertainlythink it was part of
annoyed ehm well i wouldcertainlyuse annoyed as the basic
mm f643: because my mumcertainlywas capable of of ehm
at any point we wouldcertainlyhave said something we would
something more sinister it scertainlyhaving strange effects on me
something might happen we willcertainlypass the petition to the
this somebody or something shouldcertainlypay sunbathers wedge in trees
do something but it wouldcertainlyplace a tremendous burden on
i do dig the gardencertainlysomebody or something did dig
l- a lot that scertainlysomething harry used tae say
as well it- it scertainlysomething i think we need
this country probably something orthodoxcertainlysomething vigorous but we extract
something that people choose icertainlysupport the view that scots
you re never quite surecertainlyas with many parodies urquhart
mates and i or wh-certainlyma mates never get drunk
bein a minister miss mccorkindalecertainlynever bothered her heid wi
a her life she wascertainlynever drunk that i ever
years ago but i vecertainlynever heard of such a
as the 1970 s icertainlynever saw a cigarette girl
to the macdonald home andcertainlynever stayed over visitors came
never in westminster history andcertainlynot here has the identity
as on a raised beachcertainlyurquhart s english is never
just sure what happened butcertainlywe never got into trouble
is not exhaustive we cancertainlyadd universities that are not
a worthy sentiment which icertainlyapplaud however people will not
while not cold it hascertainlybeen lacking in warmth and
johnny gibb of gushetneuk changedcertainlybut not so much changed
word or not it scertainlybut that s more of
using those exact words icertainlycould not tell you the
on the bill and icertainlydid not intend to stop
women among the survivors hecertainlydid not mean funny in
simply a free market icertainlydo not believe that the
of sympathy with that icertainlydo not points have been
they want to help theycertainlydo not see themselves as
i agree with them theycertainlydo not want the local
fenced resources sarah boyack icertainlydo not want to get
itself a problem and itcertainlydoes not constitute a learning
economic class backgrounds yet thiscertainlydoes not mean that these
has been inconclusive but itcertainlydoes not point to there
for not following mummy icertainlyfeel punished there must be
paper steve farrell we couldcertainlygive reasons for not accepting
robertson may well say thatcertainlyi did not accord a
the committee interesting it iscertainlyimportant not only because of
one stop shop but itcertainlyis not i am also
was to receive wide publicationcertainlyit did not in his
that what is proposed iscertainlynot a london solution because
the presiding officer that iscertainlynot a point of order
of us and it iscertainlynot accessible to young people
and tony cuffe some thoughcertainlynot all of the items
the street and you recertainlynot allowed to spit it
as many puns there scertainlynot as many obscure cultural
m1007: nope m1055: it scertainlynot been applied to me
whoever they are they recertainlynot celtic m741: mmhm m605:
they can make we arecertainlynot complacent we have a
found that the guidance iscertainlynot crystal clear i am
on standstill budgets and cancertainlynot do so in the
where they might have gonecertainlynot down the slovenly cynical
not arguably for 15 andcertainlynot for 20 or more
a wash so i mcertainlynot going to take the
was fair but i amcertainlynot happy about it in
home since mrs mccoll wouldcertainlynot have approved of this
she tell no one andcertainlynot her mother who would
on the data it wascertainlynot me who made the
unmistakably phallic aspect nobody andcertainlynot mother admits to knowing
unconvincingly no dod deeply insultedcertainlynot mrs reid i wouldn
is a procedural issue orcertainlynot one that could be
made richard grant that iscertainlynot our intention i invite
of the whole school andcertainlynot out of education [laugh]
the parliament but i amcertainlynot retiring even if it
incomers and their speech wascertainlynot scots in the course
wint tae leave the roomcertainlynot sit still e teacher
than they usually are andcertainlynot soothing i am wishing
patter erm so these arecertainlynot that i would like
meeting this lady she scertainlynot the one seated before
m954: eh and number twocertainlynot to the conservative association
it was released but ehcertainlynot too long ago f951:
of scots but it iscertainlynot true that such characters
are we comparing it withcertainlynot with westminster where i
round buying it i llcertainlytry the library is not
when we were barbarous wecertainlywill not adopt it noo
do that anyway but icertainlywill not do it for
shift of resources through thatcertainlywill not take place overnight
