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tribal scars slashed down acheekspeak solidarity oilman s scars
and fitt happened to yourcheekat the toddlers m1092: oh
okay fitt happened to yourcheekat the toddlers m1092: oh
her hand and strokes hischeekin an overtly intimate gesture
the place strokes olga scheekye r tired ma dear
a fist connectid wi macheekright ma drunkin fist sailed
ye turn roon the ithercheekdentist dentist dentist ma tooth
my bonniest auntie kisses hercheekan look at you jim
colour back he kisses hercheekshe dislikes it an chrissie
he kisses her on thecheekshe is shocked he races
lookin swell ma kisses hercheekshe isn t impressed by
the wee scunner has thecheekto tell me that he
f1095: eh m1096: on anothercheekf1095: another cheek oh thank
on another cheek f1095: anothercheekoh thank you m1096: [laugh]
four six inch nails intocheekjaw larynx nose the better
mister derek s got thecheekto sigh over the top
he gi ed onybody onycheeki suppose we have the
frost pits roses in yercheekgeans an aipples on the
till e glaiss nose ancheeka flat fite blob an
nose aw that was mycheekm1096: [laugh] i m upside
whiplash crack on the greycheekof twilight sunset s a
with juice cherry mouth applecheekeyes like sloes everyone else
on ma face feelin macheekbones and eyebrows and the
sure if that wis acheekan takin advantage o me
pressed his lips to hercheekhis skin creamy as guinness
a sleek gie ing theircheeksayin things to flatter tryin
radio hold it to hischeekreplaces it on the ledge
hand up to stroke hischeekteenie oh ronnie you re
hand holds it to hercheekwhey wid imagine sich calloused
deem an get as muchcheekas ye gied ere wis
then said jim tongue incheeki gather one of the
f632: mmhm f646: doon macheekbut as my as i
gut scrapers at the inglecheeka blin maisician airnin gey
mak or tak mait hischeekbeens wis kinna heich an
pare the aipple s rosycheekgin yer true love s
here she points to hercheekah maun be an awfu
red knuckle marks on hercheekbone and just below her
s a bit of acheekreally that m865: yeah f951:
remember givin like really badcheekto a teacher but that
had spread over my rightcheekand round my eye a
the little ones on mycheekand then the big brutes
which i was resting mycheekwas the sexiest single thing
and baths bring down rosecheeks youth to the tub
wipe that muck off yourcheekyou don t want the
up there by the chimleycheekkept free frae roost in
at the end it scheekforcing an old geezer like
kissing bethia soft on thecheekit was just vomit central
swey was hinged against thecheekof the fireplace as long
computer or tv screen nocheekno fighting no drugs no
the smell of breast andcheeksafe and snug in the

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