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and it gave me achanceof escape into the great
roadside this gave a greatchanceto enjoy the perfection of
airport which gave me achanceto hear how genuine american
it gave them then achanceto like chat about stuff
at least gave one thechanceto meet the other members
taking a bit of achancedad getting nick [censored: surname] even
won t there s nochanceof actually m- me getting
like ¼ of a percentchanceof getting a tefl fellowship
was now empty so nochanceof getting any witnesses just
so they had a goodchanceof getting fish they had
stolen then there s morechanceof getting it back periodically
least let us have achanceo doin it for ourselves
at least it s thechanceof a lifetime if things
that there was a goodchancethat we might at least
a better chance steve betterchancecammy o stopping each other
s- nae gonna take achancelook f1103: better to be
think god has a betterchanceo understandin me that wye
postcode there is a betterchanceof letters not going astray
students not have a betterchanceof understanding the syntax of
you nivver hid a betterchanceso lets hear fit there
then wid stand a betterchancesteve better chance cammy o
second language it s achanceto understand better what they
such as give kids achancea community referral scheme that
t give ye a secondchanceno no f823: no they
give justice and fairness achancethey could vote for a
learning environment give pupils thechanceto develop vocational skills from
ll give us both achanceto see more of the
sips give local people thechanceto shape their communities themselves
early to give you thechanceto speak i think that
we can give everyone achanceto speak without lengthening the
they dinna give ye achanceye know they jist f606:
get it sadie no muchchanceae that wi you fur
school an didnae get achanceat aw eh aye i
don t actually get achancef826: no but there s
else so theres not muchchancefor anybody if they get
will i ever get thechancei won t be your
dee if ey get echanceif ey re free in
i sometimes get a weechanceo things aff the ration
soon as you get achanceokay but maybe i ll
you re no refusin thechancetae get hame tae yir
kids i day get achancetae see things like that
if i didna take thechancethen i might no get
and i never get thechanceto ask her properly my
enters before they get achanceto exit oh hello dod
that you get the thechanceto find out so you
unable to have a secondchanceto get into secure housing
maybe you ll get thechanceto go one day [laugh]
its seldom you get achanceto look depravitie full in
ye dinna get the samechanceto news wi folk at
accused did not get thechanceto prove their innocence there
noo till i get achanceto tell im face to
of central scotland get thechanceto travel to falkirk mr
says before i get thechanceto wrap my vowels around
wi janko e first quairtchancewe cd get e upshot
others that didnae get achancewerenae too happy about that
you ll no hiv achancewhen a get ye says
friday if you get thechanceyou should see it john
j- like actually just bychanceliving right next to us
worry eddie on the offchancethat he s actually there
is his mum had thechanceto actually go to a
second language it s achancefor us to revisit what
sun should be given achanceof wholeness i don t
work or given her achanceto be a free and
horseman s pair given firstchanceto drink at the trough
within devolved areas given thechanceto examine the proposals scotland
need to be given thechanceto say their piece they
justices and be given achanceto state his case against
that older people had theirchanceand that their quality of
aw you never had achancefor a nap did you
maist awfy straik o illchancehe had managed tae heuk
from the maggie and bychancekathy had bought tickets for
a little bitter laugh fatchancelizzie he hasna had his
n they d had thechanceo a saumon shuir eneuch
a child had a slimchanceof learning certain local speech
might just have had achanceof success had john wedderburn
haven t really had achanceto but yeah i know
that members have had achanceto consider the memorandum that
i have not had achanceto draw up a proper
implications has he had achanceto examine the cost and
but we ve had nochanceto have a real talk
burns songs i had achanceto hear from it an
he has obviously had achanceto look at the booklet
once we have had thechanceto look at the details
that the parliament had achanceto make its views known
he has never had thechanceto open the tin himself
if members have had achanceto read the bill they
hope members have had achanceto read the papers you
once he s had achanceto scrub himself at the
the letters and had achanceto see where he lived
wallace has already had achanceto speak i was also
because we ve had nochanceto store seratonin during the
when he has had achanceto think about what went
if they had had thechanceto understand what a subordinate
look at it yet bychancei have some free time
you know it s achancenow to look an an
a rush there is nochanceto look at it legislation