that belt without it icertainlywould not have survived the
such as this and icertainlywould not want to put
evidently in english god mustcertainlybe an englishman a dangerous
although the scots language iscertainlyclosely related to english this
that could be an advantagecertainlyfor english language where all
situations in other languages butcertainlygaelic english speakers do this
bad english is it swearingcertainlyin some quarters scots has
to natural usage in englishcertainlyin the much less latinate
form of spoken standard englishcertainlyit is true that it
would be the best optioncertainlymany nonstandard english speaking pupils
kind of english at allcertainlynobody would describe official norwegian
people for that we recertainlybetter friends a better band
sweden and austria are allcertainlybetter off than those in
forward a shuffle forward iscertainlybetter than we have had
little better and loons werecertainlyexploited to use today s
1999 the inca trail icertainlyslept better last night only
can i come too rowlandcertainlythe more the better beaumont
but it went well itcertainlywent better than i expected
a political statement scots iscertainlya wonderful language for humour
already stood trial it wouldcertainlybe a contradiction of scots
its unique quality good scotscertainlycannot be written by anybody
scots is slow to developcertainlycompared to poetry it s
future of the scots languagecertainlydepends on the political future
plays are comedies but scotscertainlyhas the linguistic resources to
of scots in drama iscertainlymore limited than it should
the sixteenth century scots wascertainlythe state language it was
wi fowk the noo ehcertainlythere re mair scots voices
a tutorial erm i meancertainlycause it s a nationalism
which in a way youcertainlydo i mean you could
m842: so i mean fitcertainlyfan i fan i moved
mean it must f1024: cer-certainlyi have to say i
f209: how erm i meancertainlythe economic erm effect on
f1160: mmhm m1161: yeah definitelycertainlyyeah i mean i think
size of a family ermcertainlycouldn t afford to nourish
f1025: [laugh] f1026: [laugh] f1024: certainlyfifth and sixth year erm
were built in the countrycertainlyfor us townies erm we
[laugh] m078: erm that wellcertainlyin liverpool erm m608: yeah
yeah m1146: yeah oh ayecertainlymmhm generally f1054: gosh erm
my my my dad wellcertainlymy dad erm was at
f965: but erm there werecertainlyplenty of fights going on
scottish vernacular poets and ermcertainlyreading some of his stuff
they would use that herecertainlyand [inhale] they would probably
contact muir russell there wouldcertainlybe arrangements for other ministerial
of independent tribunal she wouldcertainlybe barred from taking part
promote the bid we wouldcertainlybe happy to consider further
of the legislation there wouldcertainlybe merit in the scheme
taken into account it wouldcertainlybe possible to model that
with the people of scotlandcertainlychime with mine i would
huh m017: and i wouldcertainlydeny that there s anything
bill is passed i hadcertainlyenvisaged that initially we would
we would at all butcertainlyfifth and sixth year we
general point otherwise he wouldcertainlyhae applied tae a judge
passenger in that car wouldcertainlyhave been killed saturday the
raised a local authority wouldcertainlyhave to defend its position
yeah f1025: [inaudible] f1024: yeahcertainlyi wou- i would that s
in that call i wouldcertainlylike to ask the minister
about gm crops i wouldcertainlylike to hear whether the
home cathy jamieson i wouldcertainlylike us to ensure that
of innermessan the topography wouldcertainlymake that a good line
valid point and we wouldcertainlyseek robust assurances from the
would be helpful i wouldcertainlyspeak up in support of
that hayde talked earlier aboutcertainlythe mountain would have looked
of the burden of assessmentcertainlythere would have had to
possibly unenforceable des hudson icertainlythink that there would be
under surveillance an individual wouldcertainlywant to know more than
i would believe so itcertainlywouldnae have had a t
that means but it scertainlya great pleasure for me
muckle experience o bookies butcertainlya the rest have looked
profile but now there wascertainlyan eye there calm and
be but the issue shouldcertainlybe considered otherwise we may
work but many voluntary agenciescertainlybelieve that it is the
for young people but theycertainlybrought it off also challenging
m1007: [?]yes.[/?] f1009: for weancertainlybut eh eh aga- it
did it but she wascertainlycapable of such an action
f963: mm mmhm f965: butcertainlychildren there was there were
in usage the words arecertainlyconfused but every phonologist knows
lot of anything but youcertainlydidn t have a lot
