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irena clapping her hands thriecheersfor andriusha andriusha s in
s great thank you wellcheersf643: cheers my dears m642:
thank you well cheers f643: cheersmy dears m642: slainte m608:
heist yer gless wi lustycheerstae cry a tost wad
hoist your glass with lustycheersto call a toast to
ey scuttled aboot gaan ahincheersan dressers an in anaith
japanee fiction his table ancheerstaen eftir charles rennie macintosh
particular were greeted with loudcheersand laughter it s a
s both your birthdays morecheersand laughter peggy happy 80th
had celebrated that freedom withcheersand handshakes all round and
my sister his bocht twacheersan a settee fae me
time the settee an twacheerswere intae jonsar s truck
over that way myself recentlycheersthe noo matthew original message
that they ought to putcheersin in gaelic as well
likin we sat on hardcheersroon e table an spak
wyne for me please thriecheersfor oor gret auld lyfe
my pity nice one muckercheersmate thanks pal you re
and handed one to ralphcheersmin thanks tae dee fur
in a circle slumpit owercheerslike a wheen pot plants
sing peggy then there arecheersright blow out the candles
mum dad al thesis overcheerscaught the bus up to
tae dee weel the twacheerswent throo the sittin room
swig and passed the bottlecheershe said the choice of
of our local papers itcheersthe heart of the old
crowd rowland now friends threecheersfor mr beaumont and his
beaumont and his colleagues threecheersfor the pillars of our
going to mak a speechcheersthe whole atmosphere has become
bessie weel just a spotcheershe pours during the following
the best room tables ancheersan a big redd up
they re to gie threecheersfor me out by and
aren t you f1101: [laugh]cheersi wouldn t have went
of feet and a fewcheersbut these were cut off
landing me in aneth thecheersthe bruises hae lang since
which you know the englishcheersum but to me a
good tae find sumpn thatcheershim up even a wee
fire y got him shecheersup again at a new
remembers his saturday penny andcheersup he could spend a
to the park after allcheersgrampa dan sherry that the
is embarrassed loretta and finallycheersthe wifie that we a

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