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has been left vulnerable tochallengeand has been the subject
been left vulnerable to suchchallengeas seen recently in lanarkshire
have been left vulnerable tochallengethrough no fault of their
title which was vulnerable tochallengetypifies the suffering caused by
ten years further notes thechallengefaced by parents carers and
child is faced with thechallengeof learning a modern language
level in past years thechallengethat has been faced at
are open to such achallengeand whether the executive is
crime might be open tochallengeas it is arbitrary however
has set himself a greatchallengeas to how open he
we are not open tochallengeat a later date it
policy or is open tochallengeat the behest of the
policy or is open tochallengeat the instance of the
of the principal female protagonistschallengeconventional social mores in open
issue is open to legalchallengehaving checked this morning i
government open to independent legalchallengeif the contracts were introduced
in open the door thechallengeis primarily a sexual one
are not open to thatchallengeso that the mechanism can
might be open to achallengeunder the european convention on
in the face of legalchallengeand is capable of effective
is required is a keychallengeand the legal change that
tobacco industry through a legalchallengeor in other ways as
and poverty is a keychallengefacing the european union eu
key function and an educationalchallengefor a national theatre in
marginalised and excluded a keychallengefor the member states is
right they present both achallengeand a responsibility for politicians
likely to present a seriouschallengefor the union s present
already built this means thechallengeis to present a sound
their trilingualism does present achallengeto the education system but
and that s a wonderfulchallengefor us all to face
urban and rural issues thechallengeis that at face value
training still face a realchallengelike others i welcome the
and the scale of thechallengethat we face to be
that turnkey concept is thechallengethat we face we cannot
languages and scottish education achallengefor policy makers and practitioners
languages and scottish education achallengefor policy makers and practitioners
important element part of thechallengeis working under time pressure
services commit themselves to thechallengeof working with men and
services commit themselves to thechallengeof working with men and
partnership working is the biggestchallengewe try very hard as
be no appeal mechanism tochallengeany decision of a chief
s decision making process thechallengefor us all is to
it was therefore going tochallengeit and make another decision
implications when someone seeks tochallengethe decision of a chief
personnel voilĂ  that was mychallengefor languages day applause thank
would undoubtedly be subject tochallengehowever the fact that an
is arbitrary however who mightchallengeit the bodies that will
the same time however thechallengeof speeding up the editing
however it presents a worthwhilechallengewalking is pleasant for much
decisions and the ability tochallengeagencies providing services within the
more and better services thechallengefor government is how to
services they change them theychallengelocal service providers and act
might become a very realchallengein the e economy from
before there might be achallengelet us think about the
gie the education system achallengebut it is mair productive
european court of justice tochallengecommunity legislation i point out
year before because of achallengein the european courts to
lead us to meeting thechallengeand to meeting it successfully
the debate is about thechallengefor us is to define
post council scrutiny the mainchallengethat confronts us is that
would have the audacity tochallengethat visionary goal let us
came of not meeting thechallengejohn macnab gies the jaded
been successful in meeting thechallengethat incorporation presents some changes
next move would be tochallengethat ruling but the convener
next year is a furtherchallengethe care development group recommended
outside the bothy my nextchallengewas husking a slow sedentary
has been the subject ofchallengeas a result of feudal
it ll be an interestingchallengeanyway one nice thing is
bit as much of achallengeas health it is a
and patterns she is yourchallengedear boy as much as
to do that is thechallengefor the parliament in the
iain montgomery that is achallengein the trade union movement
i do not minimise thechallengeinvestment of 1 billion is
but we recognise that thechallengeis a big one irene
national proceedings on which thechallengeis based were genuine proceedings
what is not susceptible tochallengeis his comment that anna
on human rights if achallengeis made to what the
come into the loop thechallengeis to ensure practical ways
in parts of scotland thechallengeis to ensure that breast
about our constitutional future thechallengeis to make it work
part of europe and thechallengeis to make that work
how it is because peoplechallengeit but f963: mm yeah
is quite difficult to tochallengeit when it s something
this cairte then is achallengetae our praisent a dedicatioun
the process will be achallengethat is why we need
is the answer to thatchallengethat scots is just eh
scots totally totally answering thechallengethat scots is purely sociolectal
take the first step tochallengethat the first step is
it is rising to thechallengethat the people of scotland
teaching as it is achallengeto gender rules while opportunities
there is the risk ofchallengeto the lawfulness of evidence
life story is itself achallengeto the patriarchal mores of