in creative accounting but theycertainlydidn t steal peer pressure
north of england but youcertainlydo did it in scotland
as very scottish but icertainlydo m865: yeah yeah yeah
f831: mmhm m842: but ayecertainlyfan i first came through
they started counting but itcertainlyfelt like three thousand steps
up yet but it scertainlygot no worse and might
but f639: mm f640: wecertainlyhad decorations up we had
on their clothes but theycertainlyhad their f963: mm f965:
ve seen it but icertainlyhaven t taken it in
gowk eh eh but icertainlyhope that the few remarks
in their early years butcertainlyin in every stage of
uh huh but he wascertainlyin india cause i remember
some cases but in incertainlyin my mum s day
but yes th- maybe ohcertainlyin terms of the structure
take cocaine but these arecertainlyinteresting times in america it
be tone death but itcertainlyisn t me after practising
now well f718: mmhm f1077: certainlymore houses but f718: mmhm
her brains but it scertainlynae in her fingers an
asked me who knows butcertainlynothing will be the same
a shame but f1037: nocertainlyone or two of my
invented very little but hecertainlypieced together verses to create
in the finish beaumont ayecertainlyrowland but mr beaumont last
laurencekirk but f831: mmhm m842: certainlysome o the words and
drifted away but it wascertainlythe skating that the first
bittie back i ce- icertainlyu- didnae use masel but
indigestible prose but he scertainlyunique and he s certainly
say oh m1007: but theycertainlyuse it in lewis m1008:
but although some parts arecertainlyvery early the text survives
social work department but itcertainlywasnae a working class novel
being discussed but that scertainlywhat we were working on
on that but i mcertainlywith orwell in thinking [laugh]
your question but i cancertainlywrite to you on that
he said it but hecertainlywrites it that suggests that
very good job she willcertainlyadd a welcome touch of
terms f1009: yeah m1055: ce-certainlyb├╣rach is eh a very
very much conscious that icertainlyif i was going to
very kind words and itcertainlyis an absolutely genuine pleasure
mm f965: looking back itcertainlyseems f963: yeah f965: very
a dangerous misconception there arecertainlyvery few examples of scottish
end date ibid there wascertainlyvery little slack in the
two year old he scertainlyvery low on the scale
knowledge of the case iscertainlyvery useful helen pauline mcneill
up we ve al- wellcertainlyagain in terms of european
done the convener we cancertainlydo that as well phil
[laugh] okay okay well hecertainlydoesna suspect you or anything
to share with you f1111: certainlyf1112: uh huh f1111: well
as well and hopefully fromcertainlyfrom what graeme s said
well young lady you vecertainlyimproved your attitude of late
days f826: well it scertainlym827: kinda balance it out
much oot o aberdeenshire wellcertainlyme m999: ye dinnae cause
more than others m608: wellcertainlymy dad enjoys it aye
lords of stranraer it wascertainlyninian adair of the well
bbc programmes aimed at wellcertainlythe chinese community and i
in m1055: and well theycertainlyused bide for living m1008:
her panasonic video she scertainlywell equipped for a soviet
lodging these amendments he iscertainlywell intentioned and to some
of scottish lexicography it iscertainlywell to be looking ahead
the pharmacies the convener icertainlyback up those comments i
it the convener we cancertainlydo that is that agreed
discussion the convener we willcertainlyhighlight that when we pass
appropriate the convener we cancertainlyproceed in that way section
closure the convener we couldcertainlysend the petition to the
take part helen eadie icertainlysupport your view convener the
examples the convener we arecertainlytaking an overview scott barrie
right f948: and eh hecertainlyhad the sorta bit o
place at the time itcertainlyhas changed i know eh
eh thing happening in englandcertainly[inhale] that when somebody delivers
eh interesting enough gaelic wascertainlythe language in glenhinnisdal of
me i cannae mind ayecertainlyvisitors eh were taen ben
language eh the- there werecertainlywords that that my grandmother
place earlier than that wecertainlyintend to work towards the
on the mountain the incanscertainlyknew of this place even
silences that short corridor wascertainlythe place for panic by
the plans are in placecertainlythe scottish executive knows who
those distant days and itcertainlywas a substantial place even
than a change of dialectcertainlyit is true that nonstandard
i was teaching it wascertainlyperhaps more irritating than it
greater than that and iscertainlysubstantially in excess of the
s literature and language icertainlyrecognise the need to help
speak til hir pompitie ahcertainlydid ah veisitit hir pepper
