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food of all kinds includingchampagneand caviare was laid out
out to be caviare ughchampagnecheap but very sweet and
and drank a wealth ofchampagneand soviet cognac and recited
be a birthday party andchampagnevodka gin cognac and even
expect the mayor would servechampagneat midnight the custom in
with the vodka whisky orchampagnethat lay rolled in sweaters
when i at last securedchampagnefor our visitors i queued
with a table on whichchampagnebottles and glasses have been
of my 6 bottles thechampagneran out for 20 minutes
and two bottles of russianchampagnethis along with a bottle
presents and two bottles ofchampagneto join chris and ann
wine and two bottles ofchampagnetotal 23 roubles into my
unable to go because achampagnecork had popped off on
the national anthem and thechampagnecorks popped later we greeted
five and we drank thechampagnewith fried fish and potatoes
a fareweill denner the warchampagnean the provost made a
cold various salads along withchampagneaplenty joining the group of
he conjured a bottle ofchampagnefrom his raincoat pocket and
arrived with helpers to pourchampagnethe new year that year
so i picked up somechampagnefrom the hotel and went
disapprovingly at the thimbleful ofchampagneon the bedside table he
but we d brought thechampagneand we had a relaxed
i always thought was likechampagnemabel said she thought her

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