predict the future the biggestchallengeto those companies stability is
that you describe is achallengewe should make it clear
is that no sublime ichallengeye james as i challenge
europe to take a languagechallengefor fun this speech in
aberdeen should take up thechallengeof the new economy and
take up the member schallengeon a top down approach
itched to take up thechallengeonce more could not they
be altered any pupil canchallengea bad sentence such as
altered and any pupil canchallengea bad sentence such as
ensure that we avoid anychallengein the courts to the
oft report or any otherchallengeto the strategy would destabilise
an outright cha- an outrightchallengeto their religion but any
i took up the languagechallengeand i do not regret
of time with my languagechallengebut i would like to
justify grammatically or if theychallengeanother player incorrectly about such
tae action the john macnabchallengeacks as a kin o
obviously took this as achallengeand gave me the full
mair productive tae regaird thischallengeas a resource tae be
more productive to view thischallengeas a resource to be
gave him and enjoying thechallengeas for the soup cups
threat will also be achallengeas well as the changes
it sounds as if thechallengein this instance was met
challenge ye james as ichallengemysel tae write lines like
also did it as achallengeto myself to see if
as convener therefore would achallengeto that ruling be out
of order procedurally could onechallengea ruling from the convener
be an intolerable delay betweenchallengeand response while this could
it anaith e stagin thechallengecould bring oot the worst
from the snp that couldchallengethe work on child poverty
would be the year tochallengea particular issue how do
were up against a greatchallengein the year ahead i
ask the scottish executive whatchallengefunding has been made available
and the current stage eachchallengehas reached s1w 4776 roseanna
he has the right tochallengethe literary giants of english
that diversity has created achallengeto this f965: absolutely absolutely
sympathised with sir david schallengewhen he has occasionally wrestled
in which an individual canchallengea fixed penalty because it
localised problem or perhaps achallengein the west highlands because
need to deal with thatchallengewe also need to be
transport costs i want tochallengean attitude of mind i
to cope with that particularchallengeand environment furthermore several employers
000 full time workers ichallengeanyone to tell me of
meditation group galatzo seemed tochallengeca na gaia from the
did not rise to thechallengein mitchel s voice there
i have no reason tochallengeit the figures come from
or if you wish tochallengeit you are advised to
and visible to meet thatchallengekay ullrich west of scotland
well able to surmount thechallengeof discursive prose the paix
calvinist inheritance to meet thechallengeof his intellectual explorations stevenson
of which will be tochallengepupils to ask questions about
of which will be tochallengepupils to ask questions about
learning if we are tochallengepupils to ask questions about
to the fisheries council tochallengethat kind of defeatist mentality
clients are naturally reluctant tochallengethe building control departments in
be needed to find themchallengethem to apply and seek
legality and morality of achallengeto combat and concludes that
at the foy by achallengeto jeanette sendler to felt
it will be a majorchallengeto our universities miss annabel
person s behalf makes achallengeto those proceedings does not
that doorknob would be achallengeto you if i asked
will not rise to thechallengewe do not hear a
certain element of trying tochallengeyou m741: yeah yeah m605:
eence said tae be achallengerace on fit roon e
o the chyngin hielans thairchallengethe collective poacher micht be
not necessarily mean that thatchallengewill be successful that brings
masters views they would notchallengewhether a fire master had
revealin the ootcome o thechallengebut suffice it tae say
ettles tae explain the macnabchallengetae mr van baalen o
pit oot a henner orchallengetae thrie o roylance s
peety fa didnae intercede taechallengethe smit that ett her
access capital whether from ruralchallengefunds or myriad other funding
impressive it was a realchallengefor young people but they
hinner end soliony haes tichallengehim til a duel looks
chisholm launched the health improvementchallengepaper which sets out a
cried balmoral thair letter ochallengeshaws the times haes a
she had thrown down achallengethat he didn t comprehend
therapeutic value o a guidchallengethe couple at the core
know it s a hardchallengethis hour okay but can
s1m 312 mr nick johnstonchallengecup that the parliament extends
judge of the north eastchallengefind that the petitioners had
2002 and believes that thechallengefunding nature of the rough
in french was my personalchallengei acknowledge that i have
rural local authorities on thechallengeof ensuring that the targets
anyone acting on his behalfchallengethat interpretation he was happy
one should question and evenchallengeone s parents views and
won campin competitions an districtchallengehikes an trampt across the
i ve done the ironmanchallengem815: hm m816: you start
he preached the doctrine ofchallengeof no privilege without responsiblity
and wilma cluness undertook thechallengeusing gallons of hot water
the council consortium the latestchallengewas rejected on the basis
entire series of scrap heapchallengewith the amount of garbage
oh no you wouldn tchallengethem f812: oh you wouldn
reply wide awake at herchallengekin i read it well

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