the local church she scertainlygetting around she did enjoy
we were presenting our concernscertainlymy organisation did so and
role mr macintosh i cancertainlypromise that what i did
accretions a sound system perhapscertainlya television yes these were
barley from these we cancertainlyextract linguistic information about variant
one of these is tocertainlyto avoid the worst excesses
to s- to scotland andcertainlyto the individuals concerned these
mmhm f634: so my grannycertainlybrought me into the world
best of the weather icertainlyenjoyed having you and my
it shid f785: mmhm yeahcertainlyfrom my school days the
salmon in my life icertainlyhave an interest in doing
anither 40 years an youcertainlyhinna my wee beastie you
went far beyond mere acquaintancecertainlyit met my own needs
of the the brothers orcertainlymy brothers were allowed into
please have a short adjournmentcertainlymy lord says mcbean no
the parliament will pass itcertainlymy party will vote for
always granny f1009: i dcertainlyrefer to both my grannies
least one member he hascertainlytelephoned my office and tried
highlights difficulties at college levelcertainlythe college in my constituency
school yes [laugh] now itcertainlywasn t in in my
didnae see [laugh] an itcertainlywasnae for my money f1054:
made 16 and it iscertainlya more coherent text of
normal shetland storms there havecertainlybeen more reports of extreme
be low paid and arecertainlymore likely to be carers
meant stinking which we bothcertainlywere only he ponged more
m842: mmhm f831: it scertainlyagain nae as rough or
mmhm there are there arecertainlym762: and it s kind
m865: mm mmhm f951: poetrycertainlythere s a there s
still buys plants f1074: ohcertainlyyes yes mmhm every opportunity
the victims of drugs ascertainlyas are those who suffer
end of those supply chainscertainlythe public sector has done
care the majority of memberscertainlythose from the opposition parties
much of a target itcertainlycannot easily be measured unless
much as that we willcertainlywant to consider taking between
such a year it iscertainlyan achievable and laudable target
such a linguistically complex areacertainlyin early times the languages
wi feck o swearin macdiarmidcertainlyintroduced archaic words such as
criminal as such we willcertainlysupport today s motion on
record this island so thoroughlycertainlythere were precedents such as
to christian from jim yescertainlyif you read music you
give way irene oldfather yescertainlythe deputy presiding officer no
a best seller there iscertainlya dearth of good prose
two front teeth there iscertainlya widespread notion that bad
there named the princess royalcertainlyan imperial war museum photograph
go mr munro there iscertainlyan invitation to attend a
or two frameworks there willcertainlybe one that tracks attainment
delegation iain montgomery there havecertainlybeen improvements in attitude some
case noo so there scertainlygrunds for worry that ye
there comes a point [laugh]certainlyin a parent s life
who are out there volunteeringcertainlyin the areas with which
seem to deny there arecertainlylocal authorities that have admitted
was chasing because there wascertainlyno one running away from
or affected way there iscertainlyno rational basis for this
that although the matter iscertainlyone for delegated powers there
approaches there and that scertainlyone of the key areas
there iain montgomery there arecertainlyplans there is also the
generally good and there scertainlyplenty of it i can
of speech as as wrongcertainlythere is a difficulty in
absolutely terrific news that iscertainlya principle on which we
other registered social landlords wecertainlyagree that scottish homes has
still a shared partnership agreementcertainlyat the meeting that we
citizens and therefore we willcertainlybe trying to link our
of political neutrality which wecertainlybelieve that he has maintained
in our archive we cancertainlycome back to the committee
devolved elements however we willcertainlyconsider any measures that we
the same time we shouldcertainlycopy the letter to him
we support the recommendations icertainlydo dennis canavan is that
that exercise which we willcertainlydo in primary schools members
in any great detail wecertainlyecho the views that have
suggestion michael russell we shouldcertainlyexplore the possibility of publishing
directly richard grant we havecertainlyhad discussions with the scottish
difficulties to that extent wecertainlyhave concerns john kelly as
we continue to enjoy itcertainlyi do as do many
up to take forward thatcertainlyin modern languages again we
sue ryder care we willcertainlyinclude the committee s view
best qualified person we cancertainlymake that offer to sue
kensaleyre towards perhaps primary sixcertainlyprimary seven [inhale] we had
