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28 back at the lochchanghsiao hsiang 1134 1169 29
tyme from the chinese ofchanghsiao hsiang 1134 1169 back
50 thertie thrie the daychangkuo 19th century from the
century 22 a warld apairtchangchih ho ca 750 23
wund from the chinese ofchangchi ho ca 750 a
12 hamecummin ho ch echang659 744 13 gaun ti
braw burds frae the benschangchi 8th century 12 nicht
eternitie from the chinese ofchangchi 8th century braw burds
muin from the chinese ofchangchi 8th century nicht at
908 33 a leal wyfechangchi 9th century 34 gaun
bairn from the chinese ofchangchi 9th century a leal
til an auld hermit wangchangling 8th century 20 dule
from the chinese of wangchangling 8th century dule in
throu the gauze curtains aiblinschango the muin goddess wul

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