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even miss duncan mcneil scheerywee face mr duncan mcneil
but ower the brace ocheerya chiel came whistlin free
cam the response o thecheerychiel an i myn fin
left arthur gaed them acheerywave see ye baith in
is red brick with acheeryroman numeral clock face the
us aff tae mony acheerycamp while courit amang the
laud intil his fauld wicheerysang o sing a sang
and well fed and kindacheeryand [laugh] red faced you
bursts forth sae blythe ancheeryfrae music s prince as
onno the fleer wi acheerywallopin tail his maister s
mornin tam says he quitecheeryan whit s tae dae
costs him tae be saecheeryat veesitin time a nurse
the whole battery as hischeerydisposition made him many friends
to be there in thecheerycompany and on sunny days
twa you had a cleancheerycage to yersel an the
m sorry i had nothingcheeryto write about this time
snp that was a nicecheeryspeech from the minister for
says it keeps him feelincheeryslope off tracey s skis
ringin oot across e parkscheeryor sad accordin till e
you i ll hug thecheeryingle side lest wi the
the road inbye fur acheerynews an a dram far
interfere in teenie s lifecheeryagain but there s me

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