for agri environmental support measurescertainlyreflects that even if we
29 february and we willcertainlyrun one early in the
while granting that we shouldcertainlyseek to understand what motivated
lookin ticket aye no wecertainlyuse that word every noo
hours might be extended wecertainlywelcome the forward looking approach
kip a lot f1024: youcertainlydo although i don t
don t do her ahcertainlywill graham wondered if it
estimated 200 000 fans itcertainlydidn t feel like a
had a wee brother hecertainlydidn t have a father
beyond beeswax p 126 shecertainlydoesn t fit in the
this talent she d saycertainlydon t get it from
interesting debate i c- icertainlydon t think it s
concern jamie who insists icertainlydon t think of myself
the church that route hecertainlyhadn t come f963: mm
for a week and youcertainlyhadn t shaved since the
in the carthuja at valldemossacertainlysalvador doesn t mention their
any part of it andcertainlythe glottal stop wouldn t
about for quite some timecertainlythe government didn t seem
s really f1054: that scertainlytrue isn t it f1144:
d a christmas tree itcertainlywasn t a a i
qualified and instantly available shecertainlywasn t about to burden
m- may have been itcertainlywasn t common f606: no
were beyond the pale theycertainlyweren t the sort you
odd scrap of ogham icertainlywouldn t ask for zak
m830: yeah george mackay f829: certainlyf606: yyeah uh huh m830:
f1144: yeah f1145: it scertainlytrue that the spiral staircase
success alan stewart it iscertainlya different slant crimes go
with you f1009: it wascertainlya family thing that that
in moray and that wascertainlya fine sight it was
no frills drink it scertainlya make an effort venue
grace elder raises it iscertainlya matter that i shall
high tradition then it scertainlyan eloquent advocate for casting
to day activities it wascertainlyan issue for older people
with that issue he willcertainlybe asked questions about it
that is produced it shouldcertainlybe possible to implement the
significant for organic farming itcertainlybears no resemblance to any
bella scriptum [?]amet[/?] and itcertainlycan take a lot of
below it and they werecertainlyculpable for the rocky peak
from yeast and sugar itcertainlyfizzed and it was the
milder and the days arecertainlygetting lighter it s only
it probably increases asthma itcertainlyincreases accidents you know m818:
s position phil gallie itcertainlyis our position murray tosh
it is clear and itcertainlyis that the public values
was at an end andcertainlyit makes a satisfying artistic
horrible and aweful it iscertainlyno match for contemporary horror
who says that it scertainlypossible to complete the masters
for a considerable time itcertainlypredates the beginning of salmon
their family is incorrect itcertainlyseems that in 1426 an
the committee mr mcallion itcertainlyshows that i am in
missed james smith it iscertainlythe case that a splendid
to above and it iscertainlythe case that courses in
power and control it iscertainlythe case that decisions about
number of pints it iscertainlythe case that in the
the only one it iscertainlythe only project in glasgow
the forties and fifties andcertainlythe sixties m1019: it s
terms again in modern languagescertainlyto to bring it alive
west central scotland it iscertainlytrue that rab c nesbitt
was in working order itcertainlywas the smell of that
an intervention cathy jamieson icertainlywill i think that it
me at christmas so hecertainlywouldna think it was worth
in 1814 and 1815 burnscertainlyknew about goethe and had
the languages he encountered werecertainlystrange european linguists had generally
became quite a good skatercertainlyquite a good speed skater
have them ross finnie icertainlyaccept that the consultation includes
sure helen eadie they havecertainlybeen involved with historic scotland
have the right john mcallioncertainlydoes to go down and
to drop him i havecertainlylearned to be aware of
influential acts of exclusion havecertainlyshaped the growth of the
a future meeting mr macintoshcertainlywhat i have provided today
can help with anything icertainlywill i have found out
coming back jack i willcertainlybe coming back beaumont after
morning time and i willcertainly[censored: forename] f1112: and you will
i feel now i dcertainlycome back to the u
what you are doing icertainlyenjoyed writing this book i
time has gone on andcertainlyeven while i was still
him in a way icertainlyfind unsettling engorged what a
up the hill i llcertainlygo see that meanwhile i
is for learning approach iscertainlygoing to be i th-
of the tunnel soon icertainlyhope so hope your arthritis
bad in the past icertainlyhope that in every secondary
that is really i icertainlyhope that that is going
