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fergusson waiver of groundwater maintenancechargefor text of motion see
that the annual groundwater maintenancechargehas been waived for sheep
1171 waiver of groundwater maintenancechargelodged on 11 september 2000
fergusson waiver of groundwater maintenancechargethat the parliament notes that
fiscal omitted to sign thechargesheet and the case was
turned as white as thechargesheet before him his son
the sheriff is that thischargesheet does not seem to
well mr morrison since thechargesheet has not been signed
got the brass neck tochargecharge up to the church
charge or ii not tochargefor such social care provided
charge only disabled persons inchargeof assistance dogs trained by
which a person is inchargeonly disabled persons in charge
a local authority i tochargeor ii not to charge
the brass neck to chargechargeup to the church and
grant a poll tax communitychargeamnesty in relation to outstanding
grant a poll tax communitychargeamnesty in relation to outstanding
write off of old communitychargeand council tax debt s1w
as a tax or achargebut how will fees be
local authorities the power tochargecouncil tax in full on
the opportunity to pay anotherchargefee or tax the only
f606: mmhm f1039: free ochargean f606: very good f1039:
get a coach free ofchargean the kids are gettin
in separate doses free ofchargeand on the nhs as
and issue it free ofchargeas i told you all
this service is free ofchargebecause of an increase in
our news letter free ofchargeeach month for more information
personal care available free ofchargemeans money is no longer
envisages providing land free ofchargeor for a peppercorn rent
replacement therapies available free ofcharges1w 14950 colin campbell to
holyrood sports centre free ochargeso got that goin just
rights is available free ofchargeto any such carers and
rights is available free ofchargeto carers 2 in requiring
for a day free ofchargevarious buildings across scotland such
barrel fae s free ochargeye ken fit that means
for that purpose and tochargefees to meet related costs
of the fees that theychargefor hmo licensing although i
justify the fees that theychargefrom what kenny gibson said
that local authorities do notchargethe participants unreasonably high fees
incorrectly recorded as the disciplinarychargeof holding a person against
unauthorised item as the disciplinarychargeof holding a person against
unauthorised item as the disciplinarychargeof holding a person against
the churches committed to theirchargeall such rights and priviledges
churches there committed to theirchargeall such rights and privileges
the churches committed to theirchargeall such rights and privileges
o the north officer inchargebig charlie matron s hen
i phone the officer inchargecouldn t you phone him
ve rung the officer inchargehe said to me an
you ring the officer inchargei asked aye i ll
night man the officer inchargell sort ye in the
grilling from the officer inchargethe police my parents the
hen matron depute officer inchargewhat s in a name
or with the officer inchargewhen he condescends to return
tonight but the officer inchargewill not tell me what
braw a fine breinge vchargebreird v sprout brek v
braw a fine breinge vchargebreirdin v sprouting breishil v
the care because of thechargerhoda grant could he not
is the level of administrativechargetaken from the grant to
applies to any person inchargeof a dog who allows
a right derived from havingchargeof care or the child
pin bailie farm servant inchargeof the cows bairn child
a right derived from havingchargeor care of the child
are available for a smallchargeon the main campus and
to reduce the passenger servicechargeat inverness airport and what
financial year as a servicechargefor the m6 which does
spacious and secure your servicechargemay seen high but it
the national health service penaltychargescotland regulations 1999 ssi 1999
the national health service penaltychargescotland regulations 1999 ssi 1999
as a defence against thechargeof rape supported by mr
scottish executive to take fullchargeof the running and operation
scottish executive to take fullchargeof the running and operation
local authority are not tochargefor social care provided by
clear it is wrong tochargepeople for personal care i
at the amount of thecharge6d any order under subsection
body has any plans tochargecommercial rents for space in
the act and b anychargeimposed and any payment required
the act and b anychargeimposed and any payment required
a local authority imposes anychargeit shall publish its reason
to ensure that any notionalchargeon capital under the resource
to pay any annual continuingcharges1w 33696 mr brian monteith
who is the member inchargeof the bill and a
who is the member inchargeof the bill she has
response from the member inchargeof the bill to points
the council is allowed tochargecouples that issue is open
glasgow city council does notchargeenough yet other people say
at the same local callchargeconsiders that the existence of
budgets some local authorities mightchargemore but they might be
from the registrar general achargeshould be made for local
was necessary to increase thechargeto 1p local farmers had
contain the power to achargetolls and b assign toll
guidance and for people inchargeof working dogs such as
offered to take over thechargeat laurencekirk parish church in
control fertility and so takechargeof bodies and lives carol
an honest man to takechargeof that safe place just
license and approve or tochargethat should take about six
officers regarding who was inchargeand the lack of clarity
