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decorations up f639: mm paperchainsand things [?]did you make them all yourself?[/?] f640: well
things [?]did you make them all yourself?[/?] f640: well paperchainsat the beginning and then
thuds an a clink ochainsas secks o poachin graith
an rand three nets wichainsmair secks for the fish
agreement with the major supermarketchainsand with farming representatives of
men wir slaves tae supermarketchainsin artic lorries stappit full
with representatives of the supermarketchainstomorrow regarding their response to
special outer pots with threechainson a ring for hanging
have a bike making daisychainslinking daisy heads together until
in most other instances thechainsof communication are conspicuously longer
pause spookin an rattlin thurchainsis what they dae dae
awa della thur wur naechainsroond us mony times did
outlets are part of multiplechainsthat are based in scotland
of some jobs in multiplechainsthat operate exclusively in scotland
have checked through their supplychainsand have proactively gone to
top end of those supplychainscertainly the public sector has
as possible about our supplychainsthe convener before opening up
organisation represents many off licencechainswhich would also be affected
sir they kept me inchainsin the tolbooth mair than
he kept awa frae nuptialchainssae ilka day was aa
big they re aw bigchainsm815: yeah m816: you know
f718: chain shops m1078: bigchainsmmhm f718: mmhm f1077: uh
vet it was the bigchainsno it was the big
no it was the bigchainsthat hung doon and the
local community support local foodchainsreducing the number of food
tae drink tae lowse theirchainsas aa their dreams o
to work with smaller retailchainsto help revitalise the post
of pronouns which build clearchainsof reference throughout the text
s sae lang endured inchainsan whangs wi heavy hert
near fifteen yairds o hutchchainsfrae the pit tae keep
sperm whale swings in itschainsa squirrel s seams are
gold unicorn its haunches inchainsopposing a golden lion rampant
womb will you come withchainsand anchors will you be

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