think this ll be thechanceto look at that area
that people will have achanceto look at the framework
for excellence gives us achanceto look forward and see
look on this as achanceto say if the natural
maids when they got achancealways trying for a fondle
dem if he got dachancedey promised at dey wid
wonder if he got hischancedid him an frank end
kind o solidarity oh whitchancehave we got against the
mirror ye got a secontchancein e een abeen e
yet if he got thechance[laugh] [laugh] f1024: that s
steal if they got achancemabel s father didna set
at twelve ye got achancetae go and sit the
course i never got thechancetae go [laugh] f640: [inaudible]
f637: and ye got achancetae sit that and i
as ither folk got achanceto answer as weel as
one where we got achanceto play with the girls
the u s got thechanceto read about one poor
yours until ye got thechanceto sneak back in sae
for ½d you got achanceto throw a stick to
first time i got achanceto wear a kilt aye
f637: but ye got achancewhen ye were twelve m608:
a change twenty pun naechancea couldnae manage ten sorry
blood sadie sensible but naechanceae it slippin or endin
just nae gonna take achanceare we f1104: no we
batter but there s naechanceat aa o bein blawn
otherwise ye d have naechancebut that was it an
the body s saying naechancef643: [laugh] [laugh] f641: [laugh]
thon for the tate naechancegf 15 like blackhall mcdonald
says f643: [laugh] m642: naechanceit s f643: [laugh] m642:
clock in the mornin naechanceit wis spent lang afore
ey were aa teem naechanceo germinatin though fit wi
a trade there wis naechanceo him gaun tae college
weakling could nae take thatchancewi you two long silence
thocht a blinkin sliver ochanceafore daith packs ice roon
they thocht thare wis oniechanceat aw o gittin bate
left owrancer lu tuik hischancegat a haud o the
minute there s a weechanceo a fecht wi the
heid whaur s the bestchanceo a fish i went
fin ere wis still achanceo a fluffer o snaa
hennies aye geed ye achanceo a pot o fine
an dey wirna hed dachanceo a right fishing trip
ye think the r oniechanceo a scran speirt geordie
e rucks ere wis echanceo brakkin a cairt or
same there s maybe mairchanceo cowpin some on tae
right there wis aye thechanceo fire wi lums like
catch thare wis aye thechanceo gittin a scran o
o s that stood achanceo it like maist o
heat wave wi mebbe thechanceo killin ferm beasts slockin
and since there wisna muchchanceo ootdoor work fairmers wid
weet ere s usually lesschanceo seein onybody onywye ere
richt lucky tae hae echanceo sic meesic ilky day
late then wi haet achanceo sleep it s deil
aff there wis a guidchanceo somebody comin on the
an sae giean it achanceo survival a wis fur
an truth to tell sawchanceo sweet retaliation to rid
scots literature there a guidchanceo thaim biggin up thair
in to aiberdeen georgie fatchanceo that happenin as he
head georgie to audience fatchanceo that tae teenie pittin
ordinateir wes sacrifeisin hiz lestchanceo the sempil pleisur o
with o grades and nochanceof highers in line for
famely laughs you hud thechanceti be part o a
below her skirt you llchanceto lark o yes the
they submit as their onlychanceyet o winnin a sailin
on forever with never achanceof romance whatsoever for a
the kettle never gets achanceto cool down sadie didnae
assessing and it s achancefor us i think to
as it gied us thechancetae brek in easy like
stranger that might happen tochanceupon us when i was
dad lee couldnae take thechancejilly chance lee thit yid
couldnae take the chance jillychancelee thit yid be like
rushing water i take thechanceto put on my vest
and that we have achanceto take the first step
e hens run be illchancehe let oot a hen
i did tak e oddchancetae open e door an
an gi e her achanceto thank me he rubs
nivir thought ye hud achancea winnin you ll no
or you ll miss thechanceagain you don t want
we ll gee yi achanceed stew stew as ah
place out west so whatchancehave i jimmy i ll
near eneuch sae i llchanceit aye jim from christian
it maunna be left taechanceit ll be a kittle
and has offered me thechanceto go too i ll
he doesn t have thechancefor mum arrives with the
may have been taking achancei am not able to
that i could have thechanceof a shot at a
lowest incomes have the highestchanceof being a victim of
order to have a goodchanceof delivering the targets that
rd hope we have achanceof it to confession evening
was going to have nochanceof seeing him he was
important that i have thechanceto answer questions from the
am pleased to have thechanceto appear before the rural
but we will have thechanceto ask mr tuck for
will have missed forever theirchanceto benefit that is why
also pleased to have thechanceto discuss our emerging conclusions
quite nice to have thechanceto do that different f1148:
break members will have achanceto examine some diagrams on
scotland they also have thechanceto question the first minister
bicycle doesn t have achanceto see a horse and
where you will have thechanceto snap up work of