others who will be inchargemuir russell that is a
scottish ministers who are inchargeof a devolved area the
thoumire erm who is inchargeof erm foot stompin records
who will be operationally inchargewho will have roles assigned
did not have the emotionalchargethey might have now it
that there should be nochargefor services assessed as being
attend because of being inchargeof a bill or other
exceptions for blind persons inchargeof dogs that are being
soldiers but then dismissed thechargethere being no proof but
i as the man inchargeof a certain subject am
drawn blade and the glorychargefirst off the mark lilac
rubbed off on his wilfulchargethis school essay also had
or other road or parkingchargelevied directly or indirectly under
and give it an emotionalchargeas well why not chat
but not to pay thechargehowever he is not that
the disability anyone else inchargeof the dog would not
you do not want anotherchargeto be placed on your
individuals not couples the maximumchargewas 26 overnight the new
thirties the aim is tochargeafter hounds following a scent
income households facing the biggestchargeincreases after debate the amendment
after all were now inchargeof the english court however
replacement scott s third inchargean he wadnae believe either
lead committee the minister inchargeand the parliament if the
f823: well you re inchargeat the well you you
etc k had a similarchargein ealing and as i
protection agency should waive itschargein order to eliminate the
he wis archie him inchargeo a tractor an bogie
extension m824: i m inchargeo the aye buildin work
mannie telt the lad inchargeo the mull that he
war whan hei wis inchargeo the steam engine at
een o the lads inchargeo the veggies took his
each scottish minister is inchargeof a department in the
the relatively sober maclaurin inchargeof boswell dinna abandon me
scheme has encouraged those inchargeof enforcement procedures to develop
idea to be just inchargeof gillian by myself so
rose street he was inchargeof hilldown tree mill at
yeah f890: they are inchargeof it f889: aye it
chicken and i was inchargeof like the rice although
friend eusebio estada was inchargeof railway development when the
bottle and thomas was inchargeof spinning and kept pointing
it and i was inchargeof stirring it [laugh] m1048:
matron of a hospital inchargeof ten wards i can
mutch bamph croft was inchargeof the aunt sally sunday
yeah apparently i m inchargeof the disco for the
mr charles preddy was inchargeof the estate on behalf
to have the minister inchargeof the instrument present it
olympics he was in thechargeof the sponsors security so
fuss was the nurse inchargeof the ward supported by
christian kay iia english inchargeof the weather one friday
the secretary will be inchargeof those a remuneration for
greig had previously been inchargeof what were the factors
qualified tutors and at nochargeto hearing impaired users in
are the two ministers inchargetoday the three of us
just hoping they can tchargeus for living in both
the young people in mychargewe need that information george
that if something in thechargewere sufficient to give the
you know you re inchargewi chips sure it s
worry you the one inchargewon t be too happy
and we can provide andchargefor absolutely everything should couples
it paying the proposed 10chargefor police checks on people
he s m815: he couldchargepeople to come and see
and so could face thechargeof acting unlawfully this is
fiona s phrase she takeschargeof breaking it as usual
no i absolutely reject thechargeof dissembling to parliament and
of corinth herreros also tookchargeof expanding the lands of
both merely to reverse thechargeof national inferiority though is
broken down by category ofcharges1w 29289 lord james douglas
i m nae makin achargethis season warmer bide as
signed there can be nochargeand therefore your client cannot
you can point a similarchargeat the bothy ballads many
a third unless it canchargethe same price i hope
t i can t ehchargetill i m qualified but
michael russell s1m 1783 prescriptionchargeexemption for severe and enduring
winnie ewing s1m 1783 prescriptionchargeexemption for severe and enduring
out with officers and tochargefor that at that stage
be up on an abusechargefor that these days besides
21 there is no extrachargefor these but you are
the police s checking systemchargei have argued strongly for
two hours there is nochargeat all helen eadie dunfermline
now tries three times tochargepast him but he heads
is a patronising and insultingchargebut it is an understandable
spoiling the place the admissionchargeis modest and the atmosphere
and licensing that glasgow willcharge1 700 to licence hmos
are few wholesale changes tochargeit with sgurr alasdair the
mmhm m762: a frisson achargeto that word that it
buy their own the hirechargewas 1 [note: photo: 'spectators at the arbuthnott sports; possibly before the 1st world war.'] [note: photo: 'arbuthnott sports tug of war; the single men team from the married men versus single men competition.'] [note: photo: 'arbuthnott sports tug of war; married men versus single men competition. the married men team; alex black is the coach.']
his traivels john knox tuikchargeo the raffle the kirk
the public at a smallcharge8 8 see 14 across
her doing the artwork withoutchargeand liaising with the printer
scottish executive how the uniformchargeby the scottish environment protection
railway will contain provisions thatchargeexpenditure on the scottish consolidated
income households facing the biggestchargeincreases 3 faslane and the

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