come in handy though lorettacertainlyi can hardly move up
the amount of money hascertainlyincreased richard lochhead i am
on free personal care icertainlytake exception to the group
felt with a lot orcertainlythe classical music that i
be prepared to go westcertainlythe graduates i meet here
the international office i thinkcertainlythey ve got egyptian ones
thought that frank crowe icertainlytook steps to increase the
schools are told this wascertainlytrue when i attended school
any body in scotland icertainlywant cosla to be involved
gypsies and romanies they cancertainlylay claim to having one
of the organisation mr mcconnellcertainlyone of the reasons is
its kind you know m608: certainlythe first commercial one cause
that you raise which arecertainlyamong our concerns mary scanlon
ruin our legs and kneescertainlyfelt the strain of several
and our tourist industry willcertainlyignore scotland s interests if
future group that work hascertainlyfed into the executive s
to change its image hascertainlymanaged that for the worse
until the release of deathcertainlythis stunning coastal theatre has
his will for ony purposecertainlyfrae the uproar that arose
dictionary howivur dis book willcertainlyhelp tawards an understandin o
your face so you llcertainlyno be peein will you
got the blazing fire andcertainlyafter they were bringing up
uh huh m1078: they werecertainlyall all shiny metal frame
time the three classes arecertainlyenthusiastic and articulate probably the
iii montgomerie s flyting sonnetcertainlyfollows james precepts flytings are
their victims and they arecertainlyno respecters of the differing
any final decisions are takencertainlyso far as concerns the
a- in the t- andcertainlyin terms of f606: mm
daily toil 2 that wascertainlyan underestimate of the work
the sixteenth century drink wascertainlybeing sold in the large
the debate however he wascertainlyhere at the birth when
was kind of irish inflectedcertainlyin in in a way
haired new zealander who wascertainlyinto her seventies striding up
servants to be at leisurecertainlynone was allowed for in
be affected by the billcertainlycomhairle nan eilean siar is
of innocence that procedure iscertainlydemanded by the rules in
fishing effort this intent iscertainlyincorporated in the provisions of
about town f1027: [laugh] shecertainlyis [laugh] f1023: [laugh] eighteen
originators of ballads this iscertainlywhat is suggested by the
executive s proposed date iscertainlywithin this parliamentary session which
and they discovered after acertainlya number of days that
teachers in the upper secondarycertainlyfeeling that their pupils in
beaumont a book like thatcertainlygives food for thought rowland
of sarah boyack s lettercertainlyindicates that if she says
that s th- she scertainlynae a blonde [laugh] m1000:
an cuddly an you recertainlynae that she gets up
they pointed out cracks thatcertainlyseemed to warrant attention and
sure that the executive andcertainlythe liberal democrat part of
be the end they theycertainlytook a laugh at me
the languages of scotland whichcertainlydeserves to be funded in
this toun the military fowkcertainlyseem ti be the nicest
close of their short livescertainlyhe possessed the shrewdness to
few don herreros presumably sforzacertainlythe young gentlemen of their
of the characteristic shetland vocabularycertainlycontinues throughout shetland in the
christmas in moscow the weekendcertainlydrained us of energy and
in drying the bowl hecertainlygi es you an easier
of the key areas andcertainlyin terms of again european
wit and repartee both mencertainlysparkled in congenial company and
by the nature of orcertainlygoing by other people likelihood
about two or three yearscertainlyby the end of the
certainly unique and he scertainlystrange and on top form
a nice lyke lass shecertainlysees me awricht toozenbach fancy
of humour and generosity thiscertainlyapplied on deeside where the
no outward evidence of thiscertainlyno trace of a tourist
during the past four yearscertainlyan unprecedented number of msps
standards geoff huggins the executivecertainlyexpects as a result of
dangerous dogs where police forcescertainlysouth of the border stored
the pioneer of balearic tourismcertainlythe archduke the last hapsburg
the ladies of the streetcertainlythe elderly ladies of the
to export its superfluous graincertainlyother products to distant lands
been resolved or addressed andcertainlyfrom what graeme s said
late twentieth century mediterranean travelcertainlyambience lingers on at the
ah dinna ken an ahcertainlycoudna care less irena shrugs
member give way tricia marwickcertainlyhelen eadie does the member
[inaudible] m1055: for gr grandfathercertainlym1008: seanair an old man

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