as a rhymer like bychance9 little too is knowingly
dinnae think the r oniechancea d hae been up
dinnae think we hae achancebruce aye noo he s
inspired by a postcard entitledchanceencounter spanner in girse dyeuk
to be perceived as achanceerror the word wyve however
this would be a finechancefor the executive to put
volunteers as well as achancefor them to recruit new
business in the spring bychancei came into a glen
think i d a goodchancei wouldn t try as
world wouldn t stand achanceif his wheels hit that
dimps gee the man achanceih cammy true trust only
he just turned up bychancelooking for a job in
tae gie them hauf achancema faither wis awaa maist
ninthly i ve missed thatchanceof a job in a
his deputy ruled out anychanceof a toll bypass around
a problem in scotland anychanceof renegotiating a category management
wright way has a fatchanceof slimming kids 14 september
roll up roll up onechanceonly to see a mock
it was too guid achancetae miss she was rich
at the sky ye michtchancetae see a braw sleigh
then there s a greaterchancethat everyone understands what other
then there wis a guidchancethat it micht be done
it the r juist achancetho that auld andrae at
at wes hissell tynin thechanceti mairrie on a lillie
jist the quinie mysel achanceto buy wee motors instead
language and it s achanceto come up with more
that work and has achanceto contribute to the discussion
deid without ever haein achanceto enjoy masel lizzie aye
people of the uk achanceto express their views and
it gives your bed achanceto heat up nice and
he s jist takin thechanceto mak a fast buck
her afore she has achanceto open it angelica she
glasgow so it was achanceto put the record straight
here i felt was achanceto redeem myself by the
along the coast yes achanceto repay his kindness yes
ex- a a a achanceto say that rebus s
here however she has achanceto visit egypt at the
before your cock has achanceto wake up yes it
erm so it was achanceto you know it was
it was a matter ofchancewhich one ended up with
realised i didna hae achancewhit did ye dae ye
gin ye gie thaim achanceye maun traist me the
gi ein fate a fairchanceyou ging to the shelter
this f1123: right one lastchanceif you do- ever do
point if i don tchanceupon the point soon i
eh gents is there anychancei could m1020: brilliant it
haste wherever there s minimumchanceof being traced ignoring the
said there would be nochanceof the bill being passed
seems there s fluck allchanceof tv s most important
him there there daddykins nochancepadre anyway the old dear
of expenditure there is nochancethat we will not use
people erm there s morechancethat you know that at
there that this is thechanceto maybe address whatever the
it has the best possiblechanceof commanding respect globally mrs
considerably less strain whether bychanceor design the executive has
scotland where everyone has thechanceto succeed nora radcliffe liberal
ken ye l git thechanceever ti waucht anither stirrup
robby she cannae tak thechancelast time shi did that
things did not occur bychancethey all stemmed from the
the election mary scanlon nochancei realise that sylvia jackson
way up m1020: no muchchanceof s- me seeing this
so i jumped at thechancewhen the don or house
road s giein him thechancetae dae mair than ninety
man we ve hed thechanceforby ti see the meikle
and so it was thechancefor me to put the
coo to sell by onychanceso the fairmer says ay
money and you takes yourchanceso to speak some clients
you ve gien me thechanceto acquit mysel or at
henry mcleish today is ourchanceto assert our authority as
accurately the community welcomes thechanceto be consulted on the
turn seemed to welcome thechanceto earn money of her
i realised this was mychanceto escape i closed the
enough so society grabbed itschanceto insist that he was
sae she jumpet at thechanceto move to the toolies
i ve passed up thechanceto save the world [censored: forename]
hacked off hack gets thechanceto shout about how naff
it is worth exploiting everychancefor language fun in burns
this would be my onlychancei stopped in the doorway
way up from his lastchancetrendy chelsea boots and pour
we wad mak oor awnchanceheard it kyths ti yield
wesna fashed an tuik thechanceti eik thaimsells ti the
him lilian now s yourchancejack enters beaumont goes towards
contact with tenants except bychancealthough one or two authorities
it is likely that bychancethis one hill named after
heard about gaia quite bychancewhen lovelock was speaking in
you know on an offchancewilma s name was very
was quiet however just bychancemay [censored: surname] of otago street
emphasis on enjoyment and somechancethat pupils would sing or
skoited oot an took herchancei da mirknen naebody saa
circles it wisna jist bechanceey hid eir wings oot
be stookie rob bi oniechanceay answert the laddie an
ed tell thum stew lastchancemany times we been here
bewtie whyles doun dwynes bichanceor naiturs chyngin course onpairlt

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